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I have a garden. Not well maintained. Not at all maintained. But yes, it has flowers of all colors. Like the purple hibiscus, yellow flower, whitish rose, red hibiscus, blue and white shankhapushpas and jasmines. I water these only once in a while. Rain will also do the same. Some of them are not even planted by me. Seeds were carried by wind and the plants have grown. Is it his way of showing me how we should do our karma no matter what.

To eat mango

I will not eat any supper today. Ahaa, finally I realised that I badly need to diet. Are you saying that? Not a chance. So what if I am growing like the contents of my desktop. As the cliche goes, I am in shape. Round is also a shape. And who bothers about little bit of overweight. All my childhood and teenage I was underweight. Shouldn't I compensate for that now.
Let me tell you a secret. Still my pauch is smaller than husband's. He religiously walks for half an hour a day and is not at all a eatoholic like me. Ha ha. Let us if I overtake him then I will start reconsidering my position.
Ok, the topic was why I do not want to eat my supper. Well just now I ate a malagoa mango. Ah! That is happiness. May be there is no other thing as delicious as a mango. Not even chocolate. After eating that should I eat RICE? Impossible! It is like drinking aquaguard water after drinking nectar.
So have I just discovered the secret of eternal bliss?

For compiling kernels?

Why AM I here? I was supposed to be building the kernel image of latest Linux OS. OK, ok now I remember I tried it and the kernel paniked (just like me). So I am here. Really what will I do with this new kernel you ask me? TINA. Because the current kernel which I am having has been de-moused. By me of course. I don't know what I did. But now the mouse does not move. Or to be precise, mouse moves but the arrow on the screen is stationary.22-June I was unable to post this earlier. So now I can proudly say that I have done it. No not compiled the kernel. But installed the kernel. And I DID NOT format the windows partition (Hence saved my marriage. Otherwise mine would have been a unique case where a man divorces his wife for formatting his files :-) ) Now I am able to used net , mouse and everything else on Linux as well. No, not as well, as you can see all my blogs have been saved as drafts instead of being posted. Did I give too less value for swap partition?

Books atlast...

I am reading a book -Laughter .. by Milan kundera. First I took the book (borrowed from library) because it had the magic word laughter in it. Then also because I thought the author is Indian. Both the counts I was wrong. It is neither humourous nor is the author Indian from any angle. But the book is really worth reading. It is semi fictional semi autobiographical. Reading the book made me realise how lucky we are to be living in a democratic country not without much trouble. How will the individuals develop if the existence itself is under threat? Thank you Gandhi tata. For making us the citizens of a free country.
How will the people live in countries like Afghanistan or Isreal where every day begins with a terror and ends with a sigh and again fear of facing the next day? Who is responsible for such situations ? What if there is any, is the solution?
And one more thought . How will it feel to be running away from our country and stay in a foreign land, knowing too well that we wi…

Shantam papam

I plucked some leaves from my kitchen garden for (cooking) making tambuli in the evening. Imagine, I who can not read small letters, even in broad daylight, plucked some dodda patre leaves in the dark kitchen garden. I tried dry roasting them with coriander leaves. Suddenly I saw something whitish. A worm? What sin I was about to commit? I was about to feed non-veg, that too a worm, to two pious brahmins. Threw out the whole thing. Should I wear glasses even when I am cooking?
I hate these chalis. So never wear them. It hurts my nose. I go to a super market. I read a box of something to buy. I can not read its price. I ask the sales boy/girl, what is the price. They will think that I am illiterate. But see, I can't help it. Can't these people print atleast prices in large print for forty plus people.
After a long time today, I tried reading my daily horoscope from newspaper. Could not read anything. At this exponential decay rate, the day is not far when my vision would be zer…