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Divya drashti

I see this board every day - Divya drashti kannina aspatre - which translates to . I do not know the word for Divya. It is something like what Sanjaya got and saw the Mahabharath and described each event the Dhritharashtra( one doubt here God could have given this vision to Dhritharashtra himself ??) So I wonder if everyone who goes to this hospital gets a Divya vision. Shall I go there and get at least my pre-chalis vision?

Jasmine flood

This year has been Jasmine year. Since February end jasmines are blooming and shining like stars in the terrace. How many varieties, dundu mallige, sooji mallige, bhatkala mallige and a little bit of kasturi mallige. It is as if they are telling me don't keep grumbling about life. Look at us and learn. Pity I can not capture their fragrance in camera (my poor little scratched mobile which is fm radio for me and sms machine for son). The fragrance and the way they take us to an altogether different world.
If you think, how many different shapes of jasmines, how many different fragrances and each one uniquely tremendously whatever you call wonderful. O God you are great!!!
But let me not forget my other better(bitter) half who built this house where I can plant these creepers. Who waters these every day. It is like - I asked him for a flower, he built a house where I can grow as many flowers as I want ( and can?)
Now do not ask me what do I do with these flowers. I do not put it in my …