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Pusillanimous we are

I happened to read an article in yesterday's Prajavani an article about Satyameva Jayate - ಅಮೀರ್  ಖಾನ್   ಬುರುಡೆ ಪುರಾಣ . Felt bad. For the chauvinistic feeling of us. We must be proud of our language. But that should not stop us from appreciating a good show in other languages.
May be there are other programs in regional languages similar to Satyameva Jayate. Does it lower the good qualities of Satyameva Jayate.

The best part is the author praises the program, and suddenly starts finds faults with it. His last question is can anything be achieved by showing such programs? Will it really solve the problems depicted in the program? May be not completely. But is it not better than showing some sob story, which does nobody any good. And if 10000 people watch this, and 0.1% are influenced by this, that will also a good achievement. And who knows, may be few people may decide not kill their baby girls in its foetus, few boys may decide not to take dowry, few girls may decide to stand th…

Going green

People are thinking green in a very big way. You find proof of this in every corner of our Bharat. Today I viewed

Wanted rivers

at the backside of private bus.

Well done Shashikala

Yesterday I was grumbling, A lot. Forgetting my resolution not to antagonize people in the new office also. The reason was my vehicle was not there. And I had to walk for 10 minutes and then come to office by auto!!

Then I read in today's paper about her. She walked everyday 5 kms to come to college not worrying about the hot sun or rain. And she took the first rank to Karnataka in PUC II arts. Well done girl, We are all proud of you. Scoring excellent when you are pampered by doting parents and being given all the facilities is different. But coming from a village, and walking such a long distance every day as there are no transportation facilities and still scoring highest is a real achievement.

Well done Shashikala!! Congratulations!!

RTH - right to health

I had been to a hospital. And I paid 70 rupees for consultation fees and 70 rupees for scanning. No, no, I really did not miss out a zero there. It is not seven hundred, but seventy.. And I am not talking about the visit thirty years back, but only last week. And in Bangalore.

Yes, there are some charitable hospitals which still offer good health care services at affordable prices. This one is run by Udupi math. Though it is almost 15 kms from my house, and even though there are many hospitals near my home, I went there because I do not believe in most of the hospitals. They ask you to get so many tests done and prescribe something which most of the times do not cure you. All the while they extract as much money as possible. And I know most of you have a similar opinion of the hospitals around you, but have to visit them because there is no other alternative.

If we complain like this, what about poor people? How do they afford the medical bills? Should we let them simply suffer becau…


The party with a difference believes strongly in Indian values and culture. It is a follower of all features of Bharatiya sankriti.

Including yadavi kalaha.....

Satyameva Jayate - you should watch it

I rarely blog about TV shows. Not that I am too great to watch any of them. I watch quite a lot of TV. But I know too well that most of the shows are just a tool to kill the time. But today I feel the need to share my feelings about this show.

Satyameva Jayate aired in Star World at 11 am on Sunday is a show by Amir Khan about social issues. And today's topic was female foeticide. This curse has no regional, communal or economical barriers. It is spread all over the country, in all states, in urban and rural areas. Mr. Khan interviewed three ladies. One of them was forced to have an abortion 8 times because she was carrying a girl foetus. Another one took courage and retained her girl child, but was bitten by her husband all over the face like an animal.  And the third lady was a doctor herself, married to an orthopaedician. She gave birth to twin daughters against the wish of her husband and in laws. Her mother in law who herself was a retired principal kicked the cradle carryin…

Lekka haki

News in TOI

A person punished to 1 year of prison for taking Rs 250 bribe

If 1 year of jail for 250 rupees, what will be the number of years of jail for our netas - (no names or name calling here), how many years of jail for them.

One life is not just enough!


After a very long time I searched the net for jokes. And this one joke though old and stale, interested me.

A priest, a lawyer and an engineer are in a foreign country. For a crime they do not know, they are sentenced to death by an electric chair. First the priest's turn and he says " I have faith in God and he will save me" and sits on the chair. Nothing happens. The guards believe him and let him go. Then it is lawyer's turn. He says he believes in judicial system and he knows it will save him. And again when sits on the chair, nothing happens. Finally it is engineer's turn. He says " You are not gonaa punish anyone if you do not plug in that darned chair"

The engineer or the nerd is very intelligent but not smart. He knows that the chair needs to be connected in order to function but he does not notice that if says this he will be electrocuted. The question is are we really this bad. Or do we try to flaunt our ignorance of worldly matters? I can af…