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Level 22 in Shataka

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Reading Indian magazines

So now when I feel like watching TV, I instead start reading a magazine - any magazine.

How many magazines do we buy? Zero. But I read them using my own app "Indian newspapers and magazines'. The Indian way - free. :)

Most often I read current affairs magazines. India today, Frontline, Tehelka etc.

Then some days I even try reading some fashion magazines. But I am not inclined towards them.  Too old to look fashionable
 Then I even browse through newspapers, so as not to be seeing only one side of a news-story.

If I have some time and I am in calmer mood, I even try to read some Hindi poems.

I can say my life is some what enriched by this app. Though not riched :)


Where the mind is without fear

Time to recollect this song and try to analyze it in today's context.

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free 

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake
- Rabindranath Tagore

Funny quotes

Kafka - on the shore

For once I have something to blog about. Not just whining and blaming others. Or posting some silly quotes which only I found hilarious, and reposting it.

Ok. The day I saw about Arundhati Roy's book "the ministry of utmost happiness" I read more about her and read part of her article in Caravan. I realized we share some common enemies. Isn't that how friendships are formed - based on whom you hate or dislike? OK, why don't I buy her book.

Amazon order was prepared. Luckily they had some offer on hardcover book. So that went into shopping cart. Because I did not want to pay 50 rupee delivary charges, I browsed through suggestion Amazon provided and selected "Kafka on the shore" by Murukami - a Japanese writer.

Now both books have arrived and I haven't yet removed the plastic cover of Roy's book. Instead I am reading Kafka...

And interestingly enough, I am proceeding quite well. Though two other book which I was trying to read few pages a day at…


I love quotes and I love creating them too. The quirkier the better