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Traffic can be made bearable

I have invented a new time pass when travelling. Reading the phrases written on vehicles especially autos. Well it is really entertaining. Amma i.e mother is the most famous word here followed by bull (gooli). The latter is normally pictorial. But some autos even say in words "gowdru gooli". Beware, this auto will stab you with its horns. Yesterday I saw the combination of both. A bull's picture above which Amma was written. Well, not only this person , even his mother will stab you.
Many other people write their childrens' names and wives' names. Again some of them will be very weird. Like Sushmitha on one side and Pakshita on other side. Pakshita????I agree my eyesight is quite bad. But what else it could have been. Unable to guess.
One auto had the most harsh truth written. Love is sweet and poijun. Don't we all know it is a poijun!!!!
Many devout people, I think people on the wrong side of youth like me, will have god's name written. What names!! I am…

Punarapi jananam....

This year, so many people died. Two gentlemen from the neighbourhood, three of the neighbours from parents house and one class-mate. And none of these were aged or seriosly ill. Why? When does our body stop functioning and how and why? Who is in charge of these?
Surely not us. We do not understand anything. A person who is talking with us today, is no more suddenly tomorrow. Why? It the body has to fail, won't it show any symptoms earlier? Or if it is all hard coded elsewhere, is there no meaning in us getting treatment?
My class-mate. She is 44 years old like me. Why does she have to die at this age leaving behind a small son?

Writing some thing other than blog!!!

Currently I am trying to write a kind of simulator for ARM processor. So far I have written upto mov, add , branch and cmp instructions. I have taken care of barrel shifting. Well the simulator does not yet have a gui. I plan to put that at the end with either qt or kde.
A fortnight ago I was reading and trying out the programs from device driver by rubini. Got stuck at usb drivers and block drivers. Did not know how to test those two.
Well the idea is, if it is noted down somewhere, it might help me to come back to all these unfinished projects at a later date.

Plastic waste, kitchen waste utilization?

The major problems faced in Bangalore are roads, power and pollution. Can't we do anything about them. For example all plastics can be collected and mixed for road tarring. Every area can have a collection bin, where citizens can dump their plastic waste. Similarly the kitchen waste and other bio-degradable waste collected in each area can be used to produce cooking gas and sold to restaurants and manure can be sold to farmers. Or if feasible, it can be used to produce electricity. That will solve all the three problems.
If anybody has any idea, what I can do at home about atleast my plastic waste, and kitchen waste, please post comments.


I did not like the book at all. May be it is outdated. Or may be I should not have read the review before reading the book. When there are science fiction which are much more advanced than this, this looks too dull.

Men are from mars.....

I am also happy about Delhi HC decision about gay rights though I don't belong to that community. My reasons are different though. May be a married life with a woman might be better because I feel that I can always talk to a woman and make her understand than a man. We have a book and hundred of jokes regarding difference between men and women. And most of the times when two women are talking, they will be critisizing men(Age, you say?) and I feel vice-versa is also true. So if we are so different from one another , why marry and then lead a life filled with conflicts (fights). If a woman marries another, they will think similarly. If not atleast they can understand the other's viewpoint. And when a man marries another man, they can be as rude as they wish with each other and be happy still.
But for me, it is not possible in this lifetime. One, I have reached date of expiry . Two, my husband is too good looking, to leave. Mind it, I did not say good!
On second thoughts, does t…