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Thou shall not disobey or else..

Since IT revolution, many of the asian countries, India and its neighbors have improved a lot. Standard of living has improved. Along with that, people have become less poor, more educated, more liberal. But has the situation really improved? For women?

Yesterday, a 25 year old woman from Pakistan Farzana Parveen was buried. The previous day she was stoned to death by her relatives including her father, for marrying against their wishes. She was 3 months pregnant.

Last year another woman was stoned to death, for possessing a cell-phone.

Each year thousands of women are stoned to death in the name of honor-killing.

What is the use of development? And  freedom? Why can't the governments ban such heinous and barbaric acts and punish the guilty?

Bharat mata

Keep it simple, ..

I saw a nice poster which said

If the path is all clear, you are on some one else's path.
So true.

But many a times, we are the ones who complicate things than what is necessary.


If you struggle a lot with many, too many complicates solutions, none of which work, there is a really simple solution which you have overlooked.