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Sankranthi - retrospection

Sankranthi was one active festival during childhood. People were supposed to give each other Ellu bella (Ellu - sesame seeds, bella - jaggery). But our town was a Maharashtra border and there, folks prepared kusurellu. (Ellu coated with sugar - it will have a star shape) Mom learnt its preparation- one long tedious process. Roast the sesame seeds on copper thick plate for a long time,  adding few drops of sugar syrup at a time. This syrup will form a coating and gradually ellu will look like star.

So this ellu was distributed. We children were supposed to dress up and go to all neighbouring houses and give ellu to everyone and do namaskara to elders. But the next day was school. We will give ellu to all teachers. And then. Then the school will not resume. We will start our pheri - go to school number 2 (ours was government school number 3) and there ellufy to all teachers there and then to school no 1. and so on. We did not distribute this ellu to children but only to teachers. Our t…

A long story

It all started with perl. No this is not a spelling mistake. I am sure about that. perl is a scripting language. I had played around it with a little. And it seemed quite easy. So I thought I will learn it thoroughly to improve my job prospects (what an optimist!). Well perl comes with Red Hat Linux which is present in my computer in other partition. But somehow when I boot using Linux internet is not working. I found that the reason is Linux is somehow saying a wrong ethernet adapter 3c501 and telling that is not present. What we have is intel pro 100. I googled and found the driver for this device in Linux. Now how to transfer this to Linux partition?
It is possible to read windows files from Linux if you mount the Windows partition in mnt directory. I tried mounting the disk partition I got error - wrong file system type. I tried fat32, msdos, ntfs. Nothing seems to work. Again rebooting with windows ( mine is windows xp) and googling. Ok, I right clicked on the drive and foun…

Kudremukh and Belur

Very rarely can we go between the clouds - when still being alive. But in Kudremukh it happens. what you see in the picture are clouds in the kudremukh valley. Entrance of the Belur temple -
You can see shilabalike on the top of the pillar - Belur
This pillar is supposed to be the miniature of Belur architecture because it contains all kinds of carvings found in the temple.
Every inch of the temple has wonderful carvings


You might remember my opinion about this ceremony. Last week had to attend the marriage. Found plenty of humour there.
There is a custom called antahpatala (hope I am right). The bride is brought (ideally carried ) by maternal uncle. Bride and the groom stand opposite to each other while the priest chants some shlokas. All the while there is a thin cloth (normally a panche) separating the two so that they can not see each other. Well it might have been meaningful fifty years ago where boy and the girl get married without seeing each other. Now a days, this custom does not bring many surprises. It is the same old face the bride(groom) has consented because (anyatha gatirnasthi - there is no other alternative). Well now imagine how you can add an element of surprise here. The priest removes the cloth and the bride shouts "GUMMA". Second possibility, when the separation is removed, groom sees not the girl but her great granny shouting "April fool!". Third one is s…

How many megapixels is our eye?

We try to buy higher and higher resolution camera. Do we ever pause to think what is the resolution of our eyes? Can you name a single gadget which has lasted 43 years of very rough handling, and still can catch tiny change in the shade of the color in the far corner of the sky while still cropping other unwanted portions like a cable and a building? You can not. So O human being, you can never beat the God in manufacturing.

Why do we blog?

We are in a constant need to tell about us to others. Perpetually. But we are well past the age where "Moma, I drank water", "Moma I did potty", "Momma look at my new drawing". We even realise talking thus will make us look more ridiculous than we already are. But the need is still there. So ? so we blog....

men are from mars

Now "Men are from mars and women are from venus" is a cliche used for all types of opinion difference between them. But my question is why do these people from different planets need to stay on earth? Together ? Could not they have stayed in their respective planets ? Imagine. The martians and venusians go to extent of staying together- in one house. And then they give it a name marriage. The pomp and the festivity of this occasion is unbelievable. And on top of that , they take ridiculous oaths like "till death does us aprt.." etc. Remind them these oaths an year later, they will gladly give death to each other to make them apart. Just like Buddha's disciple could not get a house without death to bring mustard seeds, you can not get a house without fight between martian and venusian. It goes on and on , non-stop , 24x7 in each and every house. While the little martians and venusians sit and watch and gradually learn. Learn how to fight th…

Flowers, flowers and more flowers

As I am writing this I am thinking how many MBs of upload and download will be gobbled by this. Well not many flowers. And my garden is as organised as my blog. Isn't it? Let me get next image.

Don't be confused. The beautiful long leaves are not of Rose. But a mango plant which is adjacent.. Are you getting the beau...tiful fragrance. These are jasmine flowers.

Find beauty around you

Many times we would be so much upset over trifles like husband and son etc that we do not notice the beautiful things around us. There was this bird with bright blue feathers. So beautiful (looked at all synnonyms from Word. Did not get a better word). It was really breathtaking. Where is mobile? Why? Would I like to call this blue bird and tell her she is exquisite? No, audience. My mobile is my digital camera. But only problem is I would want the bird to stay motionless to shoot it. (Finally I did not capture it in my Nokia n72)
There was this butterfly sitting on some flowers and had wings more colourful than the flowers. We housewives need to atleast come outside and stand in our garden to look at these things. That reminds me. This is my garden.

You cannot escape your destiny

Some years ago, after sending son and husband in the morning, I would sit infront of the TV, looking at the clock and telling to myself I will get up at half an hour and go to kitchen and cleaning. And this half an hour would be postponed at every half an hour. In the meanwhile Kitchen would be crying with sink filled with dirty vessels.
Many things changed. We moved to a bigger house, so came the maid. I got a job. No more washing vessels for me.
Now again I am jobless. And maid is on one week official leave. So here I am. Thinking I will leave the computer and go to cleaning etc at 9:45. If at all I do get up at 9:45, I will sit with daily sudoku from newspaper and tell myself, I will go after sudoku. And it goes on and on. This is my destiny.

Tube Light

In the good old days, people used to call not so smart person as tube light. Our contribution to this nomenclature was, the dumber he gets, the longer is the tube. But now in my house, not the tube, but the switch itself is tube light. Put in another way, it is not flashing, igniting, burning fast. But ask my husband, he says I don’t know how to switch on the light. Well, I am 43 and not such a long tube and I might have switched on and off million times. But no, he is convinced that it is me who is having a problem not the switch.
Well when you switch on a light, you expect it to glow or not glow. You don’t expect it be in a tri state. I go to kitchen for dumping a dish into sink, I switch on the light, dump the dish, wash my hands and come back. While coming back I religiously switch off the light . ( Otherwise "Is it Deepavali today, why all the lights are on?" Roars the husband). But all in vain!! Because that @#!!$ switch did not turn on at all.