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Never attend interviews

I was worried about the title of this blog. Because my blog about chandana programme on cet is causing traffic. But I am feeling guilty, because if the kids thought they may get some info about common entrance exam, they would have been disappointed. So I do not want people searching for interview hints to land up on this blog post. 
   So the complete blog title is "Never attend interview like this".

    If you are forty plus plus plus plus and on and off some silly jobs now and then, never attend interview at all. As one young man told me in an interview, people your age will be vice presidents of the organizations, not a job seekers with one page resume.
   If you have forgotten details of work you have done many years ago, remove it from your resume, no matter how good the work was. Unless you are willing to be thought of as writing fake work details.
   Do not expect to be called to interview table immediately when you reach the venue an hour later than the scheduled ti…

I should be in the panel

Lokpal bill ki drafting committee mein koi dalit member nahi hai. ye to sarasar na insafi hai. aap koi ek dalit ko (mujhe) member banana chahiye. Main ye bhi kahteeen hu ki dalit member ko chairman banana chahiye.
Aur lokpal bill me daliton ko jyada choot dena chahiye. koi dalit mantri yahan , vahan koi ek ya do karod rupai khaye to use maf karna chahiye. hame bhi to avakash milna chahiye ghoos khane ki.
aur yadi dalit mantri shahar ke sabhi kone me uski ya kanshi ram ki murti banavake khada kiya to use dosh nahi dena chahiye. balki use prashansha dena chahiye. In murtiyo se dalit logo ko spoorthi milti hai aur unhe lagti hai ki vo bhi kuch kar sakte hain.

P.S. Please excuse my Hindi.Yes, it is supposed to be hindi. I could not write in any other language because some of the writings will lose their flavor if written in other languages.

Why are you so much afraid of his billu?

Poor Anna! He would have never dreamed that he will one day have so many enemies. That way he and me are similar. Nobody likes him, nor do anybody likes me. (Well, the similarity ends there :-( ) But why are all the politicians and some non-politicians finding fault with him and his associates? Do they really believe that common Indian is so gullible that he will believe their word and stop Committee from drafting the bill? And why are they so much against the bill? Because they think that this bill will shoot such arrows from which they can never escape? (In Kannada billu means bow ) Come on, the bill is against corrupt people, and you are all the most honest people.
BJP blames congress. Congress blames Mayawati. They all blame Bhushans. They are all asking " we were doing our work (do not ask what that work is) and we were eating ghoos here and there a little bit. Why are you snatching our bread and butter from our our children's mouths? hamare pet per kyon lat mar rahe ho …

Mahabharatha vs Ramayana

Among the Indian epics, I feel Mahabharatha is more realistic than Ramayana. In Ramayana, all the characters are either white or black whereas in MahaBharatha they are all sorts grey. Look at Dharmaraya, he is supposed to be the epitome of truth and honesty so much so that when he says "Ashwaththamo hatah kunjarah ", even Drona believes it. But he does not hear kunjaraha because of Krishna and that is another story. So Yudhistira or Dharmaraya is supposed to be without flaws. But what does he do when playing dice? He bets his own wife Draupadi and loses her and causes her to be humiliated in front of the entire court. Look at Krishna. He is supposed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. But he has his own ideas of what is fair and what is not fair. When his sister is pregnant with Abhimanyu, he tells her all about the war of mahabharatha and about a formation of army called chakravyuha which will be used by enemy Kauravas. He explains her how to enter into the Chakravyuha. Th…

Rule like Bharatha


I am the king but only temporarily. The king will come some day and ask me. I am answerable to him. So I need to look after the kingdom with utmost care devoting all my energy. That was Bharatha's life. He had all the burdens of a king, but never the freedom of the king. He did not try to escape from his responsibilities as a king but always maintained that he is the representative of the king.
   Our rulers in our democratic country are said to be our representatives. They need to read this kagga.

