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Money, money, money

There was a king.   He used to disguise himself and wander during night times. One day he saw a hut, which was completely empty. There was a man there in old and worn out clothes sleeping on the floor. He was a personification of poverty. But still he was sleeping like a child, without a care in the world.

The king came to his palace. He was upset and jealous. He, the king has everything. He sleeps in one of the softest beds, maids fan him entire night. But still, he is unable to sleep. And this poor man, has nothing and still he gets blissful sleep every night.

Next night, kings again comes to poor man's hut, wakes him up and whispers to him. " Here is bag of gold coins. Take it and be happy". So he gives a bag of gold coins and leaves.

The poor man goes from shock to excitement to fear to happiness. He is so thrilled. But also worried. What if some thief steals it away. He digs a hole in the floor, hides the gold coin bag there. Then he removes the bag, counts the coi…


Media is like playing with fire. Look at how this media took Kejriwal to highest peak and now trying to bring him down.

I personally find nothing wrong with his utterances about media. The popular English news channels are all associated with Congress or BJP. And if a person taking bribe should be arrested, why not these TV channels.

But who am I to comment on these mighty TV channels. The poor anonymous blogger.

But as days of election are approaching Kejriwal is doing one wrong thing after another. He does not have cunning of these people and does not feel the need to hide his feelings.

For the first time in my very long life, I am praying for a politician. Please God, if thou art present, help this honest gentleman to get at least some face saving seats, so that we will have an opposition in  parliament, who may honestly try to protect our interests - interests of aam admi and aam aurat.


This must really go to facebook page. But since I am currently not in facebook, I am putting it here.

If you feel any of your close ones or your friends and relatives are addicts or on the way of being addicts, introduce them to Alcoholic anonymous. They have meetings all over the Bangalore and in other towns in India also.

 I have taken this list from AA India site.

The site also contains lot of information about alcoholics including a questionnaire to find out if a a person is an alcoholic or not.

ADDRESSES TIMINGS New Life Group.  St, Anthony Kannada High School,    Opp. Fish Market Khanapur Road, Camp Belgaum-590006 Anand – 099026 87947 Sat 6.00 p.m.
Gospel Street,
Old Baglur Layout,
Cont: Kabilan – 98803 48013 Mon. /Thu. 7.00 p.m. Air Force Command Hospital
Psychiatric Ward,
Air Port Road
Cont: Unnithan- 9449721577 Sat. 5.00 …