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Eloquent arguments

In Patiala House court, some lawyers assaulted Kanhayya Kumar and journalists last week. So all lawyers are assaulters.  Any lawyers who was present on that day could be arrested - he was present in the location of crime, right?

In the same event, an MP was captured by camera, beating up a person. So all members of parliament are violent people who care nothing about the rules of government. Right?

I am from Bangalore. In Bangalore a Tanzanian woman was stripped and attacked few weeks ago. So I could be tried for that charge. Right?
I feel our neighboring country will become richer because we want to send our pseudo-intellectuals there, pseudo writers there and even pseudo actors  and  now students to that country.  :)
(I even want to add tearful emoji in previous para but don't know how. )

May be these people will be safer there.
Every day is an opportunity to learn some thing new.

And make a note of it.

Or else we relearn the same thing again and again and again and ... Even making a note on paper is not so good. Because searching in paper is not provided by google - not yet.

Yesterday I learned that some time the bugs that eat into entire day can be silly mistakes also known as Id 10 t errors.  Like trying to modify the wrong file.

Today I learned that outshouting is not good in any situation - except for Arnab Goswami news shows and its clones. The garbage collector is trying to prove that he is coming alternate days and I try to argue that he comes only in a week. May be I should have tried "coffee kasu" (chaay pani in hindi) route. He argues that no one gives him garbage. Is he saying that we want ourselves to be surrounded by sights and smells of plastic and rotten food?

I am not writing any book blogs because I find TV - Rizzoli and Isles or Brooklyn nine-nine to be more comforting than read…


You have read what happened to Tanzanian student in Bangalore.

How would you feel if such attacks happen to our children in other countries.

What is more cruel is the public behavior. When the girl tried to escape from attackers and board a bus, the passengers pushed her back. And no one came to her rescue except for 3 locals and an Iranian. Are Bangaloreans so cruel, so racist and sheep?

Image of our city is not improved by some cliches told here and abroad and trying to show a shiny city to global investors meet. It is improved by stopping such atrocious things from happening.


Scary things are happening. And if you think that I am talking about non-living things and un-dead, you are "dead" wrong. When I am unsure about the existence of "Devaru"(God), I certainly don't believe in Devva (ghost).

First of all, there was a cry like a baby's near my kitchen. There are no babies in neighboring houses. So when I am really freaked out, instead of flight, I choose fight. I ran out of the back door and searched for the source. Two cats were sitting on a wall, conversing with each other and looking at some thing near a tree. My first thought was their object of discussion is a snake. I tried looking at their object of interest without success as I do not have night vision. OK, next step, I asked them to shut up and came inside the house. They like any other children did not obey me and continued their conversation.

Next thing,  two days back, I am trying to  remove a bug in the program. No matter how I correct the code the bug would re app…