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Media and secularism

May be there is some truth in Alchemist, that if you wish something from all your heart, the circumstances will help you in achieving that. I did not achieve anything great. But my idea came true like this.

Looking at the way people are glued to TV in all their free time, I was thinking this mass media can be used to achieve some good sense in people. Things like secularism. I was also thinking if one channel does it, people will just click the remote and go to next which shows a mindless soap. And channels being interested in viewership may not like that.

And my wish is answered in the form if "phir mile sur" in Zoom Tv. Good. The Idiot box can be used to unIdiot people!!!. I am loving it.

Nearing Middle age :-((

If a person lives a century, then the correct middle age is 50. I am reaching it too soon. I am already in the wrong side of 40s. No wonder people think I am old. I AM OLD.

I heard that grandmother is finding it difficult to climb the step. One step which is about a foot tall. Difficult to her who single handedly took care of the family and the farm, who must have walked around 18kms to nearest town and come back in the evening to cook so many times. Old age is cruel.

If that is her situation, what will happen to me, whose definition of hard work is walking to the kitchen to switch of the gas when the cooker has whistled.
One more worry, I still have hopes of getting a better job. Who will give me a different job in different field when I am almost reaching retirement age?

Communist party of India and Jyotida

Normally when a person dies, we read all kind of eulogies of him. The writers try to find the best qualities (through microscope?) in him. As we say in kannada, sattaemmegeseerutuppa. But is it correct? Just because a person is dead, he will not become an angel from a demon (well he may become a ghost ;-)) That is the exact reason I liked the article by Jug Suraya on TOI yesterday.
He had the courage to say that Jyoti Basu was not really a God's gift to Bengal. Communism as an ideal has failed miserably. So the wise thing for our CPI/CPM leaders would be to realise that and accept the new liberalisation gracefully.

Plastic recycling

How do you utilise the most hated plastic grocery bag.

For once I have found a good use of platic bag. I have fiiled it with water and with a hole pricked have placed it next to a plant planted in this winter. Let us see if the plant survives. If yes, I will follow this drip irrigation to all my plants. And that will be one good use of the m.h.p.g.bags. There is a difficulty though, how will you use it in potted plants. Not able to get a solution. Let us see.

Kannada or English

We see all our politicians protesting English Education and cancelling the recognitions of English Medium schools. (It is a different issue that these same politicians never dream of sending their children to non-English medium schools) But now you can see that even villagers try to send their children to English medium schools some how. By sending them to relatives in towns, or making them travel to the nearest town. And in urban areas, even poor people try to send their children to these English medium schools. So whom are the government schools helping ? And whom are kannada medium schools helping? The strengths of these schools are reducing day by day whereas getting English medium school admissions are herculean tasks.
Will it not be appropriate to make the medium of instruction English from 8th? This will even help the children do better in their 11th and 12th which will decide their future. Currently the unfortunate village children who come to PUC will take almost half an …

7 commandments

The seven commandments to be followed when driving a 2 wheeler on Indian Roads in general and Bangalore roads in particular

 Thou shall respect the big vehicles like trucks because they can crush you to death and they have every intention of doing so.  Thou shall respect the BMTC busses and stay several feet away from them for they turn where they want and when they want without looking left or right. Thou shall respect three wheelers(autos) because their bark is worse than their bite Thou shall respect young two wheeler riders because they zoom past you at 200 kmph not bothering whether they hurt you, knock you, kill you or for that matter kill themselves. Thou shall respect lady drivers like thyself, because they are terrorized by all the above mentioned people and they are confused and they repent being on the road instead of sitting safely behind the spouse and hence slow down suddenly, speed up suddenly and are perfectly unpredictable Thou shall respect the traffic police…