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Not guilty?

I am depressed. Then I thought let me do what little I can do. So googled 2002 riots. And the wikipedia article was shocking.

Let me give you some statistics. No, I don't want to do that either. See I am no politician and I do not get any gain by inciting any kind of disturbance among people.

 Instead I just provide the link from wikipedia about 2002 , Please do read the article and decide for yourself.

I will give an analogy here as a house-wife. Let  us say there are some twenty kids gathered in my home along with my child. They are all playing. And then they get into fight. They fight very badly and most of them are badly hurt. I am sitting quietly to myself. But is it not my fault that I let these children fight so much? What if in my defense I say that I did not hit any child, nor did I ask them to hit one another? Is my act pardonable? Is it just?

Do read the article. If you feel that, the article in question is bigoted, refer other articles from all sides, and then come to…

Kaun Banega mantri

I saw an advertisement about ranking of our politicians. In my new found worship for AAP, I clicked the ad and clicked for AK from AAP. Is this how fanship works?

One more ranking in the site had rankings for PM of India. Among all known and unknown politicians of India, there were also the following names
 Baba Ramdev - He is good yoga guru. But a PM ?Sachin Tendulkar - He himself would be shocked finding his name in the listPriyanka Vadra Priyanka Chopra - These people are out of their mindsSunny Leone  

Is this the biggest drawback of our democracy that people who do not know much will elect the people -  who do not know much !!
or worse who know too much (on how to exploit the sentiments, not how to govern)

( am I unpopular because of my such a condescending attitude!)

And you can add your own candidates also. I am thinking of adding the following people.
Shahrukh Khan - If Priyanka Chopra can be a candidate, why not Shahrukh. He knows showbiz and he knows how to fight - for a cau…

And we answered for this!


A live in maid. Should be good looking. Should be affectionate. Good cooking skills are essential. Must be able to keep the house in order always. Must have infinite patience.

Should be intelligent enough to understand the great work I am doing and always be at awe about this. But not  any more intelligent to question anything.

Should be a very good listener. But must have very limited talking skills.

Salary is not provided. Nor are there any leaves. But good food  is not charged. And boarding and lodging is also free.

Insects are just like...

I am reading this book by Kuzhali Manickavel. I really liked the stories in the book. They are somewhat Kafkaesque in style but really interesting. And closer to heart because of Indian context.

Funny thing is I did not know how to pronounce the name of the author and did not know whether the author is male or female. And you think that for us Indians Russian names are difficult to pronounce. 

Well it seems she spent her childhood years in US of A. That could be the reason of her wonderful writing style. What a prejudiced mind do I have!

Look at this story.

"Paavai's husband was drowned in the sea and his swollen body was found. Few days after final rites, he appears in her dream and asks her why did she bury his watch. She tells him not to appear in her dreams again. But next day he still comes in the dream and asks about the watch. This repeats for many days.

One day she digs out the watch from his grave. She carries it to the beach and throws it into the sea where his bo…

Side effects

I don't want to offend anyone here. I just want to share my opinions and experiences here. 

In our town there was a little girl hardly 4 years old, who was given pencillin injection by a doctor without a test dose. The girl became mentally retarded. 

And there was another instance where pencillin injection (she had severe abdominal pain due to monthly periods) caused the my friend to lose consciousness. But luckily nothing serious happened after that.

Recently my son had tonsil infection. The doctor here in silicon city Bangalore, did not give anti biotic for 3 days. So the fever and pain took one week to heal instead of 4 days and my son had to miss college for a week.
I am not saying that people in other professions are always perfect. But a doctor needs to be better because our lives depend on him/her. And we know very little about their procedures so we completely believe them. 

Regarding the medicine, how many doctors tell us what could be the side effects of the medicine and when…

ಕಂಡೆ ಕಂಡೆ ಕಂಡೆ ಕಂಡೆ ನಾ ಕಂಡೆ ಪರಸಿವನ

Listen to this song in . The music is really good.

We know so little about Indian music. Our only knowledge of Indian music is item songs and other bollywood songs. Sad but true.

And the best part is I came across this site by searching for #indianmusic in delicious.

P.S. Wikipedia told me that Raghu Dixit is a composer, producer and musician from Mysore now settled in Bangalore. He has composed music for many movies including  Quick Gun Murugan and Psycho.

Do listen to the song.

How to get internet in your laptop using your mobile

I have a unique problem of my router acting bad very very frequently. I used to grumble, nag family members, try to fix it, fight with bsnl. Nothing seems to have worked. Now router is said to be spoiled.

So I thought of another solution. Why not use mobile for internet. Kids always do that. So I bought an internet plan. This is essential, otherwise your mobile currency will be drained in less than a day.

Activate your mobile data . In my samsung phone it ispull down the status bar. There is an option for mobile data. Click on thatYou should see an indicator which might say either 3G (if you have 3G internet plan) or H with two arrows in it.If it is not shown, internet is not active. Check if you have dual sim and is the mobile data using the correct sim. Mine had that problem. If you want to connect only one device, say a laptop, the better option is connect to internet using usbConnect your phone to laptop using usb cableStart usb tethering using settings. In my phone it is     Settt…

So many topics to blog about

I googled how to close facebook account. Did I finally got rid of my facebook attachment (I won't say addiction as I open that only once a day, go through and close it)? No, but I had an earlier facebook account. Had closed as I got paranoid. Some how that keeps sending me friend requests in my mail. And that is irritating. Hence I googled. And found the solution. Do I google about it? For future reference - for me?I again had a technical issue with my internet connection, router, wifi. This time the issue was serious. Do I blog about how much depressive thoughts I went through and how did I overcome - the technical problems and hence depressive thoughts. Do I blog about the technical - at least for me - details about how I resolved the problems?My ankles are -  not killing me, but hurting nevertheless. Whenever I walk. And hence I limp a little. Is it due to the terrible cold here in Bangalore. Do I blog about that - the Bangalore cold, my leg pain(s) and what am I doing about th…

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Positive psychology

Yesterday in our class we learned about how to empower the counsellee using their own strengths to  cope with  the problem.

Each and every one of us have inherent strengths. Many a times we are unaware of these because we tend to focus on our weaknesses. It is certainly essential to understand our weaknesses and work towards overcoming them. But if our thoughts are completely occupied with these, our confidence reduces and that will make things worse.

Normally psychology concentrates on abnormal behaviors and treating mental illness. But positive psychology teaches people to change negative thinking, thereby creating more positive emotions.

Positive psychology has 3 different concerns which are positive emotions, positive traits and positive institutions. Positive emotions are being content with one's past, happy in present and hopeful of future. Positive traits are one's strengths and virtues. Positive institutions are study of meaning, purpose and strengths that create bett…

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