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I was supposed to have finished not only collecting questions, but writing solutions to all the questions by now. But I am no where near that.

I am supposed to worry about why does shell sort use insertion technique. Why not just swap the elements when they are out of order? But no, instead I am thinking what is happening around me? When does this saga which started with my birth a dead animal going to end?

You don't know the story? If you do not know, it means you are not a resident of our 'hood and so probably you are not reading this post too.

One fine morning - it was a saturday July 30th, there was a terrible stench. When we went outside, we saw that there was a dead animal lying in the middle of empty site next to our house. How did it come there? Was it dead and then brought there? Or did a snake bite it? I am not sure.

So we did the only possible thing we could do. We called mahanagara palike and complained. Luckily enough they did come, they saw the carcass and gave …


So true!

Not rational !