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Themes and blogs

When I am bored (which is quite often) and I am not watching TV, I tend to look at my own blogs.

Good, because these need at least one viewer. :)  And I can understand the drawbacks of the design.

I was seeing the C with linux blog the other day. And I realized I can not search within the blog. There is no search button.

But my perplexed blog has search icon. How is that possible? In theme setting of blogger, there is just an option to use mobile theme for mobile or desktop theme for mobile. None of the mobile themes have search option.

Then I realized that the recent themes have mobile themes everywhere. They show you just an image as snapshot and show the post only after clicking on that. Fine, fine, that is not so hard. And I set the theme as notable - and it showed my posts and images in some shades of tealish color.

So far, so good. But today I realized that first image is OK, but another image with a binary tree is shown as black image with white circles.

So for the last 3 hour…


Braver, Stronger and Smarter

Why don't you set this as your wallpaper? Or write it down in sticky note?

Start over

How to win war in your head - TED talks

You can't live on inspirational quotes or Ted talks for ever. But at least for some time, I need these. When I feel completely down, these help me to get some hope

The video is rhymed and some rap in between to stress the points. I liked it very much.

Dodda Ganesha temple

Dodda Ganesha temple - named so because it has the largest Ganesha idol in Bangalore, is situated in Bull temple road in Basavanagudi,  south Bangalore.

The temple is housed within the complex of famous Bull temple. The Lord Ganesha idol inside this temple is 18 feet tall and is 16 feet wide and is carved from a single rock.

It is said to be constructed by Kempegowda in the year 1536. And it has been renovated since then.

Devotees like to perform Benne(butter) alankara on this idol - which needs around 100 kg of butter.

How to get there: You can travel by metro from Majestic Bus stand to National College. From there it is 1.5 kms approximately. You can catch an auto from metro station. If you come to national college bus stop in vanivilas road there will be plenty of buses to Hanumanthanagar ward office from where the temple is walkable distance.

Rajarajeshwari Temple

You can understand how immensely confused I am from the fact that in one post I write god humor and in the next post I will display the images of some temple.

Yes, I did visit the famous Rajarajeshwari Temple as a part of my goal of blogging about Bangalore temples.

I expected the temple to be much more crowded what with today being tuesday in a Shrava masa. And I find some construction work going on in the temple, as almost always.

Inside the temple, you find the 6 feet tall vigraha of the Goddess carved from Granite. 

I asked few people inside the temple about when it was constructed. One person told 40 years ago. Another told 60 years ago. According to the temple website the temple construction started some time in 1960. People believe the temple has lot of power.

I wanted to post the image of deity. But was told that photography is not allowed inside the temple.

There are other deities within the temple, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Dandapani ( I had to look up the name to fin…

Found God - this time in google

So more god humor, this time straight from google image search.
Do you accept this,  google?

 Did this really happen to you too?

 Good one. But not very good because we prefer colorful images.


Laughing at my own humor

Whenever I am sad, upset or angry - which covers most of my waking hours. I some times search for flimsy excuses to get angry, upset or sad. Like my nephew would do when he was a kid - find some excuse to get angry so that he does not have to eat his lunch.

So whenever I am upset and I am not self-soothing by eating a lot, I would try to read of watch something funny. Now it is jio time, so search for funny cat/baby/standup in youtube.

Today I found a better way which is even good for my self esteem (unlike my self-soothing eating). Go to my own blog and search for humor.

Some are just - he. But some posts are hilarious. Am I the only one who find these so good?

Here is a sample Found God

I really laughed out loud after reading the post.

Neighborhood watch

Financial Calculator app

OK. Am I euphoric? Not so much. Should I be euphoric? We have a proverb in Kannada "aaru varshada hudugi muuru bele suttugondu tindidlante.

Any how. So I today published the app Financial Calculator to google app market. 