But are we so blameless? If we are looking after someone Else's property , we misuse it and become completely careless. I know, most of you switch of the fan, light, TV, the moment you get up from a place at home. (At least that is true in India) But what do you do in offices, the Air conditioners, the computers, the monitors, l…

Reachout of Chandana

Chandana(DD) channel of Karnataka is telecasting CET preparation class for p.u.c students everyday morning from 10:30 am. It is really a very laudable effort. It helps the rural children very much.
  Our urban kids from cities like Bangalore are a spoilt lot. They go to all kinds of coaching classes - coaching for puc, coaching for CET, coaching for AIEEE and so on. Their middle class parents can afford to send the children to these classes. But what about the rural children? For most of these kids, going to college itself is a difficult task. Many should travel in buses every day to nearest town to attend the college. Their parents can not afford to send them to coaching classes and it will be difficult also to catch a bus and reach their villages after 8 - 9 pm. When they struggle to pay the college fees itself and depend on scholorship., how can they pay the coaching class fees?
Chandana program helps such children very much. But how good is the program? I watched it for one day to…

Kneeling before God

Why is it good to kneel (genuflect - sashatanga namaskara) before the god? Well one great thing is it is great exercise for your abdomen - says Baba Ramdev of nepotism fame. Another good thing is you get to see all the clutter below the stand on which you have kept the Gods.

If you give this statement to Dr. Watson - Sherlock Holmes' friend  he will tell you that it tells a lot. About my home making skills, about my devotion to God. Am a lousy home maker. Won't even keep the sacrosanct Puja room clean! The statement tells that I am not very devoted for a jobless housewife. Why should jobless housewives be more devout? Because God is a good time pass. Light a diya, pluck flowers from neighbor's garden and offer it to God, celebrate 1000 different festivals for 1000 different Gods, make some sweets for the God, show it to him and gobble it. Anyways I even though a JLSAHM, make fun of God and devotion. How sacrilegious ? The statement also tells that I am completely self cent…

Rebuild - kagga

A man is God’s greatest creation. He can rebuild the things which are destroyed completely. Look at nature! Won’t the sky clean the land repeatedly with rain when it gets dirty? When the crop is cut from the farm, won’t the farm grow it agin? Then why do you worry so much when your dreams are shattered. You rebuild them instead of mourning in despair. (Am I anywhere near ok-ok translation?)

Wake up

How many more women and children should be pushed out of a moving train for the government to wake up and put up railway security system?

ae mere pyare vatan

Spies are  like soldiers. They  put their lives in danger for the country. We read about Gopal Das returning to home land after spending 27 years in Pakistan Jail for spying for India. And he says "Indian government simply forgets about such people"  This man wasted his entire youth in enemy jail. God knows how miserable his life would have been. He might have been rotting there without a single ray of hope of seeing his home, his family. What is the justice in this? When a government suspects that an Indian person might have been caught in another country, should not it do something to get him out of their jail? Why would anybody will be patriotic enough to become a soldier or spy after such incidences?

Dignity of labour - kagga


This can be roughly translated as  - Do something, anything. Do the work you get. Don't think that the work is below my dignity. No work is bad work.

What a translator??? Hence I try to avoid translating these kaggas.

School children drinking pond water

Just 65 kms from the IT city, in the village of Doddavale in Chennapattana taluk, school children do not have water to drink or to wash their hands after their midday meals. They are drinking water from the pond in the burial ground. Two tanks in the village dried up a year ago and there is no other source of water. Read this article from times of india.Kids drink from pond in burial ground
    I never used to keep water in the refrigerator for the fear that my son will drink the cold water and catch cold. Our children are fragile, to be provided from all kinds of facilities and protected from all kinds of dangers. What about their children? Don't they even have right for the most basic requirement - clean drinking water?

Come back as anyone

I know I am being emotional but I am reminded of "yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati ..". When there is a need, some Anna Hazare, some Jayaprakash Narayan, some Gandhiji will be born. To lead us towards truth. To give us courage to fight against evil.

