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What can I do alone? Quite a lot

I have been watching Satyameva Jayate all these days. But today's episode was different. All these days Amir opened our eyes to what are wrong with our society. But today he showed us what is right with our society. Or more than that he showed us, what we as individuals can do about the wrongs. Instead of throwing up our hands saying what can one person do.

Be it the couple in Surat who opened a school for earth quake victims in Gujarat and then opened their arms and their school to the orphans of  communal violence next year. Or it is the man who performs final rites to unclaimed dead bodies no matter who they are, after losing his only son and his dead body was dumped in a well. Or it is son of a lady who was so poor that she had to give her son to orphanage, who built a hospital for poor to fulfil her wish.

And the best one was the man who single handedly broke the mountains and built a road to his village.

A young man summarized the strength behind all these people. हम सब को …

Culture and its protection

Rave parties are bad. So are drugs. If they are doing drugs. And it is completely wrong for kids to be doing rave parties instead of studying. But there are far worse things in society. Like girls being molested by mobs. Being pushed out of trains for protesting these molesters. Little girls being harassed by their own teachers in schools. Why don't the upholders of our culture come to the rescue of these girls? Our culture obviously does not encourage our girl children to be harassed the moment of they step out of their houses. So why don't anybody punish the molesters and eve teasers?

Manhole covers

Manhole covers in Bangalore are well known for their prominence. Some of them are almost hillocks and some others are well, wells. I wonder how come I haven't fallen into them yet. Not manholes. But the wells where manhole covers are there.

And this revulsion of about manhole covers is not limited to we humans. It is shared by canines too. Today I really saw a dog, crapping exactly on the manhole cover. Dogs do know how to express their opinion. !!!

Assam burning. Does our government care?

2 lakh people are homeless. Their houses are burnt. And they don't know when can they go back to their houses. And all our ministerji has to say is "this is not the first time. The violence in this region has happened earlier." And our opposition party does not have a better solution "it shows the failure of the central government".

Why are our politicians so useless? Why don't even they try to find a solution to any problem? They don't see people being killed, and houses being burnt? They are so indifferent to our problems. It is pathetic.

Make bitter butter better

Betty bought some butter. But the butter she bought was bitter. So she bought some more better butter to make the bitter butter better.

Well you remember this tongue twister too well. Because you could not say it or you could. But the context here is. Being bitter and how to move on. How many times haven't you thought that you would say this, or that or some other snide remark and observe their face with satisfaction. Because they had hurt your feelings.  You thought, improvised on it, then changed the wordings, changed it to somethings else and played it many times over in your mind. They could have been your co-workers, neighbors, some relatives or even your spouse. (But never children. You never plan such things for your children, no matter how much they hurt you)

Now what is the end result? Wasted man hours and wasted wit (which is a limited resource). Leave them alone. Leave them to their witty (according to them), vile (according to you) comments. Let them waste their grey …

Nara janma fine, naari janma beda

Najiba is being shot by gunmen in aremotr afghan village . A crowd surrounded is cheering instead of trying to stop the murder. They are even filming the event. This is honor killing in Afghanistan.

I was reading this article in TOI regarding the fate of Afghan women. There have been 56 honor killings in last four months in the country. And we all know that Taliban has almost stopped education of girls. How long will these women suffer and why? And why is the world a mute spectator?

It is not that the country was like this for centuries. In 1970s, 70% of teachers in Afghanistan were women, 40% of doctors were women and so were 20% of civil services.  If so, when did things go wrong so badly?

When the cold war started and Russia backed party started ruling Afghan lands, it declared equal rights for women. On its part America, funded and encouraged Taliban which wanted to take women to 15th century. What happened after that is history.

But in this war between US and Russia, the country…

Manesar Murder

I had planned everything to blog about my woe of tow viz my vehicle was towed by traffic police and how I suffered by it. But then I remembered I am being so trivial. Is this the worst thing? Look at what happened at Manesar.

Awanish Kumar Dev, General Manager (HR) was beaten up and burnt to death in the violence in the Maruti plant in Manesar. The event was triggered when an official made a castiest comment on a worker. The worker beat up the official following which he was suspended. This started a large scale violence

Police have arrested 91 people in this regard.

But the question arises, why are we turning into beasts? What is making us less and less humane day by day. How much of this is due to improved economic condition? And how much is the contribution of money is the GOD? Where will all these lead to?

Why is he so helpless?

Let me make myself very clear here. I am not talking of certain ex CM, nor about certain other ex CM. I am not even talking about not ex PM. I am talking about mightier than all, the almighty.

We have been told that, he is supposed to help the good and punish the bad. But if you look at newspapers everyday, you can very well guess, who is being paritranified and who is being vinashified. Why, why, why is HE letting all this happen.

Now let us look into physics. In order not to sound old orthodox ancestors. Laws of physics says that matter can not be created , nor it can be destroyed. But the same physics laws state that mass can be converted into energy and vice versa. So now initially there was nothing. No matter, no earth, no sun, no moon, no nothing. Then HE created all. How? Conversion!!! He converted his energy to create mass. Quite a lot of it.

So now HE has lost most of its energy viz power. So now you know the reason , stop blaming HIM.

My Bharatha - Draupadi

Mahabharatha is not an epic. It is greatest tragdey  of Indian Literature according to me. Every character there is living a hell. More so with women. Whether it is Kunti who though married to a king, loses him and has to roam through forest to bring up her children, who could never  see her children really happy and peaceful, or it is Gandhari, the daughter of Gandhara king, but married to a blind prince who could not be king because if this disability, who is even blind for the wrong doings of his children, who is unable to stop her children from their evil ways and finally loses all her children in the war. or it is Draupadi who has to face the shame of her saree being pulled infront of the entire royal court by her own brother in law and whose five husbands were mute witnesses to this.

What was here fault in this? She like all other princesses or like all other young girls had dreams about her life partner. He should be the bravest, strongest and whom nobody can defeat. So she as…

caro caru

Next time when you are negotiating compensation package for your new job, be sure to ask for a new car worth 20 lakh rupees. Why do you need it? You need the car to come to office on time which I think they expect. And you have to convince them that what you are asking is not a new concept. Everyone including our netas are getting it (had almost got it). If they netas get new cars for coming to assemblies (on the days they decide to do the honors of coming to house ) and taking small naps there or watch little rangeela clips there, aren't you entitled to a car for coming to your office and doing a donkey's work for minimum 10 hours X 6 days a week.

And as our ancestors used to say "Yatha raja, tatha praja"


I keep blogging  about what books I read and what blogs I write. But I seldom write what i google in the net ,apart from programming stuff which is needed for my work. I keep reading about how to improve self esteem, how to reduce anxiety and how to improve emotional intelligence and so on. And so far these haven't had much long term effect. So, of course I do visit psychologytoday quite frequently.

Today in that site I came across a video link which is quite interesting about how to control your ANT - your automatic negative thoughts. I won't blabber about it. You watch it here