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God(?) men

Do we never learn a lesson?

How many Nithyananda, Asarams will take us the understand that most of these holy men are mortal like us with all good and bad qualities of humans. More bad qualities than good. And they exploit innocent people. People who become devotees because they need a some straw to hold on, are misled, their money looted, they are physically abused.

Yesterday many Bangalore channels were showing the video of a holy man called Devishree of HSR layout Bangalore in compromising position with a woman. 

This swamiji reportedly told women that touch with his body will cure the women of all ailments. And the video which was  being shown incessantly (yes it was shown continuously in few Kannada channels) was taken by his own CCTV. One of his associates was blackmailing him and taken 10 lakh from him. When he did not pay another 10 lakh she released the video. 
At least some good things  are happening from these private TV channels and their hunger for news. 

Another emergency?

Modi has not yet been elected. His government which will take India away from corruption, will apply Gujarat model to entire India, has not yet been formed.

Already his followers are in full swing. Of talibanizing our India.

Togadia says muslims can not buy land in Hindu areas.

Giriraj Singh says those who oppose Modi should be sent to Pakistan.

Did we really want these people to rule our country? Or rather ruin our country? In the name of religion? Or are we seeing emergence of another emergency?

Fear of followers

Today I read two articles in times of india, pointing out that modi may be a good answer for the assorted problems our country is facing right now.  I did not understand the first article so much, but guessed that the author is saying modi has good managerial qualities but he should ensure that his supporters will not polarize the country. Second one was about intellectuals opposing him on the basis of 2002 etc.

I know little about politics except to oppose modi and support kejriwal :) But I still have a small doubt. Are these people supporting him because they like his qualities or they do not want to be put on a train to Pakistan?

Me? The bhakts may find it difficult to locate this anonymous middle aged woman. India is filled with so many stay at home moms, middle aged and strongly opposed to modi. But if they find me, they may ship me not to Pakistan, but to even farther Afghanistan. On a camel.

Arnab and Raj

Have you observed how Arnab Goswami of Times Now does not let others to talk. How he keeps interrupting their sentences?

His 'karma' caught up with him. His interview with Raj Thackerey was hilarious. Raj kept on calling him 'Tum', not 'aap'. He also told he has gone from 'middle school to montessari'. He threatened to remove his microphone if he was asked the same question again and again. 

I loved the interview.

No, I am in no way supporting Raj Thackeray. His views are more of a goon, than of a politician. And God save India, if a person like him comes to power in Center. And God save Maharashtra if he comes to power there. 

But for once, the incessant interrupter Arnab had his match.

My propaganda here
I used to be a fan of AG. But since he started slanting towards right wing party and more importantly since he started commenting on AK  and then completely boycotting AK and APP, I have understandably started disliking him.

Still regard him as best media p…

I voted!!

When ever we used to fight about politics, my husband would say, when you don't vote, you do not have a right to talk about politics and politicians. (But of late he has stopped saying it (a) he has recognized my fundamental right to speak or (b) he is too concerned and worried about you know who may not win to bother about my blabbering.

I am slightly ashamed to say that in all my 49 years, I have voted only thrice. Last time I voted was in 2004 I think. And I had voted for BJP.

Yes, you had voted for BJP. Because BJP had Vajapayee, one leader I had respect.

I stopped voting after that
Because I did not have any party which was good, which cared for people, not just for kursi (power). Which talked about development, instead of personal matters of other candidates. And most importantly which was honest.

And remember there was no option NOTA (none of the above) that time.

So I did not vote all these years.

 This year
But this year, NOTA option is present. And more importantly the…

Take your ID proof for voting

If you have moved your house, or due to any other reason, if your EPIC number is not same as shown in your election card, then you may have to show some other identity proof.

So to be on safer side carry any ID proof like your passport or adhar card or driving license along with voter ID card.

Well, for me, I have shifted my home since my voter IDcard. Hence the election staff told me that my EPIC number in their list is different from what is shown in my voter ID card. So she asked for some other ID proof.


Please do vote tomorrow.

