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Ye kaun chitrakar hai

I see him almost every day. He kind of lights up the place. Many days I just see a glimpse of him and then he disappears. After few minutes he reappears even more beautiful. Well, I am talking about setting sun I get to see on the drive back home( Yes, I am one of those few fortunate people who can return from office before night fall). The color of him will even be better than any beauty blushing before going to meet her lover. And clouds will try to imitate him and decorate the whole sky. Together they paint a picture which is a feast to the eyes. And the wonderful thing is this picture is different each day but beautiful every day. If god is the creator of all this then " God you are great!!!!"

Title change

Forgot what I was writing yesterday. My son snatched the keyboard from me and tried to save so that he can start playing games. Yeah, I know I should discipline him more. But I think it is little too late now, when he is 5'10" tall and 14 years old. Was an office meeting and the lecture was don't be an open book. Yeah, that is what I am and that is the root cause of all my problems. I changed the title of my blog as that is the biggest question troubling me. I am like that kati patang which does not know where it should go.

These are few of my .....

After getting that out, now I can write something meaningful. Such as things which make me really happy.
1> Reading some good book munching some snacks.
2> Getting a program un-stuck and get the output
3> Reading the craps I write in my diary
4> Watching some really funny film even if it is subtitled foreign language film
5> Talking to loved ones on phone on and on and on.....
6> Sleeping in a winter morning completely wrapped in warm rajayi.
Now you wonder which part of it is housewifish. Nothing. Zilch. Right. So what. I need not feel happy only if I cook, clean or feed.

Name, name,name!!!!

Toyota had told the world that it ran out cars , with toyota khali (qualis). Now it decided, No it is not khali but innoova (ಇನ್ನೂವ ). Or does it mean that, it is innova khali only?
And you have a passion bike, you have a pleasure scooter. Why not necessity? The bikes are neither pleasure nor passion in Bangalore traffic. They are more of a majaboori. I know, that name is not enticing enough. But you need to tell the truth to public.
A metador had on its backside, MAAZA PAPAD. That made me to think. This person carries papad everyday. And he is afraid that anyone may ask for papad. Or is it that he is trying to sell papad of the company called MAAZA.
Some for wheelers will have "een goudre?". I think these will have regular conversations with their vehicles. This talk would be initiated by the gaadi as een goudre.
The children will wear T shirts which say "chatter box" "miss attitude" and so on. But why don't they buy T shirts whic…