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I wish...

Well this indiblogger has a competition called what is your wish or idea or something.
   I have plenty of such wishes and then think somebody else will invent such things.

1. A way of generating energy from a moving automobile. All these generators need a rotation to cut the magnetic field. Here is the rotation happening. Why can't that be used for generation of electricity?

2> People have invented bio-generators which generate electricity from kitchen wastes. But that needs lot of (kgs ) bio-waste. See link here .
From a small family this may not happen. Somebody should find a way to prepare either bio-gas or bio-electricity for very small contents of bio-waste also.

3> Current solar cookers like parvati cookers are not very popular. Somebody should prepare feasible solar cookers for rural people.

4> In our region(malnad of karnataka) , lot of dried  arecanut skins which are just burnt as fuel in an un-economic way. This can be used for thermal power generation. Again …

Naxal violence

What mamata is doing is completely wrong according to me. If she is so much concerned about naxals she should try to bring them to conversation with the govt instead of politicizing the issue. This matter is not something to be played on for political reasons. She better remember the lesson of Bhindranwale .

dunno to cook

O man , thou art no omnipotent!


    mata cookkati kaumarye, bharya cookkate yavvane, kukkati putree stavare
   na purushaha cookam janati

   well, translated it might be read as
mom cooks in childhood, wife in youth, daughter (or in law) cooks in old age, man does not know how to cook.
   (Don't tell me that I am killing Sanskrit. No instead I am trying to revive it by using it and adapting it to easy usage.)
Anyways, the strong man has at least one work which he can not do at all.


When a person is completely upset and things are all going wrong (no, not all is well), will god come (pratyaksha!!!)? I am not joking. Today it did happen. For past few days, things are going from worse to worse. (How much worse can they get?) Don't expect me to elaborate on that. So today morning I am driving .(By now you know too well that that is the only other work I do other than eating ) God , none other that God Ganesha appears infront me. Initially I just got a glimpse and was doubtful. Then I saw HIM. O my god. Can this be true!!! Are my eyes deceiving me? It cann't ne true!!!
   The best part was there were three Ganeshas. Now you know, these were the life size idols being taken to somewhere on a truck. Anyways he always shows up in disguise right!

Pirates of silicon valley

Good old days I had read a joke about the car or rather owner of a car who spends more time below the car than on the car. Similar thing is true about my computer. It is  in the repair shop more than it is with us. So that on a few weekends when I have work (work I said not blogging) to do, comp is not there.
      So I used up that time to watch "Pirates of silicon valley". Good film as it is close to heart. See it yourselves and find out why.
    I also brought Passage to India. But it is not easy read. Or am I losing my habit of reading?

Kids - part II

Let me make a correction to my previous post. I love kids , as long as they are not mine. That is to say I do not have their responsibility. What a hellish job that is!!! I wake up at un-earthly hour of 4.30 to prepare snacks for son and go wake up him. He won't get up. If I raise my voice my 1 decibel he will start screaming. I give him snacks (imagine preparing rotis at that time). He won't eat because there was no tea (as I forgot to keep milk previous night).
     I get tensed thinking he may find his school work too tough. Try to ask what did you study in Maths today. He says (if I am lucky) complex numbers. I try to recite few equations I know of complex numbers. He replies " Will you please keep quite" Tell me what is wrong in trying to draw to him little conversation.
    I trying asking about his friends. He would not tell. He just says why do i want to know.
    I know, I know. This happens in every house which has teenagers. But that does little to conso…

God, thy aim

You told us that you come to this earth and take reincarnation for punishing the bad and protecting the good. (paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkratam) OK. Agreed. But what you did not tell us that in this process there will be many casualties.

   Take the example of Mahabharatha (obviously). You did protect pancha (5) pandavas and punish the 100 kauravas. But what about the rest, the Bheeshma, Drona, Karna, Abhimanyu, Ghatotkacha so on, so on. They were killed in the great battle that is Mahabharatha. Are they also bad according to you? No, they can not be. Then why did they die? Just because they were on wrong side?(for Karna, Drona, Bheeshma) But they all were doing their Dharma, their duty. Are you telling a lie when you say you punish the bad. Or is it I punish, mostly bad people.

    I know I am trana samana ( equal to a grass) in all these philosophical questions. But answer me. And make me understand your reason


Finally finished reading Pilgrimage by Paulo coelho. A good book. Should I try practicing the exercises he has mentioned? RAM practice (forgot what it is) talking to your messenger, listening to the sounds, dance practice? He has mentioned them in such a way that it does not look like part of the story. But what is the sum total of the book? (That is moral of the story?) Don't know. May be that you need not go to pilgrimage to learn lessons. Life itself will teach you lessons. But tragedy is you are not ready to listen to these lessons. And the divine love can be seen in children when they are doing anything with full enthusiasm. (Did you notice that blogger has implemented online spell check now. Thanks blogger) OK let me scan through the pages again and find out what the book is trying to say.

karnana vyathe

ಮರುಳು ಮಾಧವ ಮಹಿಯ ರಾಜ್ಯದ
ಸಿರಿಗೆ ಸೋಲುವನಲ್ಲ ಕೌನ್ತೆಯರು ಸುಯೋಧನ-
ರೆನಗೆ ಬೆಸೆಗೊಂಬಲ್ಲಿ ಮನವಿಲ್ಲ
ಪೊರೆದ ದಾತಾರಂಗೆ ಹಗೆಗಳ
ಶಿರವನರಿದೊಪ್ಪಿಸುವೆನೆಂಬಿ ಭರದೊಲಿದ್ದೇನು
kauravendrana konde neenenda

Well this is what Karna says when Krishna tells him the truth about his parents that pandavas are his brothers. And he will be the king after the war when pandavas win. Well you do not get its gist if you translate into English (or in other words my English is not up to the mark)
    Mahabharatha is one epic of tragedies. Every character is living his/her own hell - Draupadi, Bheeshma, Karna, Kunthi, Gandhari. Look at Karna. He is a prince, son of the Mighty Sun God. But his mother left him and sailed him in the river. His Guru gave a curse to him. Draupadi insulted him in Swayamvara. Only good thing about his life is Duryodhana's friendship. That must be spoilt by kutila Krishna by mentioning that he is also a Kauntheya. Indra His death came by Arjuna shooting an arrow to his back when he trying to lift his char…

Atta Girl!!

