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Men and women are so different. Women are so much more complicated than men. Even the clothes they were are so complicated. When you look at a man you can say he is wearing a blue shirt or a white shirt. Which of course they have been wearing since the days of my grand father. But in those days the correct phrase would have been the shirt which was blue or white once upon a time.

Some times they do wear other color shirts also, may be an off white shirt or a yellow or a brown shirt or some other color. But you need not scratch your brain to describe his shirt. But look at a woman, any woman. Try to tell the color or her saree or kurta. Is it green or is it red or is it yellow? How many colors does it have? What different shades? What are the designs on this dress? Your vocabulary fails to describe these. At least, mine does.

Of course, there is a question. Who designs such rang birangi clothes for women? Men? To deviate their mind from more intellectual tasks? Do I see a sexist plot …

Garbage disposal

I was happy to read an article about a Bangalore based company finding a method of converting solid waste into electricity. If all the solid waste including the plastic is converted into electricity and plastic waste is converted into tar which can be used for roads, it is really a very wonderful thing.

But how much of garbage is really collected from our houses? I am talking about the situation in Bangalore, but I am sure it is not much different in other cities. In most of the areas, the garbage trucks come at random hours and we can not keep waiting  the whole day for them. And we can not keep the garbage bin or cover outside our gates for them to collect because of stray dogs would litter the whole place. And for working ladies who leave the house early in the morning it is impossible. And in some other new areas like ours, the garbage trucks do not arrive every day. They come once in 4-5 days, when they wish. We cannot keep stinking garbage for such a long time. So what do we al…

They do not understand us :(

These media people are so stupid and they have zero sense of humour.

Our friend told that inflation is good for farmers. Don't they understand how that is good for farmers and everyone else in this country. See because of inflation poor people which include our dear farmers will not be able to afford two square meals a day. And as a result, the weak and aged and fragile among them will fall sick and if they are already sick they will become even more sick. And eventually die. So in a family of say 15 members if 3 are old men or women, who die as a result of inflation, the family now will have only 12 mouths to feed. Isn't the end result good for the family?

And also we have been telling since the days of _____ji that the root cause of all evil in this country is ever increasing population. If population comes to control as a result of inflation, our country will HAVE to prosper. Just like China prospered by bringing one child policy.

Do WE have to explain these things to medi…

Halebid photos

This photo taken in 2008 is from outer wall of a Halebid temple - Chennakeshava temple if I remember. Second photo is entrance of the temple

Do not have the heart to gimpify these.

Some photo on the road?

Well it is just a photo taken on the road. Except for the fact that.. OK I will not mention it. You observe

Change of career??

Since yesterday evening I am struggling with this compilation and running. Which is not happening. But now I think I have found an alternate career - Look at this photo. How Great it is?
I know it is not great. But it is first step in another direction. What do you say, what with my IDEs and programs always troubling me with weird problems, and with my age, should I say tata bye bye to coding and say a big HIIIII to graphic designing.

ಬೆಕ್ಕಿಗೆ ಮಕ್ಕಗೆ ಕಲಿಸ್ದಂಗೆ

We have a saying in our havyaka dialect - ಬೆಕ್ಕಿಗೆ ಮಕ್ಕಗೆ ಕಲಿಸ್ದಂಗೆ - the rough meaning is children and cats will  be how we train them. I think this holds good for not only children and feline friends but to most of us. For what are we all, but children in our heart.

If someone says ಹೊಡಿ ಬಡಿ ಕಡಿ we repeat after them taking our sharpest machu and knifes. If someone else says love one and love all , we go for candle march with our hankies and jadu ki jhappi ready. So if we get a good leader like Gandhiji, we become ahimsavadis and defeat strongest of enemies with our good will. And if we get a leader like Hitler or some of our contemporary Indian leaders (no names!!), we mercilessly butcher people and commit genocide without a tiny bit of remorse.

So dear fellow citizens, select leaders wisely, because they can make our country one of the best in the world or they can turn us into monsters killing each other.

Well, these are the feelings I had after watching bits and pieces of today&#…


I stumbled upon an article called Gas Lighting effect - a method of psychological manipulation. The term is derived from 1940 film where a newly married husband dims the gas light and when wife says it denies it saying it is her imagination. He intends to make her doubt herself and ultimately turn her insane to steal her inheritance.

The gaslighters are people very close to us and whose support and approval we seek. Hence we start doubting ourselves are we really imagining all these things and are we going crazy.

Please recognize the signs early and try to avoid being the victim.

PS : Am I turning from bored housewife blogger to feminist to man hater?


For a change, I did not drag my spouse to a shopping mall this weekend. Instead  I took him to a meditation center - the pyramid valley.  This meditation center houses a Maitreya Buddha Pyramid which 102 ft tall and 160 by 160 ft at the base. It is having a golden angle of inclination 51.51.

Inside the pyramid, it is complete silence and meditation inside is supposed to be much more powerful than the ordinary meditation.

I went and sat meditated. And you do not see lot of difference, do you? Anyway it is good experience and worth a visit.

So I want to tell my spouse or give him an option. Does he want to take me to a mall to see worthless things which are exorbitantly expensive and buy unwanted stuff. Or he prefers to take me to such sights.

And of course I did some shopping there too. Books by Robin Sharma - of The monk who sold the ferrari fame, and another of thith that than or a name something similar - Mr Author - I mean no disrespect I am terribly bad in remembering foreign nam…


The state of our mathrubhumi (mother land ) is almost like the story of my life. There are so many problems. None of them are getting solved. None of them show any sign of improvement.

Take the case of Assam clash, or the drought situation or the inflation or the shamelessness with which those in power commit heinous crimes and escape the punishment. And now India against corruption. Why does nothing get solved?

For us who are not decision makers, the causes seem like lack of will power and corruption and those in power being  busy with other important works. Is that the same case with my life too? Am I too happy playing the victim that I do not want the problems to be solved?

OK. Leave egotistic talk. What is wrong with Team Anna wanting to join politics? Whether they succeed or fail is a different matter and will be decided later. Since they could not eradicate corruption from outside, they can try to do so from inside the parliament.

But I know it is wishful thinking.

Like Paulo C…