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Reasons to believe in God

I am a semi atheist or to put it correctly, a confused atheist. But I heard from many people, why we should pray to God.

"Beleiving in God makes us stay away from wrong works(galat kaam)" - colleague 24 yrs

"At least as long as you are praying, you will not have any other worries " - papa 63 yrs

What are yours reasons for believing in God or not doing so?

Well, is it?
   Anyatha gatirnasti tvameva sharanam mama

That is
   As I have no other go, I am praying to you


We always try to find faults with others. For a change let me acknowledge all the people who helped me a lot. Does this look like a speech at award winning ceremony. Ok let us say I am practicing for my speech for let us say A noble prize for my blog!!!!!!! My parents taught me to think, not to accept anything without questioning, at the same time live in such a way as not to hurt others. Well they never told us that we were girls and girls should not do this, girls should not do that. They taught us to value reading instead of blind faith. They taught me to be honest. Pity they could not teach me the importance of hard work. They in thier 60's are much more active than me. My husband taught me the importance of descipline. Again I am not a good learner for that. And he taught me the meaning of patience. Tell me who else will bear it if a 43 year old wife of 16 years acts like a child. My niece taught me the importance of determination and will-…


I was half asleep. Now power cuts have made me lazier than usual (if that were possible). I can not read and it will be too early to cook(my standard time to cook is 9pm). Hence this sleep. This way BESCOM people will increase the Bhoomi bhara. (Ok, not only my weight. There could be hundred others who may sleep during power cut).

OK , so I was half asleep. And wanted to fly in air. Too much of Richard Bach I think. Then I was thinking if I hold an object which has negative gravity, then my net weight will reduce (Like a negative charge and a positive charge together, the net voltage difference would be reduced. I know this is not how an electrical engineer is supposed to talk. ) and at some point my weight may become zero. (Such things can be thought only when half asleep. When awake, our rational mind will not let any idea to creep. Remember Newton's apple?) Then I can fly. Isn't it great? But what is this material with anti gravity? May be anti matter. Which consists of p…

Things I read

I am not going to say that I read only (useless) blogs and internet jokes. I do read serious stuff too like "understanding Linux kernel". Joking! Currently I am reading a Hemingway.
But that is not today's topic. Topic is what I read when I am riding. Church board said " Yeesu kristave namaha". What do you say for this. Namo namaha. Show this to RSS and convince them christians are re-converting into Hinduism.
On the back side of an auto " Hudugana nenapu fits nante, baratte hogatte" "hudugiya nenapu Aids nante. baratte hogalla". Can you ever think of a metaphor better than this?
Well "ammana ashirvada" "appana ashirvada" etc. etc. is too common. But a vehicle says "Granny's gift". Whose granny is this. I want her to be my granny. Many will have some god or goddess name. Bangaloreans are really pious people.
Some auto and taxis want to show their love for fight. The board they have is a pailwan asking whoz n…