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"Ek machchar … "all we hindi film loving Indians remember this dialogue of yesteryears. May be for once a movie dialogue is truthful. These mosquitoes do really make us impotent.
We live in an developing area. So there are many empty sites. And we believe that is the major reason for large number of mosquitoes. It is believed that they come inside the house just before it gets dark (like pre-teen kids). So I religiously close all the windows ( all 17 of them) at that time and then sit getting baked in the heat. Then around 8 pm when we feel we will scream because of heat, one of us will open sitting room window. Ha, they are all waiting. They dutifully enter the house and start attacking us.
But I felt they have some consideration towards me. If I sit on sofa, watching some worthless soap, they bite and bite and make me getup." Do you want to become even heavier(if it is possible)" they ask. "Get up and go to the kitchen and cook something n…

Missing the spouse

I think I am in love. Don't start telling what else do you expect? watching the tv day in and out. That too what type of soaps!! Heroine who is married fifth time is longing for her third husband who is having an affair with first husband's sister who will run away with her cousin who.. The ridiculous stories they show! So obviously being a stay-at-home housewife (read rot- at-home), having no better work, I will ofcourse fall in love!! And then you will start guessing who the fortunate (fortunate, with my all grey hair and far sighted eyes !!) person is. Don't do that and break my poor husband's heart. In fact I think I am in love with my own husband. Ridiculous !! Preposterous!! Can anybody fall in love with one's own spouse, that too after one and a half decades (decayeds) of marriage? After three sixty five times fifteen bitter fights ? Impossible!! But it has happened. And you have to believe me.

You see, my husband went on official tour six days,…


Was watching a political program (The Big Fight) about reservations in educational institutions to backword communities. Let me explain it like a mother. When your baby trying to put small steps, do you stop her and tell her no baby, you can not walk. You are so small. I will carry you instead. Does any mother say this? No!!Because mother knows that by doing this she will harm her baby instead of helping it.
Let us say your school going kid is competing in running race along with some other kids, who may be the offspring of let us say national level champions. Do you tell your child or the teacher that your child can not compete with these kids as they are privileged and let the finish line for your child be moved backwords? How ridiculous is sounds ? Doesn't it?
That is how you pro-reservation people talk. One of the panelists is saying in his village of OBCs, every house has a gun. And in the neighbouring village of upper castes, every house has a computer. …

Orange chutney

Aayi used to prepare chutney with orange peel which would be delicious sweet and spicy and sour with beautiful flavour of orange. She would dry the skin(peel) and dry it for 2/3 days, roast this with red chillies, sesame seeds and grind with grated coconut. We the lazy and impatient generation want things easy way. So I tried grating this peel. I got around 1/8 tsp grate from one orange. Roasted this with 8 byadagi red chillies. And ground it with 1/4 of coconut grated, salt and jaggery to taste. It was delicious. Keep the following things in mind. It should both sweet and spicy. This chutney should be eaten with rice rather than dosa or idli. And while grating grate only the orange portion of the peel.

Another chutney you can easily (read lazily) make for rice is cucumber skin chutney. Anyway you have cut a cucumber for raita/majjige huli. Instead of throwing the skin, wash and chop into small pieces. Now roast these with 3-4 green chillies and 6-8 red(byadagi) chillies and 1/2 tsp se…