   Or is it the fact that there such noblemen always exist. But people search and find them and follow them they can no longer bear the injustice. when the pot of papaa(sin) is filled. when dharmasya glanihi bhavati.

  Again I was reminded of Hariharan's song "Krishna nee begane baaro.....We need a teacher.You are the only one. Come back as Rama. Bless all the future of every body and girl . Come back as Allah. Come back as anyone......." Watch the video of this song here

Kagga on book knowledge

ಪುಸ್ತಕದಿ ದೊರೆತರಿವು ಮಸ್ತಕದಿ ತಳೆದ ಮಣಿ ಚಿತ್ತದೊಳು ಬೆಳೆದರಿವು ತರು ತಳೆದ ಪುಷ್ಪ ವಸ್ತು ಸಾಕ್ಷಾತ್ಕಾರ ಅಂತರೀಕ್ಷಣೆಯಿಂದ  ಶಾಸ್ತ್ರಿತನದಿಂದಲ್ಲ ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮ   We try to get our knowledge from books and now from net. But how much does this knowledge really help us? I remember hearing a story about some lady cooking by reading recipe from the book. She did everything according to the instructions but still the rice or whatever she was cooking was a disaster. It turned out that the book mentioned keeping the vessel on the stove but did not mention that she said switch on the flame of stove. And she placed the vessel on cold stove for cooking.     Jokes apart, one needs the knowledge which comes from inside. ( How exactly does it come from inside? Does inside mean inside of the brain or of the mind or of the body ? I do not have answers to any of the questions)     Again there is a vachana from Someshwara says PÉ®ªÀA §®èªÀjAzÀ PÀAqÀÄ PÉ®ªÀA ±Á¸ÀÛçAUÀ¼À£ÉÆßÃzÀÄvÀA PÉ®ªÀA ªÀiÁ¼ÀàªÀjAzÀ PÀAqÀÄ PÉ®ªÀA ¸ÀÄeÁߣÀ¢A £ÉÆÃqÀÄvÀ…

Some media are trying to find fault with Jan Lokpal bill

A few TV channels like CNN-IBN are questioning the India Against Corruption;s Jan Lokpal bill and are mentioning that this will cause Lokayutkta to be a super body and what if it does not function properly. Watch this video by CNN IBN which was telecast yesterday

When they ask what about democratically elected people, question is are these people democratically elected in true sense? How many of them, haven't contested the election from one party, defeced to another party? How many of them are having criminal backgrounds? Do they really represent us, the common people of India? (If they represent anything at all , it is suitcase  ) And how does giving more power to non-politicians translate to undermining of democracy? And as one of the correspondants of India against corruption pointed out in a TV interview yesterday, if any has misapprehensions about any part of Lok Janpal Bill , they must send…

A great time pass - stumble upon

Well the jlsahm that I am, I came across this site stumble upon. You sign in, and save your interests, then you can stumble upon. The site will redirect to a random site of that topic. And 70% of the sites are above average. A great way to stumble upon useful sites.

Proud to be an Indian

Indians have shown that they want to put a stop this rampant corruption in this country. The support Anna Hazare is getting throughout the country is really praiseworthy. And there is already one result, Sharad Pawar has stepped down from Group of Ministers for Lokpal bill.
   Normal feeling about middle class indians is that they are self centered , they have chalta hai attitude etc. etc. But they have shown that what they lack is one good leader.

