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Everything is in mind

Day before yesterday was D day. Results were to be announced. Don't ask what exam this auntie sorry granny is taking. Not mine but sons'. Board exam results were to be announced. Was much much more tensed than son. Ok finally he got good marks. Was so happy that declared to myself that HE exists. Evening tyre puncture. I am unlucky as far as punctures are concerned. I stood and stared the road, my scooty which is lifeless and sun who is no longer there. Asked a person on the foot path about puncture shop. He not only gave information, but also told that he is a mechanic and unscrewed by tyre, got it repaired and fixed it back. Of course he took money. But I was so happy. And was convinced on the second time on that day that GOD is there.
Yesterday, same story repeated , but tyre was not completely punctured but low in air. Filled the air twice and drove in snail pace and reached home. But I did not thank HIM , instead kept on grumbling. Why do we sometimes see events as go…

A request to honourable government of India

When you are naming government things specifically, public transport vehicles, do not name them like ambari, atal saarige etc. As it is, these vehicles are too slow. If you call them ambari, they feel they have to carry elephants and go in madagajagamana. And we also know that atala is like achala, the one which can not move. So do not do things like "haruva manganige eni hakikoduvadu"

Techie avtaar

Yes, finally I am a techie. Proper programmer with all its associated features. minus the big fat pay cheque. I dont know how long I may last here. Because I will always make a point to be most un-popular or most laughed at person where ever I may go. Blame it on my eccentricities, or my appearance or my behaviour. Anyway it is ok as long as it lasts.
So I get to code, code and code. Sorry, not completely true. Most of the time is being used up in designing the screens in qt. Which according to me is not so productive. That is to say I am not very good at it.