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So I was telling you about the problems I faced the other day.

What happened was my browser stopped working. Browser would just show blank white screen and I think with white letters. I tried cleaning. I tried reinstalling several times. No, nothing worked.

Then I tried installing some software from CD. That too did not work.

Next day my development IDE was not working. Upon inspection I realized that several directories were missing.

I know that all of you come up with the same question. Who do I think I am that people would want to hack my computer? Hillary clinton? Why would any one bother with my computer? I don't have an answer for that. But I am telling you the facts.

Not only this. Some one, I don't know who, does not want me to get out of the house.

Come on people. Don't you know the phrase MYOB. And leaving me alone.
I just wanted to stop for the day. Two posts with borrowed images from pinterest. Not much work for mind of the reader nor for the blogger.

Then I realized some thing. Watching the news channels 24 hours a day has turned all of us into the people whom we hate publicly.

We have become politicians.

We hate to work and are lazy. We do not take responsibility for our actions or the lack of them. We always blame others for any problems, and argue in most childish way worse than even a 4 year old. And we love to hate.

Sad and dangerous.

This time I hope that I am wrong.



I found some beautiful poems and poetic images in pinterest. Let us start with smallest one.
Next one is by none other than the wonderful poet Maya Angelou

Books and apps

When you are in a difficult situation, you need a friend.

That's what every one says. And I have one. The books.

They talk to me endlessly. In a language I am fond of. They converse in my wavelength. They do not  try to condemn and insult me.

On the whole, they make me feel that there is some one who still understands me.

So this book by Saul Bellow is about a strange closeness between the narrator and his uncle Benn.

Kenneth has a womanizing father. Having put up with this nature for many years Kenneth's mother leaves him and goes to Africa as a volunteer. Rather than a Casanova father, Kenneth feels his unworldly scientist uncle understands him. So he leaves Paris and moves to America to stay close to his maternal uncle.

His Uncle is caught in a Maya in the form of a woman. Kenneth wants to save his uncle but is unable.

I have realized that I should restrict my reading to few authors whom I really like. And Saul Bellow is certainly one of them.

I am still planning to finish…


On the way back home from my journey to the library, I decided "let me the smart one. I will just blog that - I must feel safe even when I step outside the house".

But it was not to be. When I came home and ventured into the laptop hours later, there were some serious issues. Very serious ones. Whom do I blame? No one. Really.

I tried several different ways and failed.

Now I will add one more sentence to my declaration of safety.

That it doesn't even matter....

You say it is intimidation technique. No.... You are so wrong. We are talking about good people here. Very good people.

Why would they want to intimidate me? A nobody?

Comment it out


Give me a BREAK!


All of us agree.

Programmer or Programmar

Vim user

(Vim is a text editor used in Linux)

One plus one makes 10

Real programmers know this

Count as 0,1,2


Why did Titanic sink?

Coders' fix

You have faced this situation more often than you care to admit.


Baby markup language  :)
 Great parents!!!!

Windows Update




वख़्त इंसान पे ऐसा भी कभी आता है
Even the "God" closes the door for you. :(

Be a Roman ..

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

But in Kannada we have another proverb which is slightly derogatory.

ಒಕ್ಕಣ್ಣು ರಾಜ್ಯದಲ್ಲಿ ಒಂದು ಕಣ್ಣು ಮುಚ್ಚಿಕೊಂಡು ಓಡಾಡು.

"In a country full of one eyed men, walk with one eye closed."

Wikdipedia showed me a list of similar proverbs in so many languages of the world. Which means, this is a universal concept.

Why? Why should we conform to the common customs of the people? Or to put it crudely, why should we behave as a sheep in a herd?

Is it because people do not like "others". They detest (slightly) others who do not conform to norms. They detest (strongly) who defy norms proudly.

Most often their question is "Who does he/she think himself/herself to be? How dare he/she act like this?"

OK, ok. If this norm is something "right", something your value system agrees upon, you can follow the norm. But what if you disagree? What if your value system says the path of everyone is wrong?

Let me go to the extremes. Let us…

Not tired

That is not happening. People Life does not stop harassing me. 

And I am running out of both wit and sanity.
I found this image in pinterest - one of the many things I waste my time on - thinking I am doing something useful.

The image is simplistic yet great.



He was lying there
Next to foot path
In front of a bus-stop
But was invisible

Was he drunk
Or doped
Simply asleep
Feeling safer
Among people
We don't know
He was invisible

No one tried to wake him
No one tried to chase him
No one even looked at him
He was invisible

Mother might be praying
Child might be dreaming
Of dolls he may bring
Unaware, he was
In a bliss
Invisible to all

No sympathy from anyone
No empathy
Not even disgust
He did not get a glance

In a corner
Of a busy road
He was lying down
Invisible to all

Weight analysis

For few days I have been thinking about this. OK, now you realize this is going to be one of those I, me and myself posts.

So it is.

