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How to utilize time in office

Not an appropriate post. Since many in my office know the url of this blog.
    So what do you do when your mind stops functioning and the pdf books you have downloaded are looking like greek and latin and you are supposed to learn a new technology and programs are crashing and you dont know how the #@@#@ you are supposed to understand debugger messages. So this is the state of affairs, what do you do?
   1> Go and sit next to a colleague who is busy coding. Not because you may get inspired. Because you can eat his/her head as well so that he will also throw away his mouse and keyboard.

   2> Go to pantry and get some cream biscuits and savor them while talking to your spouse.

   3> Go check the mail and see how many consultants have asked for your cv and hence boost your ego (It is completely different matter that if you send the cv 90% they ma.
they may reject it.
What happened? You guessed it right.  We are called for a meeting and save button was disabled. Hence I posted…

Rain, rain, rain, rain.........

ಹಗಲುಂ ಇರುಳುಂ ಸುರಿವ ಜಡಿ ಮಳೆಯ ಬಿರುಸಿನಿಂದ ಎನ್ನ ಬಗೆಯುಂ ಬೇಸತ್ತುದು . You remember this from your school lessons? If you don't it is from Muddana manorameya sallapa. Poor Manorame. She had only little to tell. If she were here and now, what would she have told?
    From this rain my mind is bored (?) My body within jacket within raincoat is shivering. My feet are shouting for putting them in dirty mud. My legs say they don't even want to think what kind of water is splashing on them. My eyes are totally confused. If they open rain drops attack them. If the don't their owner will surely hit something. My hair would have been like a wet cat but for the helmet.
   Thank the heavens Muddana. For you were not made to listen to all this.


ಸಂಜೆಯಲಿ, ಬಾಳ ಸಂಜೆಯಲಿ
ಸೋತ ಕಾಲುಗಳ ಎಳೆಯುತ್ತ
ಇನ್ನೆಷ್ಟು ದೂರ, ಮನೆ,
ಅವನ ಮನೆ!
ಎಣಿಸಿತ್ತಿರುವೆ ದಿನಗಳ
ಎಂದು ಕರೆಸಿಕೊಳ್ಳುತ್ತನೋ ಅವನು

ಸಂಸಾರ ಮಕ್ಕಳು ಈ ಎಲ್ಲವೂ
ಭ್ರಮೆ ಆದಂತೆ
ಅವನೂ ಭ್ರಮೆಯೇ ?

An advice

I have a free unasked advice for all of you folks who are constructing your house. What ever you do never go for rough surface tiles for your bathroom wall-tiles. I have these in our bathroom. And it is very very difficult to clean them.
   Another advice is plan your house in such a way that kitchen is the center point of your house. You can keep on eye on the whole house from the kitchen. Helps a lot when maids are cleaning the house.

Know our country

What is the religion of Indians?

(At least religion of one half of Indians :) males)

Who is the God of Indians?

Rupee (or paisa if you say so)
Now with a new icon

Who is the national hero of Indians?

Tendulkar / Khans / AB
Who is head of the Indian Government?
Sonia Gandhi (I think this most of us guessed this correctly)

What is the language of Indians

englishu / angrezi / englis

Happiness and shortcuts

I read somewhere, A man wants food, clothes, shelter in that order. Once these needs are met he wants social recognition. So is creativity makes me happy really means I feel that I am someone. I can do something and I have done something. That is why I am happy.
   May be so or may not be so. But ultimate happiness is when you do something which really difficult. And the amount of happiness is directly proportional to the grade of difficulty and number of hurdles faced.
   Is there a short cut for obtaining happiness. Eating, reading junk, watching trash, why do these give us some happiness. And many a times why do we resort to these knowing too well that we are wasting time and these are not good for us? Or is it because we are masochists?
    And why am I blogging now instead of really creative "Learning android"

New urban passtime

Go to any mall in Bangalore on weekends. It is overflowing with boys,girls, moms, dads, grampas, grammas so on. What are all these people doing here? Shopping, windows shopping or just time passing...(?) What will they do with all these shopped items? God knows. Like all these I am shopoholic. Yesterday I shopped around 250 Rs worth of fruits and vegetables and some bedsheets and some crockery. What do I do with these?
    Vegetables will be lying in kitchen for 2 days and in refrigerator for 15 days. When they are rotten, they are thrown. Now don't ask me don't I cook? I do cook but saaru which does not need veggies. On some days when I happen to find time and inclination I do put some tomatoes in the saaru. Don't I think these when I am shopping? I don't. When a child sees some sweets, will it pause to think how much it needs or grab what all it can?
    I shop for dresses. And that costs much more. And I put them in ward robe. Then I decide, one is too tight, oth…