For a better India.

Abki baar,.....
better sarakar

(I am not going to write any more things against any leader      )

And before you vote, all my friends from Karnataka, know your candidates. Their education, assets, criminal cases etc from myneta website.

How to vote

Normally political parties will visit your home and give a slip with your polling booth. Take that slip and go to the booth. There will be some friendly people sitting outside the booth to help you further.

By the way, if you want to search your name in voter list from the site

you can give your name for search  or EPIC number. EPIC number is voter id card number

Things to remember to take to polling booth: 1) Voter ID card 2) Photo voter slip: This should have already delivered to your door by political party volunteers or BBMP officials. 
 However, in the absence of voter ID card, you must have a government-recognised ID proof like passport, pan card or drivi…

Why should we care

Our Bangalore MP AnanthaKumar was being interviewed by NDTV. Suddenly he told Assalam Aleikum. To a muslim person and started talking to him. 

This has been the tactic of bjp during this election time. They do not want the title communal party or Hindu right wing party. 

But this sudden " Bhai bhai" with all religions, is it the truth or just a facade? 

I met an old classmate of mine in my home town. She had a lot of things to say about Muslims. The gist of those were that if muslims were to stay in our country they should follow our rules. They are terrorists. They even convert people using "love jihad".

These are not ramblings of some middle aged woman. Ask any supporter of BJP. Their views about people from other religions are same, may be a little bit subtle. 

These beliefs were and are being spread by RSS and also BJP. 

So muslims in this country should ensure that modi does not come to power. I think it is a question of their survival.  

But why should those of …

Rules and rulers

Some terminology here
Monarchy : Rule of a king. Oligarchy : Rule of few people or rule where a small group of people who have strong influence in governmentDemocracy : Rule of people where people rule themselvesAristocracy : Rule of privileged upper classAutocracy : governmentinwhichonepersonhasuncontrolledorunlimitedauthorityoverothers  Of course there is a newly coined term - meritocracy where smart people have large influence.

Now considering the current rule in our country, we all think autocracy may not be so bad. But an autocratic ruler does not like to hear arguments. So he will eliminate all people who do not agree with him which means most of the honest people would be removed. So he will end up surrounded by sycophants. 

Unless this autocratic ruler is having a very good heart and really wants to do good to people, the subjects will be doomed. 

BJP is asking vote for Modi, not for the party. And also Advani, Jaswant Singh etc are sidelined. We sure are headed towards autocracy …


Those of us who think sarcastically, talk sarcastically, and blog sarcastically, have too much bitterness within? And we never are brave enough to spit it out.

Like the old saying, those who can't do, talk or blog rather, we never take a stand in real life against any injustice. But our writings are always filled with humor about wrong doers in our eyes.

But we rarely or never write about injustice done to us. But writing about others who are perpetrators of injustice always provide material for our blogs.

Why? Do we have the need to change the world? Or as our personal worlds are so problematic, do we project these on others?

Or is it our desperate attempt to connect to people?

Shri Ramachandra

He is like Rama from Ramayana. He is brave. He is courageous. He is just.

He always stands for truth and justice. I think.

Like Rama, he has also abandoned his wife. Wives rarely understand greatness of their spouses.

Prathavi pataka neenu

It was a very long journey. Further lengthened by diversions and really horrible roads between Haveri and Akki alur. So spouse was trying to alleviate boredom by listening to Yakshagana (a folk art form from Karnataka) songs.

Yakshagana songs are sung by person with title Bhagavataru. This singer is not hidden from us but will be sitting on the stage, adorned with a some kind of   peta on the head and pan in the cheeks.

So spouse had a compilation of these songs and was listening to them. I was singing along with Bhagavataru. Of course there were no others in the car. And I was singing quite well. May be I should consider this Bhagavatike as an alternate career option. After I learn the art of how to chew arecanut pan and at the same time sing a song without splashing the red betel nut juice every where around. Please do not be offended, Yakshagana lovers. I am just joking. I will really not consider this one alternate career option.

So I was singing. And I think spouse was repenting…