I have been thinking about what are the portions of my 73 kg weight? And I am not talking about scientific blood, muscle, bones etc.

I think around 30% of my weight is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the unknown and of the partially known. Fear of sounds and sights. Fear of future, fear of present and fear from the past. So fear is the major ingradient here.

Next comes guilt. Around 20% is guilt. Guilt of missed opportunities, guilt of having wasted my education, and wasting my capabilities. Guilt of not having done anything good for myself. Guilt of not being a good daughter, a good bahu, a good wife, a good mother.

The rest is all anger. Anger towards everyone because they are being cruel or at least indifferent to me, anger towards  semi-believed God and anger towards self. But self directed anger might be more because I find myself imagining abo…

Why so serious

I think you will like this video. The channel  why so serious by newslaundry has good and humorous content. And also the channel consti-tution. Try it out.

I removed the video. For obvious reasons.

Stalled because of inifinite loop

I was happily writing my C programs. Then...

Then at some bad moment I took out this.

I thought I will make this app "Shataka " better.

The app is already good. It is fun, it is good for your brain and is easy.

But I only need to get more people to download it. :). Not an easy task. Don't you agree. Especially when I am the only person in the marketing team. Me!!

So I thought I will make the app more user friendly and easier in the initial levels.

So I started tweaking the app. And gave only 3 numbers to solve in level1. And 4 to solve in next level etc.

That was not so tough, once I imported the app. The tougher part was UI.

Some thing told me that the background and other colors are not standing out and as this is a game, they should.

So I started experimenting. Lot of google image searches, some GIMPs, changes in xml file. Then run in the app on phone and see. Not happy.  Change some background colors, change some xmls and repeat.

So this repeat went on and on and on…


Do people like to be alone? And I am not talking about teenagers who feel their parents are suffocating them.

Do any mature adult wants to be alone? I seriously doubt that. Because instinct of talk is one of the basic instincts.

Why you even hear babies talking incessantly even though nobody understands them. Even animals - felines and canines talk among themselves and with us. Again we don't understand them. Sadly.

So you need to talk. Period. And though you can talk to yourself, people do not like this. They think avanige/avalige marulu. mental - manasika. Psycho.

So you need another person with you so that you can hear your own voice - such a beautiful and pretty voice. Incessantly.

Activists are hated

Don't we all?

Why so heavy?

There was once a king. He used to visit a barber to get his hair cut. Barber noticed that king's ears are donkey ears. Or at least they looked like donkey's ears. When king saw barbers eyes fixed on his ears, he glared at him and threatened "If you tell it to any one....".

King did not need to complete his sentence. The poor barber understood and kept quiet. But how long can a person keep such a secret?

He started getting fatter day by day. When a friend asked him about his weight, the barber told him that he has a secret which he can not tell to any one. And the secret is growing bigger and bigger in his stomach and he is getting fat.

The friend had a suggestion. He told the barber to go to woods and tell the secret to a tree. The tree won't talk. So the secret will be safe. And the barber has it out of his chest.

So the barber agreed and went deep into the forest and selected some tree and told it "king has donkey ears".

It so happened that a carpent…

Fun filled journeys

Today I finally had my jnanodaya - I realized why men like - love their vehicles and are so passionate about it.

Men love to have their daily dose of adventure. A vehicle gives it to them. Sitting on it, they feel they have super power, they are invincible.

Not only that. Riding a vehicle on Bangalore road gives them real adventure. They have to cross hillocks. People call them man hole covers. They come across sudden obstructions. And they have to avoid the wells. And if they are lucky enough, they have to ride through the rivers. Rivers on the roads if it has rained heavily.

Luckier ones get to swim in rivers, if they are unable to locate a drain in overflowing roads.

For the aggressive types, there can even be verbal duels with extreme invectives. Sad thing is there can not be sword fights. 

So if this is not adventure sports, what else is?

I am sure men and women on moon will be wondering why do number of craters keep growing on this planet. And why some times they disappear. (W…


Why angry?

One day at a time

Some not so positive quotes

But some how make you feel better from bitter

Password error

Black and white

Life is not all black and white.

The T word

A fake news article

Bengaluru Sept 15: There are news from various parts of south India that the epidemic of "Thinking" is increasing, not only in cities, but also in towns and villages. The recent punishments given out by concerned citizens to the so called thinkers has failed to act as deterrent to these people. 

For the first time in the history of the country, there was a peaceful protest in the city of Bangalore against Thinkers. People were seen holding placards saying "Thinkers go back to Pakistan", "Godless people", "Down with thinkers" etc.

Politicians and bureaucrats alike are worried about this new plague inflicting the country. They are of the opinion that thinkers are worse than terrorists. Or they are "thought" terrorists. They cause serious damage to the national integrity and harmony among people.

Through their thinking and writing they are inciting other people to think too. And once every one starts to think, th…


I completed another book.

But the book is beautiful and sad. The books "Of love and other demons" by Marquez is quite disturbing.

