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I love aunt acid quotes.  She is middle aged and always angry and a little bit feminist. So all of us can relate to her.


Image courtesy : Happiness Project

Discussions in news channels

How many news channels do we have in our country? May be 5 English, around 15-20 Hindi and many more in regional languages.

These channels will have to show news 24 by 7. But who will watch the same news 10 times a day. And it is not possible to search for new news every hour. So to get better viewership, they try to show discussions.

The idea is good. Because you pick a topic say inflation, or say climate change or some current event. And call spokespersons from political parties and discuss the topic. That way viewers - the nation, will know what is the opinion and more importantly action plan of these parties on the topic.


But what happens in reality? The topic would be more often what controversial statement politician A from ruling or opposition has made. And there will be chaos in the discussion, each participant out shouting the other. And finally it comes down to "he started it. "

What will the nation know from these discussions other than whose vocal…

On AIR with AIB

Laash pe makeup, Laash pe makeup, Lash pe makeup

Keeps shouting a young man in Arnab style.

That is the program "On AIR with AIB" a satire from AIB shown in Star World and Star Plus. The program is good. Some reviewers feels it has lost its edge. The reason could be, if the program talks about any political party, the channel will have to bear the brunt. So Star might have told the AIB not talk about any political party. Sad.

There was an episode which talked about how little TV channels talk about north east. When there was a flood in Assam on first week of Sept 2015 - in which 50 people died and 1.5 million people were hit, we did not get to see any news about this on TV. Instead what we saw was the stories revolving around Sheena murder.

So the duo on AIB kept on showing how the TV channels were talking about Sheena's body being applied lipstick  instead of Assam floods.

And the program concluded with the remark that we should give s**t about North East because it i…

Summary of 2015

This cartoon in Times of India is the summary of this year - 2015.

Cows have right to life. But not all humans.

In our Indian democracy all are equal. But cows are more equal than some human beings.

There are plenty of us who want to help the needy and want to do something to help the society. But we have no funds.

That did not stop these workers from helping the children.

For wood workers wages of  each day counts. But that did not stop 1100 wood workers from Bangalore carving out new furniture from broken chairs and desks in schools, orphanages. They worked the whole day free of cost.

The drive was a part of "Shrama dana divas" an initiative by Fevicol champions club.

Thanks to their work, many school children going to government schools can sit on chairs instead of floor.


Appination - App + rumination

When I was in the finishing stages of my app - C Questions, I used to worry about the topic for next app - 6th app. But I worry no more. Which does not mean I have got an idea for a fancy app which is easy to develop, but still attracts millions of downloads. It just means that I have been busy.

I am busy making my "Shataka" better, fancier and cooler. Shataka - if any of you have installed it, is an app where you should arrange the numbers so that the row sums and column sums in 3 by 3 grid are all 100.

People often confuse this app when Sudoku. I should keep telling everyone SNS - Shataka is not Sudoku (Remember GNU - GNU is not Unix). The grid has only 9 elements and the game involves mental math.

But not to worry. It is not as tough as it sounds. Because all the numbers you need are there.

Look at this picture. If I were to get 100 in first column, what do I need? I need 54. And 54 is available in the list. Drag and drop 54.

Now first row has…

Last man standing

I was watching "Last Comic Standing" on TV. Because suddenly we are getting all channels on our TV. Not just the advertisement channels.

Yes, our cable TV connection was being completely unreliable. And hence the switch over to DTH. These DTH providers have applied butter to over noses - viz they are showing all the channels including HD channels free for the first month.

So, I was watching the above said show in HD and a young stand up comedian there was me. Except for the fact that he was a male, he was 30 years younger than me and he was a Caucasian. But the same wide eyes, the same scared look. And the same feeling that any moment he will break down.

But despite all this, he was participating in this contest for stand up comedians. That needs lot of courage and will power. He inspired me.

Yes, we can't help the wide eyes, bent heads or flushed faces. But what we can help is, lead our daily lives in a calm manner despite all this.
I did not know that a day would arrive when I would go hunting for a blog post. Writing a non-educational blog post because you have to is like trying to defecate when there is no pressure. Why did I add a disclaimer there? Non-educational? Because in an educational blog, you have material - does not matter if thousands have written about that material, thousand times better than you. Does not matter if you read their material, try to understand them, then struggle hard not to use their words. But you have material. Period.

Here you do not have material. Or you do not have material which you are allowed to write. Without the fear of being banished or exiled. And you do not like to write praising some one. That will be sycophancy. You can not censure. You do not want to complement.

I could write about vegetable prices. That is the only place I visit outside my home. Vegetable prices have gone in a exponential. And funny thing is the tactics used by shops. Now they pack 3 pieces  in a …

We Hate English

We hate this porein language. So we abuse it whenever possible.
So mens(!) and womens(!) were what? Sale?

In saner notes, we ridicule others for their use of a foreign language. What does it tell about us?

Profound truth

We surround ourselves with gadgets, helps and other tools to reduce our work. Almost to zero percent.

So that we don't have worry about our daily chores.

So that we can worry about what our neighbors are doing.