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I just wanted to stop for the day. Two posts with borrowed images from pinterest. Not much work for mind of the reader nor for the blogger.

Then I realized some thing. Watching the news channels 24 hours a day has turned all of us into the people whom we hate publicly.

We have become politicians.

We hate to work and are lazy. We do not take responsibility for our actions or the lack of them. We always blame others for any problems, and argue in most childish way worse than even a 4 year old. And we love to hate.

Sad and dangerous.

This time I hope that I am wrong.



I found some beautiful poems and poetic images in pinterest. Let us start with smallest one.
Next one is by none other than the wonderful poet Maya Angelou

Books and apps

When you are in a difficult situation, you need a friend.

That's what every one says. And I have one. The books.

They talk to me endlessly. In a language I am fond of. They converse in my wavelength. They do not  try to condemn and insult me.

On the whole, they make me feel that there is some one who still understands me.

So this book by Saul Bellow is about a strange closeness between the narrator and his uncle Benn.

Kenneth has a womanizing father. Having put up with this nature for many years Kenneth's mother leaves him and goes to Africa as a volunteer. Rather than a Casanova father, Kenneth feels his unworldly scientist uncle understands him. So he leaves Paris and moves to America to stay close to his maternal uncle.

His Uncle is caught in a Maya in the form of a woman. Kenneth wants to save his uncle but is unable.

I have realized that I should restrict my reading to few authors whom I really like. And Saul Bellow is certainly one of them.

I am still planning to finish…


On the way back home from my journey to the library, I decided "let me the smart one. I will just blog that - I must feel safe even when I step outside the house".

But it was not to be. When I came home and ventured into the laptop hours later, there were some serious issues. Very serious ones. Whom do I blame? No one. Really.

I tried several different ways and failed.

Now I will add one more sentence to my declaration of safety.

That it doesn't even matter....

You say it is intimidation technique. No.... You are so wrong. We are talking about good people here. Very good people.

Why would they want to intimidate me? A nobody?

Comment it out