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Sale, Sale, Sale!!!!

How many times of the year will be sales in various shops announced? Does it mean the shop keepers are so desperate to sell their wares or they are being philanthropic? They keep telling us, save money by shopping with them. That will be possible only if we do not spend money. Does it mean that, in their shop, they let you shop free of cost?

Now consider these buy one and get one free. Sometimes it is buy 2 get 1 free and so on in different combinations. I am waiting for the day when they say buy 0 get 1 free. That will be real saving. Isn't it?

And let us look at the combination of buy item and free item. You buy a laptop, you get a printer free. You buy a cooker and get a non-stick set free. But today's paper said microwave oven free, if you buy a laptop. Obviously it is for people like me. Dump something in the microwave so that people at home will have something to eat when you happily blog and surf.

I am asking the great supermarkets, why are you not giving 1kg rice free…


what is this zazen. I feel at least that will give me some peace. That is it will let me kill the time. Realizing that I am not getting adjusted to this world. hey, I belong to another world. where people do not hate me :-(
The office is terrible Last few days of it. Other job prospects are terrible. I saw that I am mentioning 10 years of experience in my cv. But I finished my graduation 22 years ago. Where did my other 12 years go? Where did I lose them. Now you know I am here. I have not only lost my hope too often, passwords too often, sim codes too often but I have also lost my precious 12 years.


I read this book my Toni Morrison. I am unable to come out of its tragedy. A woman who was a slave and has escaped from slavery will kill her 2 year old baby girl when she was about to be caught again. She is haunted by the ghost of that child. She loves her children so fiercely that to save them from this horrible world, she plans to send them to a place where they can not harm her.
If we are so cruel to fellow human beings, can we ever call ourselves human?

wired wrongly

I seriously believe that I am wired differently atleast. Unlike other people of my species, I am not obsessed with my looks, I am not jeoulous of other women who look younger or prettier. I praise them, that too behind them. I rarely look into the mirror. I did not look into the mirror even when I was younger. I feel jealous when I see another person more intelligent ??
I like to read serious fiction. I like to watch films which do win awards.

Not only that. I do not like to cook. My creativity will be anywhere but in the kitchen. In fact, if my life were like my kitchen, god help my life. I am not disciplined.