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Everything has a purpose

Richard Bach has written a book called "Nothing by chance". I would like to add my own saying " everything has a reason behind it". You don't see the reason and get mad.
Like everybody else, you will curse the "Bengaluru mahanagar palike" or whatever is your city corporation for the bad state of the roads. ( you say bad is very very tame word for that ?). But again you are not seeing the reason behind it. You know very well that, we need to conserve water. If the BMP people fill in all the pot holes and tar the surface cleanly, how can the rain water sink to the ground and how will ground water table recharged? See, these people do think really about the future.
There is another reason, why the roads will not repaired. Beijing olympics, we won only 3 medals. So these people are training Indians for next olympics. For a new event called as hurdle driving. An Indian Shoemaker the formula one racer (this is not how his name is spelled? OK…

A nice encounter

Normally my dialogues on the road will be monologues. For example when a normally car driver (owner/driver anyone ) is going too slow in front of me, I will say "hogayya". But it will be inaudible to the concerned person. Many a times when I am driving wrongly, overtake from left, suddenly apply break, change lane without observing who is coming behind etc. ( and I do these things too frequently), I will mumble a sorry. That is it.
Like Yesterday, I was amused by this writing behind a jeep. "Hell is full I came back". Poor hell. It could have accomodated this one person.
But today it was dialogue and that too non-verbal communication. No, no, nobody threatened to kill me for my miserable driving. A girl winked at me. Again don't get ideas. I am not lesbian.
Well I had stopped at the signal. A car which had stopped in front had this beautiful girl. She looked at me and I at her. I smiled a tiny smile. She too tried to smile. And then, she wi…

OOPS concepts explained

Normally students would have studied a procedure oriented programming language and find the concept of objects and classes confusing. We have to give them real life examples which they can relate.
Me the teacher is an object. No, no, I am not supporting the MCPs that all females are objects. What I mean is I have certain behavious and attributes. So teacher is an object. My attributes are short, forty three yeared, oval homosapien. These attributes describe me. and my current state. I have certain methods. These methods can modify my state. For example I exercise (once in let us say 15 days for 10 minutes....). This will reduce my weight attribute by let us say 1.0e-12 kgs(i.e. 1.0X0.000000000001). I eat pastries. This method will modify my weight attribute by 0.5kgs. There is an external method - the great TIME. (main samay hoon!!!!). This method has modified my shape from straight line to oval. :-( OK, this gives some idea about methods and attributes and objects.

But there …

Travelling in a metro

We are all standing in a row on the start line, hands on accelerator. On our vehicles. The moment signal turns orange, the accelerator goes to maximum and all vehicles start zooming ahead. The only thing we see is the road ahead like Arjuna seeing only fish's eye.

Well, this is not the scene from a bike racing. It is everyday race which happens on Bangalore roads. But unlike actual races we don't try to hurt our opponents. Actual racers don't do that either, you say? OK, I mistook the computer racing game for real.

But effort to hurt anyway is very much present here too. In the form of pot holes. We are speeding as we want to make up for the delay caused at the signal. Then "Dhad". We land in a pothole which is as big as a well. (may be it is brahut bengaluru mahanagara palike's way of rain water harvesting!). If we don't fall down, we are lucky. If we see this pothole ahead and try to escape from it and suddenly turn, we are sure to collide with the per…


Today was solar eclipse that is grahana in sanskrit. I am surprised at the popularity of beliefs on this eclipse. Almost every one feels we should not eat during grahan time , we should have a bath after grahan and all. Why do we need to do that. Don't we study in school why and how a eclipse happens? Why do we have to leave our rationality at the work-place?