It all started after I completed my C++ app. I was running out of ideas. What apps can I develop with my limited resources and one woman team. So I asked suggestions from my family which is feasible for me? music player or FD manager. The unanimous vote was for the latter. This the app was originated.

Then the app was moving on my typical snail-ish pace. It would have taken an year at least for me to complete the app. Not because it is very tough. Because I do not give my 100% to it. Then my friend helped immensely. She would give suggestions, ask me to work more and faster. I am extremely thankful to her for this help.

Of course there are lot of improvements to be done. UI improvement, adding SIP, adding google and facebook integration etc.

Have a look at the…

jo bhi ho kal phir aayega

Every time I hear this song, I feel so nice and really hope creeps again. Listen to the song "alla ke bande has de"  in soundcloud here.

So I really wanted to create a poster with the title of the song. Yes, whatever happens today, tomorrow is another day, with another set of hopes.

Pre publish days

As the D-day approaches, I keep finding various 'important' works to be done.

I am talking about publishing of my current app - Financial Calculator in android. It is almost ready. But some how I am not going towards publishing it. Call it procrastination, fear of bad reviews or just unwillingness to finish any task.

In fact there will be so many works to do. Not just testing. Some graphics resources need to be given to UI team (me), an all round testing should be done by testing team(me) and some nice catchy one line explanation and other descriptions should be written by some other team - me again.

Instead I try doing other works - and not just TV or standup comedy watching. I wrote a blog about queues in data structure. I sewed and added another layer to my razai, washed and dried it.

And finally when I started testing, instead I started adding new features to the app. How great the app would be if the records can be filtered using banks. And how insufficient without that …


It could be my age or this age. Forget books, I don't even sit watching a movie hours together. Nothing is fascinating enough, riveting enough. Blame it on 'seen it all, heard it all' syndrome, blame it on short attention span due to one line whatsapp jokes.

So I surprised myself by completing Roy's book, sitting till post noon.

War stories are really disturbing. It makes one question the existence of humanity in this world.  And in worst cases, it makes us wonder are we in any way better than wild animals - at least they kill their prey - for their food.

But again those stories belonged to another world, another time. World war, afghanistan etc.

But this book - Arundhati Roy's Ministry of utmost happiness -  is from our country, our people, this present time. And that realization is very very scary. As scary as the news you read some times.

Amrik Singh is an army officer who has blood of many kashmiris on his hands - both militants and civilians. For him it is…

Ministry of...

The problem with story telling is unless you have lived the story, the story looks like a narration. It does not matter how much you empathize with the persons in the story, it does not matter how much of scenes you craft accurately in the story.

So that was the first impression I had when I started reading The ministry of utmost happiness by Arundhati Roy. But I did continue to read the book. Reading is better than TV watching because it does not give us time to ruminate during commercials. Or it does not make you curse yourself for watching the rerun for nth time.

But I appreciate her courage to call a spade a spade and am thankful to her for giving us another viewpoint to look at all strange, scary events happening in our world and external world in the last few years. 

Well one thing I must admit, when compared to 'chandamama' like story of murakami , this is certainly a better book.

But were these two books worth purchasing? OK, I have mentioned earlier, I read most of …

Social media

So I found these nice humorous, satirical images about social media. Ok, ok, I agree. I googled them.

And its side effects - negative. A cautionary image!!

And the harsh reality of people who perceive your social media input as some form of bitti (free) entertainment

Cloudy with chances of no rain

And now a little bit of negativity

And finally a moment of truth

may all be filled with joy and peace

Some more images

And this is not photoshopped - says the author. Wonderful.

Do you agree?

Funny image

No explanation needed.
Let us come back to my favorite topic. No, I am not talking about food. I know, a middle aged stout woman saying food is her favorite topic - not even cooking it, is sacrilegious.

I am talking about my other favorite topic, religious light hearted banters. Here is one for us.

And in my forgetful way, I almost posted it in my android blog. That would have been even more sacrilegious.