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Raise the voice

A girl is waiting for bus. A man standing next to her is whistling at her, making funny faces and "eve-teasing" her. Girl is trying to ignore, what else can she do?

A woman is observing all this. Suddenly she screams loudly "AAAAAA". Once. People look at her. Again. "AAAAAA...". People look at her and see the man who is whistling also.

The man slips away.

This was one of the ads coming on TV channels and I liked the concept very much.

Yesterday, there was one more ad.

In a restaurant, a couple are starting dinner. In a near by table, a man is shouting at a woman. Continuously. May be his wife, may be his girl friend. But poor thing, she is not uttering a word. He keeps on shouting. Then he pulls her hand. Now this gentleman who is observing stands up and says "Aye...".

The abusive man leaves the hand and turns quiet. The victim thanks this gentleman through her eyes.

 Again a superb ad with a message. You need to raise your voice when you see a…


Should this post go to my other blog - which is about me, me and me? Let me decide later.

I got a call from an old friend 3 days ago. A friend from my childhood. M. M and I were inseparable 40 years ago. We were classmates, neighbors and best friends. 

So her call really made me nostalgic about Haliyal. It was a really small town. Torn between amchi party and tyanchi party. Amchi party were all Marathi people and tyanchi were us - Kannada people. 

Even the single Highschool in the town had this fission and constant frictions. The head master of the school was Marathi speaking person, well respected by all students and even his enemies. In each class, section A was reserved for Marathi medium children, B for smart children and children of rich and famous and C was ordinary students. Of course I was in section D and of course I stood first to school. 

The school had uniform. Like any other school. But for children - girl children of 9th grade and 10th grade, it was blue saree and white blou…

New is not always good

We feel newer is always better. So we buy the latest product with latest software. But in this case, if you have an option between buying a laptop with windows 7 and windows 8, go for the older windows 7.

No one told me that and I have ended up with this (expletives) windows 8.1 machine.

Why I hate windows 8

This has a start icon which shows a set of apps instead of folders and files.And the result is no one uses that start icon anymore. There is also a desktop where we can still put items. But the hilarious thing is, there is no option in start icon even to shut down your computer. You go to right end of screen, hover there till you get settings icon, then use power icon.

That would have been bearable, if not for booting time. I switch on the computer, keep glaring at blank screen for what seems like inifinity, then appears a screen which tells me to please wait. Then the login screen. And after login, another wait. Why the hell does it take such a long time.

I tried everything. I d…

Solo journey by Esha Gupta

One of my resolutions was to write about positive news. To inspire people, to convince people that world has not become a terrible place, but has many good people.

This week there was this positive news. A woman - Esha Gupta - is planning to take a bike journey alone on the golden quadrilateral. Her intention is to convey the message that our country is safe for women.

Kudos, Esha

Sandas - on highway

The journey from Sirsi - my hometown to Bangalore is picturesque. Even more so now because of rains all over the state. Green forests with tall trees, paddy fields some of which are swallowed by rain water,  rocky hillocks and concrete jungle. 

But one word which describes my journey this time is "sandas". As in toilet, loo, rest room. Yes, I can see your sarcastic grin there. As everyone who is anyone is talking about Sandas, she is doing same. To get more page views.

But that is not my reason. My reasons are - my age, a long weekend of happy time at maternal home and my gender. As our journey started in the morning, I needed to relieve myself some where. But we the women, can not relieve ourselves anywhere. We need a proper toilet. Who will build a toilet for us in the middle of jungle when there are very few such toilets even in cities like Bangalore?

Hence the search started for some decent restaurant - decent enough to have ladies toilet. And the search was difficult -…