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Grand unified boot loader

As is my habit, I was tweaking my ubuntu laptop and I deleted one unused partition. Then I continued working on the system.

After I while I turned off laptop and went to TV. Coming back, I realized my system won't boot. Leave along booting, it was not even showing boot menu - the grub menu. Instead it was going to some grub rescue.

Grub is a program which shows the OS options when you switch on the system. Yes, it is called grand unified boot loader. But currently it was not able to find the partition.

After some googling, I came to know that I should find out the partition in which grub is present using ls command, then insmod something called "normal" and then execute normal command.

And it worked, I did get back my boot loader. And hence could boot the system.

So I keep thinking about this, many people like me may post the question about grub rescue, but who has the time, inclination and dedication to answer these? But there are. There are plenty of good Samaritans w…


I hear this Kannada song in Soundcloud, which has lines

   anu rEnu traNadalli paripUrNanu nInu
   kshaNakshaNake avaguNagaLa kukarmi nAnu

which roughly translates to
   you are perfect in each and every molecule
   but I am full of defects and am a bad person

Some how, the song touches my heart. By the way it is a devotional song and I can not remember how it starts.

So this perfect God has created men and women in his form and he made some of them like light, some of them like dark, some of them speak one language, some speak another language.

May be he gave one religion to some people, another religion to some other people.

So that people can hate each other and in some cases kill each other?

Doesn't sound right!

But this particular grouse of mine is not related to aptrard, siculars or any other adjectives here. I have gone global. I am watching this serial "Shots fired" and being troubled by its storyline.

I went out

I went out today because I had some work in the bank.

Then? Then nothing. I went and finished my work and came back.

Why am I telling you this? I thought it was important - me going out. Because everyone around me thought so. So I thought that too.

Or may be they are wondering how do I still manage to get outside the house in spite of their slandering and mean intimidating. Is it?


I read a few days ago about a seminar for elderly regarding smart phone usage in Bangalore. A kind of workshop which was conducted on weekends.

It was a good move. A very good move. But I feel these workshops have to be conducted in all towns in the state.

See, our parents are compelled to use smart phones. And many of them struggle. They are afraid what may happen if they press the wrong button. They do not realize that the wifi on the phone should be switched on to receive whatsapp messages.

So may be either the government or some NGOs can take the initiative and start conducting workshops - workshop on smart phones for elderly. In fact the attendees don't even mind to spend some money on these. And it will be an opportunity for them to get together.

When did I become all preachy?


Three musketters - the movie

Today is the fourth day of sanyas from coding. Why is it? For how many days? Don't ask such meaningless questions. If you haven't understood so far, then you won't understand.

So things are going good, I can say. Because TV is there. And it is OK for me to watch TV, I think.

So I saw this movie today "Three musketeers".

The story is that of young boys who leaves his small town in search of musketeers and wants to become one. He is bright, courageous and a little bit cocky (- only on Tuesdays, so he says).

In Paris he meets the original three musketeers - Athos, Parthos and Aramis - a bunch of disillusioned warriors who have fallen into drinking and brawling. Because apparently they have not much to do.

D'artgan, I think that is the boy's name - name is quite long and difficult, brings out the soldier in them back. They together fight with Cardinal's men. And are arrested for that.

This Cardinal is de facto ruler because the King is very young and inn…

Plan with citizens

Articles are appearing about master plan for the city of Bangalore.

There is a need for citizen partnership in this huge plan for our city.

As we have seen this year like previous years, city struggles with lack of water and when it rains the streets are flooded.

Few years ago, people would have found the idea of flood in a city with no rivers or seas ridiculous. But not now. Now every city in India shivers when it rains.

Why? Why is the much anticipated rain becomes a curse?

Because of our craze for cement. Every inch of the roads and houses and courtyards are cemented and there is no place for the rain water to percolate. What can water do, except to flood.

There was a talk about rain water harvesting being compulsory few years ago. Is the rules still there? Is it being implemented? Is it being implemented in large corporate buildings? Government buildings?

If all the possible buildings harvest rain water, many of them become self sufficient.

And the pavements. They can use some ki…