The story is from 19th century and revolves around the life of 12 year old daughter of a land-load (Marquis) - Sierva.  Her father the Marquis is fearful person and lives in his own world. Her mother Bernarda is a nymphomaniac and detests her daughter from birth.

Sierva  lives with the slaves and learns from them multiple African languages, and their customs.

One day a rabid dog bites her in local market. Her father starts worrying about her and takes her to a local doctor who says she is not having any symptoms of rabies. There was no cure for rabies then.

Marquis takes Sierva to a convent in Santa Clara for exorcising. She is locked in a prison there and is bound to her bed by straps.

Father Cayetano who comes to exorcise her falls in love with her and starts visiting her secretly every night. One day he is caught and is punished. His punishm…
Unaware of the havoc caused by the torrential rains last few days, the plants on my terraces are rejoicing the abundance of water and cool.

Sun set on roof top

Those of us who can not travel due to various reasons, may not be able to see sun setting in the infinite ocean or he going for rest behind cool mountains.

But sun sets anyway. Even on our roof-tops. Turning from dazzling, blinding bright white to crimson, then going and hiding behind the trees and then vanishing.

Some words

Inclusion : we want to be part of a group. We are willing to do most things for this.

Cognitive distortion: Once we decide that we have a certain opinion on some thing, we find all different reasons to justify that. Same thing is true for actions we do.

Understanding : To fully understand - or at least momentarily understand our problems, we need to see it in others.

Solitary Confinement : Is the best way to break the strongest of men/women.

Honest news

We may need to change the newspaper we are buying.

Today I noticed that there is no mention of country wide candle light protests happening in many cities protesting against killing of Journalist Gauri Lankesh. Not a single mention in times of india.

This is not the first time, this paper has omitted news like this. We know TV channels are not unbiased. But we expect at least newspapers to give us correct, complete and unbiased news. Sadly that is not happening.

And people who have the courage to give honest news are being shot down. In front of their own houses.

Watching the news yesterday, I was thinking of shouting "beke beku nyaya beku". Then I realized people are actually doing this protest. Not just in Bangalore, but also in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and other cities.

TV channels are smart. They wait for the story to develop. Then they apply their own filters depending on which party they are learning towards. Then show this un-unbiased news with so much conviction we…
Yesterday I was helping out my nephew by asking him some Linux commands while cooking in the kitchen. Then I realized I do know some of these commands and I know them well. I know not only C family of languages, I also know the "kabbina kadale" unix commands.

I was immensely happy and wanted immediately to blog these commands. Then I told myself "do not deviate, you have an app to work on". Not that I have done anything in the last two days.

I was happy and little bit surprised. Why? The amount of malign I am going through! My knowledge sure surprises me.

Again I am spending my times waiting for the next unwatched episode of one or two serials I am seeing. And I blame so many people for my unwillingness to work. Yes, I am going through lot of difficulty in this neighborhood. Yes, I feel alienated from the entire world most of the time. That is not an excuse to do some useful work. That in fact must inspire me to work more.

I should realize that at least I am not …


Dystopia - is a community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It is antonym of "Utopia" - which is ideal society.

We Indians use a term for ideal society - Ramarajya - Rama is the hero of the epic Ramayana. His kingdom was supposedly very good. People were honest. Rulers were kind etc.

But again I wonder about Sita who was deserted by King Rama just because of some gossip.

Anyways, so Ramarajya. We also have read in our history lessons that Vijayanagar empire was very very good. People never closed their front doors. So there were no thieves or robbers. Gold, pearls and diamonds were sold on streets. So I remember vaguely. It could have been part of book by one of their courtiers - so there might be some exaggerations.

At least now, we all feel we are in the middle of dystopia. Rulers do not care about citizens. Citizens are petty minded and money minded. People kill each other over trivial issues.

But some times I wonder. Were people better than this any time? W…

Stay strong

Garden after rain

Here are two photos from my rooftop garden. not well maintained. But the plants occasionally take pity on me and bloom into beautiful flowers. :)

Wanted to catch sun shining through rain drops on the flower. Could not. But this photo is not bad.

Cat's tail etc

I unsuccessfully searched for the name of this tree. I even tried google image search. ( Google is telling me the best result  for this image is tree!!)

What made me interested in this tree?
The flower in this tree looks like it was imported from a shorter plantIt is not common - at least not in parks of Bangalore - most of the trees here have small yellow flowerIt has subtle fragrance No, the most important reason is it brought back memories of childhood. In our ancestral home, we had a plant which would blossom out with similar flowers, but red in color. The flowers will have long stem like this. We would pluck them and make garland of these. The name would start with madhu or something. Some mallige - jasmine.

OK, now I even tried searching in nurserylive. Unsuccessfully.

This park is better the one closer to our home. There are actual trees and plants inside the park. Not just weed. There are many trees along the periphery. And some flowering plants in the central vertical path. T…