Read this article about Lucknow women who are divorced walking back to their inlaws place with around 100 supporters. They included two women who had roughed up maulvis who issued this talaqnama.
   Comment by one woman I found interesting "These maulvis do not oppose a muslim woman works carrying bricks on her head. But once she is educated and works as doctor etc. they are  worried."
    In the serial "Glee" (to which I am addicted) Shue's wife says something like success of their marriage is dependant on his being a failure. So for most Indian men it is the other way. They do not want their wives to be successful, they do not want them to be independent. because then the supremacy is questioned. So dear reader, what would you rather have? A successful marriage or a successful wife?

    Now dont tell me that I am turning my unpopularity into feminism. Let atleast something come out of this #$#$ blogging

BBMP always at your service

On the walls of Lalbagh some paintings are drawn. May be BBMP s effort the beautify namma bengaluru. And it is written BBMP sada nimma seveyalli (BBMP always at your service). Why did not they depict the numerous ways in which bbmp services us. They can draw dug roads, pot holes exactly at a signal, road speed breakers which are terribly shaped. Thanks bbmp for your seve

Social security

I saw a woman asleep on the footpath today morning. Even disturbing fact is she was asleep on the footpath in the middle of flyover. I don't know her reasons but what I know is our government is doing precious little for such people. Now as the country is one of the growing powers, it can afford to start a social security system for disabled, old poor people. Don't tell me that our country does not have money for implementing such a system. You will not say that if you look at the lavish lifestyle our ministers and politicians are leading. They must be getting money from somewhere. Instead of spending millions of Rs for the wedding of children of politicians or for garland for politicians, it can be channelized here.

Afghanistan bleeding

An 18 year old girl's ears and nose was chopped in Afghanistan because she fled from abusive in-laws. Saw it yesterday in times which was shocking enough. But the controversy surrounding it is even more bizarre.  Read this

    Ok, ok, Big brother, Taliban left to itself in Afghanistan may rule thus. But that does not justify your presence eternally there. You have to oust Taliban and bring a democratic government there (not a puppet state). If my history is right, who brought this monster into existence in the cold war era?

Twitter why?

There was We the people in NDTV yesterday about twitter. My feeling is twitter is tool for celebrities to be in news always and get a feeling that people always are eager to know about them . And for common people who are dumb enough to be fans of celebrities, it is a tool which makes them feel they are actually interacting with their idols and hence are close to them.
    You say I am writing it because I dont twitter knowing too well that there wont be any followers. May be so, may be so


I saw Rajaneethi hindi film last weekend. Looks like it is based on Mahabharatha. Karna, Arjuna, Shakuni etc etc. But the end was tragic.
   How did Pandavas faced life after the war of Mahabharatha. All dead, cousins, uncles, teacher, great grand father, more importantly children, grand child. What is the use of victory which has taken all near and dear ones as ahuthi? And how did Draupadi live?
   Why do lives of many women is written with tears - whole life. Sita, Draupadi? If their fate was this bad, what about us the poor mortals?

Origin of a name

I think I have realized why the parents of Dharmaraya named him Yudhisthira (Kunti ?? Pandu?? Yama???) . He was the eldest and doomed (deemed ?) to become the king. Which requires facing many difficult situations and taking many tough decisions. Which is  not be possible if he is a weakling (like Arjuna) . He needs to be tough both physically and more importantly mentally. Hence the name Yudhisthira. The name would remind him each day that he ought to be  stable minded what soever may be the situations.

   Why this blog now? I have decided to be Yudhisthira (Joke!! you say) Keep watching.

For those of you who do not know who Dharmaraya or Yudhisthira is - He is eldest of Pandavas in the epic Mahabharatha. He is said to be very noble and just.

The Pilgrimage

A good book by Paula Coelho. He talks about eros, philos and agape. I did not about the existence of these words. In the initial stages of your relationship, what you feel towards each other is eros. Well like passion. Later the same relationship will turn into philos or it must turn into philos. And agape is beyond these and something divine(?). (Which means I did not understand that term) Wait, I will open Word and find synnonyms of these three words. Ha, open office word does not have synonym feature.
     The narrator of the book takes up a journey to Santiago.( Way of St. James) See the link This was one of the pilgrimage used for thousands of years using which remains of St. James were taken.

Food scarcity and rotting grains

You must have read about Millions of tons of food grains rotting in our country because we do not have sufficient storage capacity.see What an irony? Why can't the retain markets like reliance and big-bazaar etc buy the grains directly from the farmers , store in their warehouses and sell it? That will ensure that the farmers get a reasonable price for their crops, consumers will not have to pay through their nose for even the basic food grains.  I also read that reliance which initially started to buy fruits and veggies from farmers and sell them to consumers, is moving away from this pattern because of opposition from local vegetable sellers.  Is not there a solution to this problem?