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House which moves!

At times, when everything is mobile and everything is on mobile, there is at least one thing we expect to be fixed. Which is buildings - your homes and offices.

But a building  - Sharif house -  in Teheran can in fact move at the touch of a button. The sections of the building can be rotated.

Great design!!

This project is from nextoffice

Stop binge eating

May be I should blog more about what matters to me most. There could be other people who may find these post relevant. If not, at least I may find it useful at a later date :)

Yes, binge eating is one of the many unwanted things I do. I start eating with TV and watch all repeat shows and feel bored and eat more and see more. And then I will be all bloated and upset and do not want to do anything.

I read an article today in Beliefnet. Yes beliefnet had an article about binge eating and how to stop it. Some points are
Do not skip meals - especially breakfast. Eat frequent but small mealsDo not dietFind out your triggersWhen you feel the need to binge, do some other activity like calling a friendIf you do binge eat, do not think it is all or nothing.  Etc, etc. You get the idea. Of course all these points are known to us. But still we need to be reminded of them. Frequently.

So read the complete article at beliefnet


Bangalore is having a cold cloudy weather. And the best thing to do in this weather is curl up with your favorite book. And for that you need this!

Why can't we ask our local carpenter to make such a cozy chair?


I saw this vehicle in Discovery Science show. It looks like a box with two handles. And has two wheels at the bottom. It is more of electronic vehicle. Once charged will run for around 100 miles. Maximum speed is 40 kmph. And the battery unit can be detached and charged inside your homes.

I think it is perfect for us ladies. But can it run on Indian roads?

Could not find any info on google. When I searched in google images I found another vehicle. C1 electric motor cycle, which looks like a child of electric car and bike. Enclosed like a car. Can seat two people. But balances itself when stopped by Gyroscopic stabilizing system and claims to give 220 miles once charged. And after charging for 6 hours, it can  zoom at 120 mph!

More info about this vehicle by Lit Motors in gizmag

Self esteem

I have progressed.

From reading self-help articles on web to bringing self-help books from library. But this makes me wonder, if the people (me included) could help self, would they need the above mentioned books or articles?


The current book I have brought is for improving self esteem. Or in some cases (mine included) bringing the self esteem from the farthest corner of the mind where it is hiding holding its breath.

One of the methods - book says - is to watch for inner critic. The critic who always tries to downplay you, insult you and degrade you. And it is not your spouse. It is your own mind. See now my critic is saying "not all will blame their shortcomings on their better halves. Not like you"

So you need to understand this inner critic and shut him up. Tell him that he is NOT helping you anyways. So would he please go AWAY.  Wrong English? It is ok as long as you get gist.

Next step would be to write down your strengths and weaknesses in different categori…

Indians in Iraq

Does it look like our government did not do enough to bring home at least the nurses before they were captured?

Not that they are kidnapped and bussed to Mosul, their fate along with other 39 Indians who were captured earlier is uncertain. Will they ever come back? 
There was a report last week about Indian ships bringing back around hundred of our men from Iraq. Has it happened? Or do we wait till even they are also captured?

It happens only in India

Yes, of course.

Where else can a sitting "member of parliament" openly ask his party-men to shoot the opposition party people and rape their women? And still does not get arrested or disqualified?

It happens only in India.