    Indians are asking, if Egyptians can bring about change, if middle eastern people can bring about change, why not us? We have realized our power.
  Two things to be noted here. Politicians are not allowed to sit with Anna Hazare for the strike  because people know too well that politicians come here to take advantage of the situation for their own benefit and youth sometimes as young as high school children are supporting this cause.
  And as a young man pointed out in NDTV programme yesterday, it is better this issue gets resolved pe…

Confused atheist - here is kagga for you

£ÀA§¢zÀð£ÀÄ vÀAzÉ £ÀA©zÀ£ÀÄ ¥ÀæºÁèzÀ £ÀA©AiÀÄÄA £ÀA§¢gÀÄ«§âA¢ ¤Ã£ÀÄ PÀA§¢£ÉÆ ©A§¢£ÉÆ ªÉÆÃPÀëªÀªÀjAUÁAiÀÄÄÛ ¹A§¼À¢ £ÉÆt ¤Ã£ÀÄ ªÀÄAPÀÄwªÀÄä 

If you want some funny stuff on God and religion see this site

Support Anna Hazare

In my previous post, I wrote Mankutimmana kagga about work being its own reward. Nishkaama karma as it is known in Sanskrit has many models in India. Now Anna Hazare is starting his fast unto death to force the government to bring Jan Lokpal Bill as a means of anti-corruption crusade. This bill was written by Santhosh Hegde, Prashant Bhushan and members of India Against Corruption and has more stringent provisions and wider power to the Lokpal (Ombudsman).
    Look at our country. Scam, scam, scam everywhere. People do not eat rice. They just eat ghoos. Some body has finally shown enough courage to fight against this Rakshas. Isn't it our duty as Indian citizens to support him?

   Someone had commented in another site that "we did not know how to bat or to bowl. We still prayed for Indian cricketers." But Anna Hazare is fighting for you and me. So we must support him all we can. 

Please visit the web site India Against Corruption and do your alilu seve for this cause

Expecting remuneration for your work - kagga

¸ÀÄvÉAiÀÄ ¥ÉÆö¹  ¨É¼É¹ zsÀ£ÀPÀ£ÀPÀzÉÆqÀ£ÀªÀ¼À£ï EvÀgÀ UÀæºÀQvÀÄÛ ¤ÃA PÉüÀé ªÀÄÄAiÉÄåãÀÄ ¥Àæw¥sÀ®ªÀÅ ¨ÉÃgÉÃPÉ ¸ÀÄPÀævÀPÀzÀÄ vÁ£É ¥sÀ® »vÀ ªÀÄ£ÀzÀ ¥ÁPÀPÀzÀÄ ªÀÄAPÀÄwªÀÄä How true!!  If there is any true love or selfless love in this world, it is the love of the parents for their child. To some extent, the love showered to a son may have some expectations. That he may look after them in their old age. But a parent brings up a daughter and sends her to her in laws decorated with all jewellery. What does he expect in return? Just that let his child live happily.
   Similar to this act, we must also think that any good work done by us is the reward - that is what Dr D.V.G. says. But is it so easy?
  But again Lord Krishna says "कर्मन्येवा अधिकारास्ते माँ फलेषु कदाचना" You do your karma and do not think about the fruits of your work. Well, my father used to say " if you help someone, the same person may not help you back. But some body else will surely come to your help when yo…

Kagga - some more verses

I as a bored JLSAHM tend to google and read many articles on peace, inspiration, motivation etc. But I have realized all these articles are zero when compared to kagga.

¨Á£ÉƽgÀĪÀzÉ ¥ÀQê ¥ÁªÀð zÁjAiÀÄ £ÀPÉê

World cup

Are you worried that your husband never looks at you? Never talks to you except for "hun" and "han"? Let me tell you a little secret how to make him look at you again.
  If you are expecting of all colorful things and all spicy details, you are in a wrong blog. Please go away. My blog is completely "U" certified for family viewing.
  So how do you make your own husband look at you? Not for a micro second, but really look at you with awe and interest and all kinds of love? Just appear on the TV. Again I am not asking you to appear in the TV wearing all revealing clothes like those women in koffee with karan. No, please be fully dressed , but be dressed in blue. Blue cricket uniform. Wear blue uniform and appear in Star cricket. Your husband will look at you with his mouth open, eyes popping out. He will look at you 24x7x365.
   Of late you have noticed that he is looking really tensed. And you thought he is worried about the board exam of your child. Then …