We all are exploited in one way or the other. By our bosses, by our husbands, by our maids. But more than all these, we are exploited by our children. You don't agree? You say my child/ren is/are a gem. He/She/They love me so much. How can you even think that I am being exploited by them? Let me explain how.
     When you start cooking what do you do first. You keep aside brinjal. Why your child hates it AND it makes a hell lot of fuss if brinjal is in the lunch. You make a point to make raitha 365 days because your child likes it. It does not matter much, if a certain dish is not liked by your husband. He can always be silenced by out-shouting. But not the child. So every day you cook the favorites of your child.
     When you are out to buy something for yourself, you visit hundred stores looking for a bargain and buy the CHEAPEST one. Let us say a mobile. You tell yourself that mobile is a device to listen to FM songs/take some pictures of your garden/kitchen/put some rem…

Office politics

We have well defined roles. We develop programs. Testing team finds bugs in them. And we correct it. What if we exceed our roles? If we find bugs and correct them, should we be rewarded or punished.
   The former rarely happens. Who asked you to find the bugs? You are trying to correct one bug and generate other bugs. That is the comment I got. Well I have quite a thick skin. Did not feel sad. But felt angry.
    One more thing which happens too frequently is we scratch our head and try to utilize what little gray cells we have and design the algorithms, find suitable data structures, decide which functions to write etc. And finally the programs gives the expected output. And what feedback do we get? This back-ground color is not good. Why don't you make this smaller/larger....Comments about UI (ie user interface)
    Well but that is what matters right. The package is as important as the content inside?

He started first

Amma, he hit me.
   No, mom, he started first.

    We moms hear it so frequently. But now you can hear it even in the assembly. Yeddi said that even Congress members are involved in illegal mining activity. And former two CMs have given mining permissions etc etc.


In my childhood we used to draw some complicated rangavallis ( the designs made infront of the house with white powder). But the fruits we used to draw were only maavina hannu and geru hannu (mango and cashew fruit) which never resembled the actual fruits. So I wonder, if we could master the art of complex rangavallis, why couldn't we draw simple fruits. May be the reason is we were not taught to.
     My theory is : Every child is born with equal amount of intelligence. Later, it becomes smart or dumb, depending on nurturing. That is the reason , we say most of kids from well to do families fair well in education compared to poor children. Can't we develop an education system which nurtures the talent of each and every child, which recognizes the field in which child excels? 
     For this the teacher must play a very important role. And he/she must be very well trained and must be completely devoted to the children. Well, the "star world" serial "Glee&quo…

One rainy day

In my childhood, invariably there would be an essay called "ಮಳೆಗಾಲದ ಒಂದು ದಿನ" . But in malenadu (sahyadri hilly region) , malegala is part of life and nothing special. Here in Bangalore , it is special because it makes the roads inundated with water. Well, friday I was in a dual mind, shall I wait for rain to stop or venture in the rain. I preferred the latter option thinking as it is not yet dark, driving will not be so difficult and also it is an adventure. Somehow the rain was not too heavy, that is I could keep my eyes open. But Mysore road fly over was tough part. I had to drive through 4 inches of water. And whenever a car passes by, it would splash water all over me. But the truth is I didn't mind it so much. Isn't it nice to be splashed with water? So I can say I enjoyed the ride
       Well I know, like everyone else that I am childish. But this must be babyish? .

Childish prattle

Little things make me happy. Like when I am driving and  a pothole being filled on the road. Like when I see one small flower or even a bud in my garden. Or a nice song sung by kids in one of the reality shows. I must always remember I have only these things in my kismat. If I start laughing and joking with everyone in office and think finally I am being accepted there, there must be something wrong somewhere. Daal me kuch kalaa hai. I should have suspected that. No I being a fool, was in seventh heaven. If not seventh, atleast fourth or fifth. I later realised that all this was to get more feed for them to laugh. I am the joker in this office.
    What does this half ticket think of himself? He gets others code for them and try to find faults. If we correct some errors ourselves, he does not like that. Well these guys have skills to cope not just technical skills. I can't wait to see his off-spring. Will they be real lilliputtians.
     And this kaala kavva, he told me that h…


Yesterday was a good day. Because it was a holiday. Thank you, all opposition leaders for providing us a holiday. Thank you also for being so much concerned about us, the common people who are being affected by price rise.
     But there are some bad elements, who do not understand your troubles. But they try to malign you, by seeing you are calling a bandh for political reasons and are causing so much of inconvenience. Can't they face a little difficulty for the betterment of society. They never understand the true feeling of you people. They don't realize that you are fighting always on behalf of them and what ever you do, will be for their benefit.
    I have a suggestion. To convince these people of your good intentions, you use a different approach. You call it "Shanta satyagraha". Whenever a situation occurs, which requires you to call a bandh, (like yesterdays' ), you walk to vidhana-soudha or parliament with your supporters and sit for a "aamarana…