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Do not get shot

Dear fellow bloggers, a little piece of advice. Comment on politicians all you want. Blog about goondas too. But never question religions and beliefs of people. No matter how insane they appear.

You do not want to be shot at. You have your families to think about.

Yesterday you have heard about third rationalist to be killed in three years. Narendra Dabholkar a rationalist, Govind Pansare - a writer and communist, now M M Kalburgi ex VC of Hampi university. Their sin was just that they some how offended sentiments of very religious people. And these religious people as we have seen from history, go to any lengths to save their Gods and relgions. They think the God has told them "vinashaya cha dushkrataam" sambhavami yuge yuge. They are helping God in vinash-ing the dushtas.

So never blog about God or religion!


I thought I was ready for books like Jiddu Krishnamurthy. I watch Brahmakumari's awakening most days, I watch Avadeshanand's discourse many days. So may be I have become spiritual, I thought.

But the book "Wings of eagle" by JK was like "kabbinada kadale"  to me. The author keeps asking more and more questions. Until the lay readers like me are completely confused.

I tried the next thing which often helps me. Went to youtube videos. But no, that too did not help.

May be I am not yet ready for JK yet. Sister Shivani, Tiny buddha or even Beliefnet should be my food now.

And the face - why does he look so much tormented in the photos? Of course, this world is enough to bring any sensitive man to tears. But we expect a Guru to be beyond that stage. - having reached equanimity?

Now do you ask me who gave me the right to comment on great philosophers like him? But "Blogistan" is a free country, last I heard. (Until someone decides to knock on your doo…

Moral lessons

I regularly watch Awakening with Brahmakumaris. Well, not as regularly as Grey's anatomy. But close enough.

Sister Shivavi  talks really well for a person from such an organization. Or she knows how to handle us -  sem-atheists, semi-spiritual and fully confused people.

Yesterday she was talking something about Ramayana. Saying that deities would never kill another person- even if the other person is a demon. And deities will never doubt their wives. The stories (I think Ramayana) are symbolic.

Or the stories are thus written, because the message with a great story line, would be stay in your mind for a longer period.

If some one tells you not to covet other man's wife, you will listen with half an ear, still drooling over your neighbor's wife. But you listen about the mightiest of kings, whose heads - all ten of them, were chopped off, for that sin, you unthinkingly control your wandering eyes. Some one tells you not to usurp your orphan cousin's property, you reply …


Five Current Buns in the Baker's shop
Big and Round with a Cherry on the Top
Along came little Jack with a penny one day
Bought a current bun and took it away.

Four Current Buns in the Baker's shop
Three Current Buns in the Baker's shop
Two ------
One ----
No current Buns in the Baker's shop
Big and round with a Cherry on the top
Along came little UKG children with a penny one day
Sorry said the Baker, No more current buns today.

My 3 year old son would sing this rhyme with all enthusiasm. What I found interesting was in all the rhymes, UKG - upper kinder garten students were bad, did not get current buns etc. Why?

Children, most of them have an enemy - normally one entire class as an entity. May be their senior class, may be other section, may be non-English medium class. This enemy is bad, and will be hated with the spirit only children can muster.

So this principle of enmity for unity, is this developed in childhood? And it is completely misused by rel…


Very often you find me walking around in my house, dragging myself from room to room. No, I am not trying to cover my 15000 steps a day. Nor am I trying to come up with an astounding app which will be the next facebook. It is just that I would be searching for my glasses.

See it could be anywhere, next to the TV, below the sofa, on the study table, on the kitchen rack. Hence the walkathon.

This may be good for my health and weight. But not for my mind. But I am a housewife and I can afford to waste some time doing search operation - without involving google. But you readers, are busy, and you are running late for your office and you can not find your car keys.

There is an app for that. Too. FIND a device by Belagavi based SenseGiz uses a bluetooth based device which can be attached your car key- let us say and tells you its location by beeping.

Little disclaimer here. I am in no way connected with this device. I just thought, it would be a good product and it is developed in our stat…


We are always in an effort to capture the moment to make it eternal - a little bit at least. We see a beautiful sunset, we see a flower whose colors and contours mesmerize us, we see a child smiling. Instead of enjoying the moment, we run for our mobiles. To capture the moment in our phones - with higher and higher pixels.

These moments are ephemeral for a reason. No one will be enthralled by a sun set, if it lasts an entire day.

And our efforts to capture the moment too are superfluous. I realized it yesterday when a fragrance pulled me out of the house to a beautiful scene. A flower is standing in all its glory and spreading its fragrance to the entire neighborhood. How do I capture this fragrance?

So we can only marvel at HIS creations and feel blessed. (Did I write that sentence? I who whines entire day why me)

Acts of God

First rule of attracting attention to your book or even blog. Give a controversial title. Ha!

I keep grumbling about people who watch the same movies again and again and again. But I do have my own set of movies I watch multiple times. And OMG is one of them. Oh My God  is a satirical comedy with Paresh Rawal in the lead. And the story revolves around God or more accurately acts of God.

Second rule of blogging - watching movie sitting on the couch and planning a blog post is wrong. The movie is old and hence the post topic is stale.

As Paresh Rawal in the film, there could be millions who lose their livelihoods in floods, earth quakes, tornadoes etc, but still do not get insurance money because the normal property insurance does not cover losses due to natural calamities. People lose their houses, their belongings, everything in a flood AND they do not get anything from insurance companies despite having paid all premiums of the insurance. They will have to wait for government compen…