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About bomb blasts in Bangalore and then in Ahmedabad, Why, why I was thinking. These blasts are small intensity but well planned. Not meant to cause lot of harm. When they have planned the blasts so well, why such low intensity bombs? It is not as if they are amateurs. Then I heard a burkha clad woman saying in Ahmedabad. This a plot to create islam phobia. That is a possibility, don't you think so? Whomever I talked after the blasts was saying, we should teach a lesson to these muslims as if it is a well established fact that muslims are the culprits.

Arushi murder case

Now CBI has released Dr. Talwar on bail. And three servants are charged with the murder. What about the theories of media and police? Character assasination of Arushi and her father? Should not be the police more responsible and not give such baseless allegations on a child who is dead. Is the media only concerned about sensitization and will it go to any extents to increase viewership?
How could they think that a father will slit his daughter's throat? No father will ever do that no matter how angry he is.

Renato's Luck

Renato is having a difficult time. His best friend , father figure and mentor has died. His teen aged daughter is pregnant and wants to keep the baby. He himself is finding life has lost its taste. But most important of all, his town is at the verge of being drowned by a dam which is about to be built bear by. He gets a dream which he interprets as if he goes to pope and shakes his hand while touching his behind, his luck is going to change. Well, what follows is he gets a long list of people who want their names in a chit to be taken to pope to change their lucks too. But the nice part is his and the town's luck does change because he has carried a toy boat he had found near his house and gives it to pope. And Pope realises that boat has a symbol of an old Saint. And the church decides the place where toy boat is built is holy and builds a shrine there. And that now belongs to church. So the government can not seize that property to build the dam. So no dam and the town is saved…

Two nice feelings

I had closed all the window. Whom am blocking anyway? Mosquitoes or fresh air. But from the gap between window shutters, somebody sneaks inside. Guess who? Nice, breath taking, fragrance of jasmines who have spread all over in the garden. God, you will give even for those who don't ask and also close their hearts.
In NDTV Imagine reality show Lux Junoon, Annu Kapur sang this song "Aanchal Mein Saja Lena Kaliyan, Zulfon Mein Sitare Bharlena, Aise Hi Kabhi Jab Shaam Dhale, Tab Yaad Hamen Bhi Karlena". Where did these lyricists got such wonderful ideas. Too good!
God send me such nice things once in a while to make me feel that the world is not really that bad !!!