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Days seem endless
In your absense

Am missing even
our eternal fights

One and Half
Decade of
Being your maid
Sorry, but almost that
Still your one smile
Converts the thorns
into Roses

So what if that smile
Is for anyone but me
You see Romance is my
middle (and first and last ) name

Is he or is he not

If he is there,
He must not trouble good men
Am I a good man?

If he is there
He will not tolerate mindless violence
Violence to him is but kids' play

If he is there
He will not test , test and test devout people
They need not be devout??

If he is there
He will make everyone as good as himself
Now there are no good people so is he not there????


Huge buildings
Shining lights
Streets as clean, you would want to sleep there
Shops bursting with fancy goods
But no, this is not beauty,
beauty is only when it his creation

7 course meals,
air conditioned rooms
no work but shopping
But this is not comfort
Comfort is home

Home is dirty
(Can write my name on dust)
Home is choatic
Home is nothing but luxurious
But it is HOME

Natural cave
Gigantic idol
Batu is Great
For it is him - muruga!!

Narrow lanes
Rain water filled pot holed roads
humble shops
Hey, Lanka is homish

Kallade EEkendu Balle

Well I almost understood why you have become a stone (idol). But I am unable to understand why do you still remain a rock. Can't you see thousands dying everyday all over the world? Don't you see people are being killed, are killing in your name? Can't you see that these people are blackening your name? Can't you unrock yourself and tell these people to stop fighting? Tell them that you are only one and all of us are your children. Tell them that if they kill others, they are physically hurting you? Can't you tell them that you are everywhere and even in our hearts , so they don't have to flock to shrines and get killed in a stampede.
Or are you really enjoying all this. Like the greek people enjoyed the fights of slaves. If you can not stop this blood bath, you are not fit to be a God. Go away from this earth.