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Found god!!!

Atleast my one search must be over. No no I am not talking about searching my vehicle key before starting to office or searching for my son or husband's banian in the storage bin which was once a ward robe. No it is not at all a trivial search like this. It is high funda, spiritual search more suitable to my age (my 43 is the age for spirituality. Not yet you say..? THanks.) I have found the almighty omnipresent God. No, no he did not break the column and come out roaring like Narasimha. In fact I have not seen him yet. But I know who he is or she is?
3 days back I saw on the backside of a truck. " Pradeep . tayiyee devaru". Translated into English it says " Pradeep mother is god". So there is one particular Pradeep whose mother is God. Now don't be foolish again and ask me Hindu God or musalman god. There is only one god or should we say Goddess. THat is mother of Pradeep.
Now you will tell me there might be 1000s of Pradeeps in this namma Bengaluru. How w…

No coincidence

Today I argued with my family members - husband and parents about why I hate Modi. Two days back I wanted to talk in my office function about religious hatred. But did not. And now I came across a blogger Indian Homemaker who has explained why she hates BJP. Like her , even I clearly remember the days when there was no religious divide in small towns, no religious violence in southern states. So don't you see who is responsible for this divide and rule. These people gained enough votes with hate propaganda against muslims. Now they have started against christians. If they believe that conversion is crime, crime enough to burn the churches and people, then what about the conversion of party these politicians do with no other motive than sticking to power. Why don't these hindutva brigade burn the politicians who have converted to BJP recently.
India is a secular country. Every citizen has a right to practice any religion he wishes or not to practice any religion at all. Who are…