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GOD shop... what might be there

Every night after everyone else have released the control over tv remote, for five-ten minutes I do channel surfing and I see the same thing. doubleu doubleu doubleu

Then I wonder what we may get in these shops? Some compassion, love for human beings, some good nature.

I would like to send some people to this shop. So many of them.

Osama bin Laden( wo to gaya), leaders of many nations, and all other religious fanatics. I hope that these people learn some lessons there which even a little baby knows.

That the lesson is "IT IS WRONG TO HURT OTHERS"  no matter what. That there are no different gods for different people but there is only one god.

That if a person does not agree with your point of view, or your Gods, YOU CAN NOT PUNISH HIM.

That god will never hurt, he will only love each and everyone. So  YOU SHOULD ALSO DO THE SAME.

That an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

I know, I know, I am unable to think and write clearly, leave alone humorous…

Where is GOD?????

I was driving in the same old road with the same old people on the road. Suddenly I saw a Writing on a vehicle "God is just behind you". Hey, what did I do this time? Two days back I have paid 100 bucks for crossing a red signal. But so far on the road no signals were present. Did they come to know that still I haven't done my scooty's emission test. Then a sober voice said, it is not police, not traffic police. Only god. Godaaa, that's okay. No need to worry. He will forgive me for any of my sins. Even if we do not have the practice of asking for mercy on one day after committing all kinds of not so good things throughout the week. Our god knows, I am not responsible for any of my actions but my karma is.
Anyway I got relieved and did not turn back, but looked in the rear view mirror. No I could see no one who remotely looked like omnipotent GOD. How did I know who was god. I knew better than to expect him to come with all crown and beads and silk as in a TV ser…