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Bring up the bodies

King Henry is having lot of problems. His wife Anne is not very faithful to him. At least that is what the people talk. His ex-wife Catherine who is under house arrest is plotting against him. The pope is against him for divorcing the first wife and he is threatening to ex-communicate him. And to top it all, the king does not have a male heir to the throne. Which is one of the reasons for divorcing Catherine - and defying Rome.

But there is a person to think, ponder and try to solve all these problems. He is Thomas Cromwell, master secretary and king's right hand man. He is so much devoted to the king that when he hears about the pregnancy of the queen Anne, he immediately talks to the family of Jane Seymour about how she can be of king's service. He encourages king to completely ignore Pope. He goes to visit ex-wife Catherine to ensure that she is not planning something against the king or queen. 

But Cromwell is a sad man. He has lost his wife and two daughters few years back.…

Quote martial

"I have always wished for my computer to be as easy to use as my telephone; my wish has come true because I can no longer figure out how to use my telephone."
- Bjarne Stroustrup

Tarka and kutarka

Today in our class, our faculty was explaining about tarka, kutarka and vitarka. Tarka means debate or reasoning. Or to some extent logic. Ku as a prefix in Sanskrit means bad. Bad logic or argument with a bad motive. And vitarka is special reasoning or thinking outside the box. 

So I wanted to write some funny logic or shall I say kutarka? I searched the net for such jokes. All of them concluded that the person is not gay or gay? Really, all of them. 

OK, I got something different. But not exactly vitandavada.

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station. so.....

And one more

Love is God. Love is blind. So God is blind.
One more quote by Stephen Colbert
God is love. Love is blind. Stevie Wonder is blind. Therefore, Stevie Wonder is God. The one I liked is this

I am nothingNothing is perfectSo I am perfect
This kind of deducing by the way is called syllogism where one inference is made from t…


We are what we watch. No? Then it must be we become what we watch. Our mind, body and even girth are decided by which channel we watch always. Let me explain with examples.

You are tired and exhausted - may be doing your chores inside the home, or may be doing little bit of gardening outside, or even trying to draw a nice background for your app using image editor - thinking that owning an image editor (free one, of course) will make you a graphic designer. So you are tired and you want to relax and you switch on the TV.

You go to Star world , Zee cafe or Comedy Central. Of course they are telecasting re-run of a serial which you must have watched 100 times. You get angry at yourself for watching it, but you decide to watch it anyway because in half an hour, another serial will come, hopefully with an episode you have not watched, at least not on the same day. You stretch your legs and you slowly stretch on sofa.

But if instead go to a movie channel and luckily find a movie worth wat…

Recycle craft

Tie a rubber band across your old sauce bottle and then paint.

A Dialogue

My imaginary interview with an imaginary minister -

Me: Sir, You have done  great work in Odisha and Andhra by saving so many lives despite such a large cyclone.

I.M. : Of course, of course. And all that is because we  a most inspiring great leader who motivates us to help people in distress.

Me: So around 7 lakh people are evacuated and are staying in shelters. That is really great. And hardly a single casualty. (mumbling) Lessons are learnt from Uttarakhand.

I.M. : Pardon me?

Me: No I told your government was really prepared this time to save people. And I am sure you have plans for rehabilitation of all these people. Building housing colonies for them, providing them jobs, rebuilding their shops and businesses ?

I.M. : Um, Er., Um, See all these works fall under state governments. They will have to help these poor people who have lost everything in cyclone.

Me: But your government will sanction enough funds for these works and send a team to oversee the progress etc.

I.M. : OK, o…

Top Stories - 3

Our CM Siddaramayya has promised that he will visit Chamarajnagar despite its reputation that when any Karnataka CM visited that town, he loses power. Hence S Bangarappa, M Veerappa Moily, HD Deve Gowda, JH Patel, SM Krishna, N Dharam Singh, BS Yeddyurappa and DV Sadananda Gowda avoided visiting Chamarajanagar. 

Praise him

We are told to praise the Lord morning, evening and night. What is the use of it? He is not going to hear us, nor can he come and praise us back. And I don't think he needs any more self confidence. What with some versions of him supposedly saying ( I am making this up! Forgive me, Lord)  if you look at other gods, you will rot in hell.

Instead praise your children. They are hungry as much for your positive stroke as much as for the food you burn cook. You are talking over the phone for the past one and a half hour, your little one tugs your arm and shows "Amma, amma, look I have drawn the sky and tree". What do you do? You say "not now" and chase him away and finally when your tele-conversation is over, you burst on him/her"You are not letting me talk at all. And why are you drawing that stupid thing? Don't you have any home work to do? Now let me look at the drawing again. Why is it so ugly? Why have you not colored neatly? When I asked you to go f…

Top stories - 2

Bangalore has its own all women fleet cabs : Angel city cabs has taxis driven by women exclusively for lady passengers. So you no longer have to be tensed  and worried to travel in a taxi.

Hit and run victim rescued by young girl : Smriti Srinath was hit by a speeding bike on Residency Road Bangalore and was lying on the road. While others were just turning a blind eye, Aparna an MBA student saw her and pulled her in the auto single handed and took her to Hosmat hospital. The auto driver also helped her and even did not take the money for the ride.

Note: If you have such positive stories please add them.