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Colorful world

Seven Summits and two Indian Girls

Tashi and Nungshi are from the most patriarchal state of Haryana. But these 23 year olds have climbed Seven Summits - highest mountains in each continent and their motive is to inspire all the girls of India. They have also skied to North pole and South pole.

They are the first twins to climb Mt. Everest. 

They support the cause of Indian girl child.

So they prove to us that anything is possible when there is a will. Even if you are a girl/woman.

Just a fact

During Cultural Revolution in China from 1966 to 1976, intellectuals, writers, artists - people who had the audacity to talk against, were publicly humiliated, abused and even executed. And this was normally carried out by students.

Indian newspapers Version 2.01 released

Why did I not tell you all?

I have published Version 2.01 of my Indian Newspapers and Magazines app for android phones. The new version has entertainment section. It also has more newspapers in regional section.

In previous version, there was no option to add your own newspapers. It has been reintroduced in the new version.

So install the update and read your papers on your phone.

Jahan soch Wahan ....

You read in many books (mostly Western) that the window or the house has a beautiful view.

Not such a luxury in "namma Bharatha". Not for urbanites at least.  Many of our windows have a view of neighbors front door from where you see the lady with whom you are not in speaking terms, or the solar tank on the top of neighbors house. And of course it will be black, as darkness.

And I am talking about independent houses, not apartments.

Luckily for us, our kitchen window had a decent view. You could see road and beyond that some trees and of course sky. You guessed it right, the site behind our house is empty.

It was a good thing. At least one incentive to go to kitchen for us - ladies who abhor cooking.  I could gaze at the sun or moon and get all romantic and cook a reasonably edible meal.

Then came the bad days. Of my kitchen window and hence my cooking. Instead of Sun, or bright sky, I started getting the view of men and women. Who were in such a nice empty place to urinat…

Lee's second book to be published

Did you know that Harper Lee's second book will be released very soon. The book "Go set a watchman" was Lee's first attempt in writing novels. But the publishers asked her to improve on it and she wrote the highly successful "To kill a mocking bird".

She has not published any book since then. Lee is now 89 and lives in assisted living facility in Alabama.

Lee had thought that this book was lost. She found it recently.

Many of the characters from "To kill a mocking bird" are also present in this book.

 The book is available in amazon.


Have you ever seen any bird squatting on a lowest floor of a building. No, they always choose the tallest building and sit on window of highest floor.

And the trees. They never face downwards, nor grow towards earth. They always grow tall and proudly lift their head to the sun. Even the vines who are so weak, who have no proper stems, defy gravity and climb above with the help of another plant.

So to aspire is the law of nature and law of God for some of us with a religious bend of mind.

We too should always aspire. Always.