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AAP aur hum

You may say anything you like. But at least AAP does not believe in divide and rule. They don't believe in caste and religion politics. And surprisingly they do care to some extent about aam admi. Shouldn't we give then a chance?

Note: I am being a true fan or bhakt. Blaming others when there is a mistake.

The mystic masseur by Naipaul

Ganesh is a Trinidadian boy  of Indian origin. His father dies when he is hardly 16 and an unknown elder Ramalogan in the community takes care of all the ceremonies needed. Later he encourages Ganesh to visit his house and shop as frequently as possible. He treats Ganesh as a learned man. All these with the motive that Ganesh marry his daughter Leela.

The plan is semi-succesful as Ganesh still takes dowry during wedding. Now Ganesh is a family man and he should work. But he is semi-literate and is reluctant to do any physical work. His job as a masseur is a failure. But he keeps himself surrounded with books to convince himself and others that he is a learned man.

Appearance do not feed or bring money. Fed up with taunts of her sister about her husband, Leela leaves Ganesh and goes to her father's house.

At last Ganesh writes his first book about Hinduism. It turns out to be a small booklet with simple questions and useless answers.

But this is just begining of Ganesh's bloom…

Geriatric care in India

What happens to our elders? Do they go to old age homes? Do they have enough savings to pay for these? After spending all their money for our educations, marriages? What happens if they fall sick? Who will look after them?

What happens to our elderly who have no money at all? After their children almost throw them out of the house? Or even worse,  if they have no children?

I am surrounded by these questions and find no answers. Feeling completely helpless.

I did some research about old age homes in Bangalore. 

Many charge large per month fees. Most require the elderly to be fit. And the rest are in very bad shape - according to what I heard.

When I see so much wealth around in our silicon valley, I feel sad about these people.

And government   gives them old age pension of Rs 400pm that too after a very lengthy and difficult process. Great!!

And if you are looking for names and addresses of old age homes in Bangalore, contact 

Dignity foundation located in 4th T block. Phone number is 080-41…

Borrowed humor

Saw in pinterest , I think

I want to be cremated. That is last effort to have hot smoking body

(P.S. : We Hindus will be cremated. Hence I will have hot smoking body  on my last day)

I keep all the clocks 10 minutes early so that I can get ready on time. But only thing happening is I am getting better at subtraction

To rule or not to rule

There was this speech by one of our great leaders, broadcast on TV. And my hustband was watching with bated breath.

And the leader was speaking with full enthusiasm, and love for mother land and Indians. It is good to have oratory skills. You can mesmerize the audience and make them forget the wretched state of governance. You can also inspire people - to what means and end? Let us not get into all these unnecessary details.

He was telling something like India is my mother. And all Indians are my  brothers and sisters. I completed for him - some are step brothers and sisters.

But then there is this another leader, who says he like chaos instead of governance. To his credit, he was almost compelled to become ruler. But do we want a government which says it creates chaos?

The elections are going to be really tough. For the voter. Do we vote for the great leader who does not know how to rule, another one whose past is questionable or the third one who says he will not rule?

Stree shakti

Blame game

All of us comment on others  to hide our own inadequacies.

Formatting the hard disk - part II

I had earlier written about my formatting interest here.

Since then I have used Ubuntu. Cooked dosas (rice flour pan cakes) on laptop. No, I did not. I could have. Started getting problems in Ubuntu. Tried installing windows again. Could not. Went to a repair shop, paidmoney and installed original windows from them.

Then life was almot smooth. I started my daily works with blogs, social networks and coding without much difficulties. But yesterday, mail  was very slow, wifi was showing connected to 3 different networks(!) and I tried to change some settings. Alas, things stopped working. I could not even open "My computers" and could not connect to net. I struggled a lot to avoid the formatting. But no. Nothing worked.

Hence today I formatted the disk. To my surprise there were no drivers for networking and graphics was ghastly. Not even ethernet driver was loaded and nor was it to be found in the original windows cd or the system recovery cd of HP.

OK, I being the smart on…

Destination - tents

In Muzaffarnagar some fight started. Then leaders of different political parties went there and started preaching hatred. They helped in escalating the violence. Now when thousands are homeless, living in tents, not a single leader is giving them place in their homes. Not a single party is doing anything to help them to return to their houses - if the houses are still present.

As we are sitting in our warm homes, wrapped in warm clothes and complaining about cold, the people are shivering in the tents there.

May be there is a lesson for all of us here. If we listen to hate politics, leaders who teach us to hate fellow Indians in the name of caste and religion, we all will end up in such tents. Shivering. And our leaders who sent us there will be having a bollywood party or a foreign tour. Media will be shoot pitiable conditions of ours and increase their TRP.

Has le jara

This one is for people like me, who like jokes,no matter what

Maine poocha chand se ki dekha hai kahin, mere yaar sa haseen..... .......!!

Chand ne kaha-

Dekho..,pehli baat to yeh ki mein tere baap ka naukar nahi hu.Dusri baat yeh ki itni upar se Kuch dikhai nahi deta..Aur teesri baat yeh ki yeh nautanki tum log zameen tak hi rakho, mujhe involve karne ki zarurat nahi..
Joke from

No populism, development please

Editorial in today's Times of India was titled Old wine New bottle. Saying that AAP is repeating the mistakes of UPA, by implementing one populist scheme after another.

AAP is a nice concept and almost like a revolution. The party must utilize the mandate of the people to find out how it can improve growth and there by curbing inflation. Instead if it gives sop after sop, people will soon be disappointed in it and go back to the older and bad political parties.


I was looking at a facebook group for Linux - the open source operating system. One unlucky person posted a question asking what is Linux. There were many comments saying it is love, it is an animal, it is washing powder, chips. One member said outright "go sell your laptop". They were ridiculing the person and enjoying it.

So the question is why do we ridicule others? It makes us feel happy. Why? Because we feel that we are entertaining others. Do we realize that our joke is hurting the other person? Of course we do. And we do not mind. By ridiculing the other person we are telling ourselves and others that see I am being so witty.

And when we do that, we feel superior.

There is another situation where we feel superior. Compassion. When we show sympathy towards those who are less fortunate than ourselves, we feel good. Again the underlying feeling is we feel superior.

So folks, please use sympathy rather than ridicule to show your superiority. Because it is less hurtful.