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Bye, bye books???

How is that possible? Me saying bye to books. The reason is this. (Or is it thus ?)Because the book I am reading is a Herman Hesse and I can not read it after a tired day and nor can I start another book unless I finish that. Of course it is rented. And in the most inexpensive library also the fine on the book might have neared the original price.
So since I can not read, I munch (no,no, not the books) and watch World movies. Movies like nikita, two sisters etc. Nikita made me realise that, I adore women who are not feminine, who are confident, who are dare devils. Is it because I am anything but confident? But like them, I do not pay much attention to dressing, but look terrible unlike them. I dye once in a blue moon. So most of the time my hair is greyish with some blackicsh brown sprayed here and there. I do not regularly iron the dresses. And I go shopping for clothes around 15 kms ( If you know bangalore, you will realise how difficult it is to drive 15 kms here. To my husband. ;…