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Kisne banaya

Khuda hi aasman se jab jameen par dekhata hoga
Mere meheboob ko kisne (is namoone ko) banaya sochata hoga

Don't all of you, SAHMs or NSAHMs(not stay at home moms) think this many a times. Well let me tell you, so do your spouses. If at all they think about, you that is.

Planet Honda

I think this is name of a Honda show room in Bangalore. But I have a better suggestion. This can be used as a name of Bangalore roads. Well, we all know the reasons. The roads are more of hondas (pot holes) than roads. A rider has to anticipate all the hondas ranging in depth from kere(lake) to bavi(well), know how to escape them and at the same time not getting hit by the vehicle coming from behind.

I am not at all blaming Bangalore bruhat maha nagar palike at all. They do fill up these hondas with tar. In fact, they do it every 2 months. But within a month the roads are back to square one or rather honda one.

Well the message is clear. Don't you want to reach the moon? You want to, isn't it? And you have seen in various pictures that moon's surface is filled with hondas i.e. craters. So some practice here on earth will do you a lot of good if and when you reach moon.

My name is khan

Earlier I had written a blog regarding mass-media being used to make us more humane and less hate-ful. Another such effort is this film. A great film to watch with a good message when expecting a film to have a message is liking finding water in desert nowadays.
But do you think this will in anyway reduce racial or communal violence? If atleast, it can affect the common man, so that he will not sympathise with satans ( in rizwan's words), then that will be a first step