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A tragedy and aftermath

How many lives does it take for our government to take things seriously? Now everyone is saying that Met department has warned Uttarakhand government regarding heavy rain fall and asked it to cancel yatras and move people to a safe place. The government and we common people as well just ignore things which are not pleasant to us and firmly believe that bad things do not happen to us.

Two MPs of different parties were physically fighting over who would take AP tourists back to their homes. But now many yatris of MP and Rajasthan are stranded again because they are penniless and the immediate compensation money of 2000 they are supposed to get, is not coming soon. The fighting MPs could have come and taken these people to their homes. Of course with government money.

Few days back, Namo offered Uttarakhand to re-build the shrine of Kedarnath temple. And of course the congress state government snubbed him. But now who will build the houses, roads, hospitals and schools for the villages…

Jazz by Toni Morrison

Joe falls in love with a girl young enough to be his daughter.  He is an ordinary middle aged  black salesman of beauty products living with his wife. And when he sees this girl , Dorcas dancing with another boy, he shoots her.

Joe's wife Violet never wanted a child. But now it is too late. So she sleeps with a doll and lives in her own world. After she hears about this girl her husband murdered, she goes to the funeral and stabs the dead girl in the coffin. And is chased out of the church.

Now the couple live in the house like zombies. They go and stare at the photo of the dead girl in the middle of the night. 

Police do not arrest Joe as no one had complained against him. The murdered girl is an orphan and her only relative is her aunt who herself is working class black widow. She had always tried to protect the girl Dorcas from vicious white men. She never imagined that mild speaking Joe who used to come to her house to sell his products would spoil her niece and then murder …

Another good place to visit when bored

You want to know some historical events but do not have time. At all. Life in 5 seconds is the best book for you. You see over 200 events without their unnecessary details. Best book for twitter generation. See more details Life in five seconds  Can you believe this image?This photo from Jon Smith is taken with high-speed photography after filling the light bulb with objects.
Have you ever fell asleep on your keyboard? That was not comfortable, right. But this keyboard sofa is real cool and comfortable

Well all these are from the site LostAtEminor. It was quite a long time ago since I had said "WOW. That is incredible"

Dr. Hawa Abdi and her fight for her people

My son keeps telling me "no one keeps whining about their problems like you do". Not the least this famous doctor and human rights activist  Dr Hawa Abdi.

Dr. Hawa Abdi is physician from Somalia. The same Somalia which is famous for its pirates, it drought and complete failure of state. UN has declared it as the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet.

When  international aid groups have pulled out of this country for safety concerns, this lady runs a 400 bed hospital, a school and a shelter for refugees.

Born in 1947, she was studied Medicine in Moscow with scholarship. Then she pursued her studies in law. Her grandmother convinced her to use her knowledge to help her people. So Dr. Abdi started a clinic in her ancestral property.

But in 1990s when civil war broke and every Somalian started walking with AK 47s and thousands of people were made refugees in their won country, Dr Abdi sold off her jewelry, some of her land and started a 400 bed hospital and a school for chil…

Stop violence against women

We can preach all we want and argue and shout and all that. At the safe haven of our homes and offices. That will do a little to help the women who are in crisis. Whether it is domestic violence or eve teasing or exploitation at work place.

But what can we really do to stop such violence.
If you see any eve teasing or harassing on the street, or bus or train immediately go to the help of girl/woman being teased. It does not matter whether you know that girl or not, what caste/community/language she is from. Today it is her, tomorrow it will be your daughter. If you hear  a woman being abused in the neighborhood either by her husband or in-laws try to mediate. You may be snubbed by the perpetrators. But do not mind that. If it does not help, help her to go to her parents. If you hear any ugly gossip about your colleague male or female, do not help in spreading it. Try to stop it. Treat your daughters and sons as equal. Never, never tell your daughter "you are a girl. You should no…

Diet plans

I am officially on a diet. But my diet is unique just like everything else about me - some say weird about me.

