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Soapy morals

I am unable to blog anything non-trivial as my time nowadays revolves around Greys anatomy and Two and a half men and may be some stumbling using stumbleupon.

But what I find interesting is the statement of summary at the end of many tv soaps. e.g. some of the statements would be like "Guilt, you can either overcome that. Or go on doing the same mistake which caused the guilt in the first place.." Even t"Desperate housewives" would have these statements. Come on, what kind of moral statement can you find in that serial?

 So try to lead your life according to the advice given at the end of Grey's anatomy? Wonderful! Talk about intellectual poverty!!!

The Parasites - Daphne Du Maurier

This book by Daphne is a very sad book. Are all the books I read appear sad to me or do I read only sad books?

The plot starts with Charles calling his wife and her half sister and brother as Parasites. Maria, Celia and Niall are children of Delaney couple. Delaney couple are talented and famous stage artists. But wife dies when the children are still very young. They are brought up by house keeper Truda.

Maria the eldest is very selfish but hard working actor. She wants all luxuries of the world. And she gets good roles because she is having an affair with the married lead actor. She goes in and out of affairs without any regrets. And there is no mother's supervising eyes at home to control her. And Truda feels that it is in her blood.

Niall is obsessed with Maria - not exactly his half sister. He is extremely talented composer but has no ambition at all. In his school, the music teacher thinks he is incapable of playing any music at all. But at 18, he meets Freada, friend of hi…

Change of title

Yes, I am always confused, befuddled and so on about why am I here? Who am I? What am I supposed to do? (Now don't ask me to have a look at the kitchen)

कस्त्वं कोहम कुत आयत
का मे जननी को मे तात
इति परिभावय  सर्वमसारम
विश्वं त्यक्त्वा स्वप्न विचारम

भज गोविन्दम भज गोविन्दम भज गोविन्दम मूढ़मते

( Who am I, who are you, From where have I come? Who is my mother and who is father? Think all these things and and realize that world is but an  illusion)

-Adi  Shankaracharya

True or false?

Yes, we are troubled by life's perplexing questions, conundrums and enigmas. So let us take some time off and look at some easier question.
I got this quote from some  website through stumbleupon. But I do not remember site url. Sorry and thanks.


Too much to absorb? Adopt only the things you can relate to. If you want to .

Points to ponder

I am living on a staple diet of TV, sleep and more TV. I watch the some serials twice during the day. When there is nothing I like on TV, I just keep searching till I get something to watch. 

My maid tried to help by applying for fifteen days sick leave. But my inner voice asked - are you willing to change your lifestyle for a maid, or some silly chores? Obviously my answer was NO.

With this as background, my brain, is not in its best shape. So instead of writing a post about one topic - I can only write some points - unrelated points  blog worthy.

I like the way this is going. If swamiJI A exposes swamiJI B, exposes swamiJI C, exposes ...... , we can all hope that at some point in the near future, all the swamiJIs will be exposed. And we can all heave a sigh of relief. Because then people will understand that these Godmen are more men than God, and not even good men. And people will understand that the term Godman itself is an oxymoron. Instead people have to do with God. How much ever …

My computer is devious

Yes, My computer is devious  back stabbing piece of silicon.

I was about to start with the title -  my life sucks. But no, I should not say that. Though I am not the luckiest person alive, even though my life is not wonderful, I know there are people over there with real problems. So  I do not want to say my life sucks, I can just say, I haven't given my life its dues.

Anyways same thing can not be told about my computer. Just an hour ago, I got a mail saying from some XYZ company saying "thank you for the interest shown in our organization. But we are sorry, your profile does not suit our requirements". First of all, I really do not remember sending my profile to them. And do they have enough time to send regret letters all the aspirants of coveted jobs in their office? Anyways they might be really nice people thinking it is polite to say they are sorry at least.

Then I got another mail saying that offer closed for some freelancing writing job. Again I did not see, whe…

Bored? Learn something new!!

The only thing I do these days is watch Grey's anatomy. No reading of books. No other work. So yesterday's I thought let me at least watch some educational videos from any open university courses. After much searching I got a video about search engines from Berkley University. The video was almost 2 hours long. But the info I got was for some 15 minutes. I just added one new word to my dictionary crawler. And the best part is I did not even google it afterwards.  I am really losing interest in technology.

Yes, but what made me to at least go till educational video is this site from stumble upon? This page -  You are Bored? That is so awesome. 

Why can't more people provide such sites to wake us - too lazy even to yawn people , up from time to time?

OK, I find another similar page with good links

Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills
This one includes Instructable, MakeUseOf, WiredHowToWiki, Lifehacker etc. 
Save both these pages. You won't regret it. Or, when you are…

End of Internet

I think I should realize that I am spending too much time on internet. The other day my laptop showed me this message.

And then next day I saw "Sorry. We have run out stumbles for you."  in stumbleupon.