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2 much teevee

I was watching TV non-stop. Why? Because that is what SAHM-A do. What is A - always. Stay at home mom always.  Why do I stay at home always? People try to call names even when you are cooped up in your home 24 by7. What will they do if you go out?

Any ways I stay at home and watch TV excessively. So that I can feel bad about myself and project it on others.

First one was a TV serial - a historical TV serial about Ashoka. The formula these people have invented for such serials seems like this - take some facts, add few villains, few vamps and few facts from other stories and some young romantic love of children in early teens and plots. Most important of all, each episode must show all actors' faces in close-up every ten minutes. Uff.

Then there was a  discussion about how Lokpal which started with the intention of making political class and bureaucrats accountable, and now is harassing NGOs. Did you know that around 15000 NGOs have been banned from accepting foreign funds? Did yo…
Talking about twisted, my laptop is equally twisted too.  These days, it will open CD tray by itself.

I am 51 and still in working condition. My gadgets need to learn some amount of longevity from their master.

Respect or Fear?

I think -

That no boss, no autocrat or no ruler wants to be feared. They instead want to be respected. The difference being respect comes from love or comes along with love. And most often, fear comes with hatred.

But after a while, they will settle for fear.  May be still convincing themselves that people - at least some people respect them.

I need to add "I think" for all my theories  because some times my theories are "twisted" according to many, to use a milder word.

Comparative analysis

I announced boisterously "I will do a Ph.D. in comparative analysis of Hinduism and Islam". Where? Of course to my parents. (And mom reminded me of my age :) )

Because I want to do something about the violence - of large and small scale happening in our country in the name of God. And of course I am worried about violence in other countries too. You just now read my previous post - didn't you?

I want to study these religions - understand them and write my own commentaries on them. Wow, when did I become ambitious? And when people read these "commentaries", they will realize that God does not give a damn about who prays to him or who prays to his neighbor. He just wants to be left in peace. And then people will not stop killing people of other religions. 

And then people may have to die of old age, or as we like to say "when HE decides to take me to heaven/hell"

God bhi khush. Hum bhi khush.

Great idea? Isn't it? But how do I implement it? I who …

Escalating terrorism

Don't you feel worried or at least disturbed when you hear terror attacks happening every day? 

Agreed. It is not happening in our country so much. It is happening in West - the rich and hence envied West. But there are our people in the West. And in a way, all are our people. 

It is not that we Indians, do not talk about this terrorism. Many Indians, have started telling - "that is why it is difficult to trust muslims". It is really scary. We Indians - who have been the most open hearted people, are becoming myopic. 

OK. I am getting side tracked again. All these events should be really scary to the ordinary muslims in our country and those all around the world. The people who have nothing to do with terrorism, who want to earn a decent living, educate their children and save a little bit for their old age. In short, people like you and me. 

These people are at the receiving end of Islamophobia and hence they need to raise their voices against terrorism. Use social media, h…

Rain, rain, don't go away

The GodVaruna - or the Rain, is learning from us, the mortals. Here in Bangalore and in other parts of Karnataka, it is cloudy, without ray of sun shine from morning to evening.  Just for drama - for dikhava. 

Where are the rains? It hardly drizzles once or twice a day. 

Whatever happened to predicated above average rain?


He is guffawing sitting on black clouds. "Are you happy Usha, or do you need more rain?". 

If you do not know, it rained like crazy on 28th night. People were to be rescued using boats - in riverless, sealess city of Bangalore.
ಅದ್ವೈತವ ನುಡಿದು
ಬ್ರಹ್ಮವ ನುಡಿದು
ಶೂನ್ಯವ ನುಡಿದು
ಸುಖದುಃಖಕ್ಕೆ ಗುರಿಯಾದೆನಯ್ಯ
ಗುಹೇಶ್ವರಾ ನಿಮ್ಮ
ಶರಣ ಸಾಹಿತ್ಯದಿಂದಾನು
      - ಅಲ್ಲಮ ಪ್ರಭು

Shilpa vana

Did I visit the 80s and click these photos of rural life in our home town? No I do not have time machine yet.

Watch closely. These are cement models. But they look so realistic. 

Shalmala shilpa vana in Sirsi - Chipagi is in the outskirts of Sirsi town and has beautiful like like models of rural life. It is hard to believe that these are not real. 

Hope this garden fashioned after Rock Garden in Gotagodi near Shiggavi, will soon have more models.

Opinions about religion

Some opinions about religion in a reddit dialogue was amusing. 

   1) In olden days when people did not understand many events happening around them, they attributed everything to God and that gave birth to religion

   2) Poverty and religion are interlinked. For those people whose life sucks, religion makes their lives tolerable by telling them that there is a hope for them; if not now, at least in after-life

   3) Some quote "Religion is accepted as true by fools, as false by wise and as useful by rulers"

   4) Religion was used to exploit many ignorant people and is still being used.

   5) A crucial point - religion makes people better by preaching things like love thy neighbor, paropakarartham idam shareeram, and when people help others, are kind to others, they feel good about themselves.

I think that reddit was little old; because there was no mention of how religion is turning people violent in the context of terrorism which is killing so many innocent victims all around …

Resurrection of Murugan

At times when everyone - media, judiciary, and common people are leaning towards right and overtly or covertly supporting our own version of fundamentalism, the Tamil Nadu high court judgement which stated that Perumal Murugan should continue writing is a silver lining in the cloud. 

Kudos to the Indian judiciary. And Indian Democracy.
As I am not watching mindless TV shows any more, I have started another equally mindless routine- FB. My justification is it gives me some good insightful articles through the sites I have liked and it gives me some lols. Insightful articles will be opened in another tab and would not be read. lol..s are many a times really lame

Today I got a link to what smart ( or some other positive objective) people do in the morning. First page was they open the blinds. Wow, great!. I dreaded seeing the next thing . And I logged out of fb. 

I know that most "good" articles are from BrainPickings and readers' digest and tiny budha and bigthink. So a "smart" person goes directly to these sites. Not through a third party - time wasting social media site. 

But there are other very good pages I come across, though very rarely. I don't know in what order they show posts from liked pages.  Here is such a great one

Isn't it simply beautiful?

I think it is from art people galle…