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I attended a two day workshop on "Women and spirituality and yoga" or something like that in my home town Sirsi.

One thing I liked about the program was a lady suggested starting  a program called "Sandhye" in this town where elderly people can meet one another, chat and spend some lighter moments. May be once a day or twice a week. A program like dignity foundation in Bangalore. 

Our elders need and deserve that. They should meet like-minded people and should be able to talk and to be listened to.

I request all of you to start or support such programs in all our towns and cities.


Our general idea is that if a person becomes member of legislative assemblies in Indian states or MP, his next four generations need not have to worry about money. 

And as always, generalization is wrong. Here is an MLA who is now living on streets, as he is finding it difficult to find rented houses for the measly Rs.20,000 pension for MLA. 

 Shingara Ram Shahunggra was an MLA in  Garhshankar town in Punjab in 1992 and 1997. He and his family were living illegally in irrigation department house. After being evicted from there, they have no place to stay.

Shahunggra says "I entered politics to participate in Kanshi Ram's mission to empower the lower castes and I never tried to make money during my two stints. My salary was not enough to build a house during my assembly days. .."

So what is the moral here? That honesty never pays?

Omnipresent - II

In the good old days, the terms - omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent were the adjectives used solely for one and only God.

Now these kids have changed the entire universe and also the meanings of these words.

Omniscient - googleOmnipresent - smartphoneOmnipotent - smartphone  Google knows everything. Or that is what we strongly believe.  Smart phone is present every where. In homes, offices, schools - though they are banned here, roads. Try to recollect -  in one day , if you venture outside, how many smart phones do you see.  And smart phones can do every thing. They can make you talk to others. AND they can bring you food, clothes, and almost everything else. They work as wallet, as clock and calendar, as torch. Most importantly they act as a smart camera. They can act as your physical trainer, your entertainer. So they ARE omnipotent.

 (In my special and exclusive case omnipotent - neighbors)
But I used to believe Ganesha was the omnipresent. Not the Kannada star, but the son of P…

Leaf Storm

He is lonely. He does not work, nor talk to anyone, nor goes out anywhere. He is holed up in his room. 

He is a  the doctor whose last rites were to be performed by katha nayak in the story "Leaf storm" by Gabriel Marquez.

Do you empathize with him? He asks Meme to abort their child. He is not willing to marry her. He is unwilling to treat the patients even in the times of crisis. 

But the Colonel empathizes with him and antagonizes the whole village to give bury this man. 

The entire story revolves around the dead body of this man in a dead town. 

So is this story also tells us that "we have the rights only for our actions, not its fruits"?


I keep writing slightly humorous posts about him and his men again and again. He keeps punishing me in ways no one can imagine.

He or shall we say HE has decided, only outlet for my feelings, emotions and everything else is through internet. So he tried disabling the internet - by giving errors such as "authentication error by ISP". 

Now he is punishing me by sending me to some other ISP like Jain telecoms etc instead of BSNL. He might be giving access to some one else through this. And he knows that no amount of me complaining to BSNL is going to help because he has already filled their ears through his proper channels. 

Now today's revenge is he is not letting me go to nursery live site thinking that I may browse through the plants and feel slightly better. 

He sure is one vengeful GOD.

Two arts

Some how I did remember the name of site designboom and went there. And there it was. The artists efforts in beautifying Indian cities  by decordating rickshaws

Who wants to write a post about rickshaws - in Indian cities. So I continued to browse through the site and got this beautiful orchids at the entrance of central park - not central perk, in New York. This stainless steel work is from Isa genzken and is breath taking. 

I know by now you are intrigued by taxi-fabric project - where artists dare to beautify Indian cities. 

Here is one of the arts by Nasheet Shadani. It is called tasuvvar - which in Urdu means imagination.  Here a  rickshaw is painted with abstract painting of starry sky surrounding Humayun's tomb.


I am in an image spiral. That is I am doing nothing but search images and download them. Not the images of stars or sportsmen.

It all started with the idea that my app is slightly (?) dull in its appearance. So I need to put actual background images for screens - not just drawables with linear or radial gradients in bluish colors. Why me for graphics - am I not the coder? But you already know that I am one woman army. One lazy woman army.

And of course I was excited to find lot of background free images which can be modified and used - something like GPL or LGPL. And the best part was those images were editable - using inkscape.

The excitement did not wear off easily even after realizing that editing and bringing them to good shape is very very tough. I did, what I have been doing all these years - took the images and deleted unwanted text pixel by each pixel using GIMP eraser. Still it was patchy.

I did take one image some how. Then the next part was searching for images for the puz…