All these days, though I was telling everyone that I am fat, I told myself that I am slightly on heavier side, but not fat. And I wanted and hence believed it. But the  illusion was shattered in a family function last month.

In this function, many of common friends of me and my husband had come. A few said openly that your spouse looks same as he looked 30 years ago, but you have certainly put on weight. Of course, I tried telling myself that, being women they are jealous of me. But the inner me would not listen and told "dear lady, you are very fat and you need to do something about it".  More importantly I tried to alter a saree blouse because the one I stitched 3 months ago would not fit me and almost spoiled it. Hence I decided to diet and told everyone "in my next visit you will say "usha, you have not changed in last 30 years".

But as I told yo…

Keep them ignorant

Many of the parents who come to admit their children in RTE, come in expensive cars. One child who got admitted in RTE category is the son of a owner whose tenant's son is studying in the same school in general category. This poor kid's "poor" dad also has few more buildings given out to rent and also some shops.

RTE - right to education was a law introduced recently allows poor children to study in good schools. The fees and other expenses of the child will be borne by government. Many schools had opposed the move. Now look at the way people are tweaking the law to their benefit. They pay some bribe and get an income certificate with annual income as low as Rs 15000/- per year and get their children admitted in this quota.

Of course, any rule will be misused some times. But in the case of RTE, how many parents of talented but poor children would have heard or read about this right? Who will inform them? If we inform them about RTE and they admit their children in p…


I was surprised to hear a leader of certain party tell the news anchor that Hindus will not support Modi if he does not work on issues like uniform civil code, ram janmabhoomi etc.

Once upon a time there used to be a certain religious leader in Delhi who would dictate his people to vote for such and such party. Well I have heard it that way. Is this leader in similar role? Is he the spokesperson of Hindus? What is his definition of Hindu?

I think I am Hindu. I remember filling in my religion as Hindu in some forms in school and college times. And in our not very small house, we have a tiny room where we have kept idols of Hindu gods. And, in the middle of night, if I am scared or I just can not get sleep, the chantings I utter in half sleep must be Hindu ones. So are these sufficient to call me as Hindu? Because I do not want any leader to work on the above mentioned issues.

The janmabhoomi issue for which so much noise has been made is not significant for me. For god's sake,  I …

The order of light - II

Part II is just says no part II. The initial book was good. But now it is more about Islam. I can understand and relate with personal turmoil. But religious turmoil and more importantly religious affinity? NO.

So bye bye Mr Moghul. I would rather watch GA episode 256th time.

But why such contradicting two posts? i> I wanted a blog post very badly. ii> Impatience.

So the bottom line is,  if you are a confused atheist like me, it is not the book for you. 

In the mean while I am re-re-re-redesigning icons for my app. I, who can not draw anything on paper, am even worse with mouse (what is this thing which substitutes mouse on lap top  called). And when  I take too many days for something I get bored and finish it in as is basis. Hence so many bad designs. Instead I can create each icon with same font size and SAME COLOR and complete it.

New name - Vratta?

I know two women by the name Rekha. Rekha in Sanskrit means line. And both these women are so thin, they can compete with these size 0 models. Now I remember I had a class mate by the same name and she was also very thin.

So if they are Rekhas, then my name should be vratta. Vratta in Sanskrit means Circle.

The order of Light

Haroon Moghul's this book is quite interesting. Some how we can relate to the books by authors of Pakistan and we feel some how they are us.

The protagonist is a Pakistani studying Arabic in Egypt. He is brought of in conservative Muslim family. And of course that makes him guilty for not wanting do namaaz every day. Why did our parents bring us up as a bag of guilt. So much so that, as child I used to say, just like everyone else in my class, "today I am laughing so much. Tomorrow, I will cry". As if it is a sin even to laugh.

Anyways he with his room mate, goes to friday prayers to Masjid and realizes that there are so many others who are also only physically present there and some are even not facing towards the holy masjid. Then they go in search of some good food. They feel that Egyptian food is just like their pyramids too bland. But restaurants which offer other food options are too expensive for them. And they are really sick of eating pizzas and burgers. Unable…