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Our government is trying its best to clear storm water drain encroachments - doesn't matter if a few hundred common people lose their houses. But where is the storm water. Since floods in July end, there has been no rain. There may be a drizzle for 2 minutes or an occasional rain for 10 minutes.

What is happening to all the clouds which hover around us through out the day? Have they decided we are not worthy of their showers? Or, are they disgruntled, disappointed and disenchanted like most of us? And  why is no one talking about appeasing rain gods with havanas? And why is no one talking about el-nino effect either - the one angaraka for all weather related anishtas? How will be summer this year?

Moving away from loka samachara, I am completely side tracked by some event. My one app, which had good downloads has stopped showing ads. I tried contacting concerned people. By now, I should know that I can not do anything by contacting people through mail - mobango is a very good exa…

Grow your own chair

We all love green. We also love to sit, to rest our tired, aged feet. How about growing our own grass chair? Isn't it great!

This design - Terra was crated by Andrea Sanna and Piergiorgio Robino in 2000, the chair has a card board frame. You have to bury it with soil and sprinkle it with seeds and in a few days you have your own greenest chair of all.

Ladder to heaven

Sheldon says "We must be doing some mindless, mundane activity to solve unsolved problems". Of course his language is more geeky.

That is the exact reason why I am always glued to  the TV. I did not invent some ground breaking invention. But yes, I did get some idea - from the TV show itself.

Normally TV serials - English ones are about murders, lot of them, and how to nab that serial killer. Or about lawyers who try to save those who commit these murders. Or about flings - infinite number of them. But the mini series "Angels in America" was completely different. It was more like a serious novel. The kind I read. (used to read).

OK. In one scene, Prior - a gay AIDs patient, climbs staircase. Leading straight to heaven. The staircase which is burning. He does not catch fire at all!

Now he is in an old and dilapidated building, facing a table full of officials. But these officers have wings - they are angels. He tells them he has come to return the book. He wants to…

That is a better way to react

A girl Harriet Ray from England walked into a store. Two clerks made a comment on her shorts and were giggling. Instead of getting angry, she smiled at them and complimented them. Then she posted this in her facebook post.
I do feel slightly saddened that you think it's OK to speak about another female, or in fact anyone, in that way.
I don't believe you gained anything from it apart from looking a little bit silly when you realized I heard you.
If somehow you end up reading this, as Cornwall is a very small place, can you be a little bit kinder with your words? Some people's skin isn't as thick as mine has become, and the next person's might be very thin indeed.


We used to hear this quite often "Share your happiness to double it. Share your difficulties to halve it".  But of late, experience has shown me that difficulties or problems rarely get halved when you share them.

So you start telling your sob story to someone. The one who is listening is too human, inundated in his/her own problems, having his own belief systems, perceptions, prejudices. He can not empathize with you. So he may not agree with what you say. If he expresses his disagreement, you will feel let down. If he stays neutral, you see that he is not supporting you and suspect that he is not on your side. Remember the one who is listening is not your mother, to unconditionally support you.

My own experience has been, each time I share my difficulties, I feel let down. I feel that nobody understands me. Not surprisingly, I feel angry towards the universe, in general.

So, you have problems in your life (who does not?), start a blog, like me. Throw up each and every one…

Illusion of Equality

Bigger animals hunt smaller animals. Lions,  tigers, sharks and foxes chase and kill and eat other animals. The ones who are being hunted never complain, never go in search of justice. But accept the fact and just get hunted down.

We humans are in an illusion that we are refined. So we think that weak are equal to the strong and mighty and have same rights as everybody else. How ignorant can we be!

No matter which kind of government our country has - democracy, communism, rules for strong are different from rules for weak. Or in other words, people are not equal. Rich and powerful can do almost anything and escape the consequences. But the weaker ones, do not even have a right to breathe.

So we need to surrender to this fact and take life one day at a time and face problems of that day only.  Never question about justice, never ask about our rights, just suck it up.

Grow a forest

I was listening to a TED talk about how to grow a forest in your own backyard. In the video, he explained how we can develop a forest in 10 years.

Most of us in cities do not have the privilege to do that. Because we concrete each and every inch of place in our houses. But this idea can be implemented in parks and other public spaces.

The way  monsoon is playing hide and seek with us, we need to do something. Before our places turn to deserts.

Here is the link to the video