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It is difficult to remain sane when every body around thinks you are a monster and you in turn are angry with every one. So forget blogging.

And there is another aspect. I am boiling inside when I look at the current political scenario. But dare not write any thing about it. As I have repeatedly told, I can not drag my old tired feet to the neighboring country. 

So I resort to coding, because that does not need feelings. 

How long does this go on? I am not sure. And I dare not  think.

Rocking chair knits

Our entire earth has become power hungry. Each and every individual needs immense amount of power - electrical power. And where does all this power come from? Thermal - how long does coal last? Hydel - looking at the status of rains this year , highly doubtful! Nuclear - dying from radiation is better than dying without electricity!

So millennials and younger ones, find out innovative ways to get power, from our foot steps, when we exercise, when we jog (if we jog).

Here is an innovative product to inspire

This rocking chair knits every time you sit on it and rock and the end product is a nice hat.  The wooden rocking chair is created by Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex, students at the University of Art and Design Lausanne and is called Rocking knit.

Watch Rocking knit  in operation  vimeo

What can we do

Am I running out of ideas for posts? If so, i just close the window and return back to android studio. No, I feel this post is the need of the hour. How do other countries cope with drought like situations and what can India learn from them.

Please read these and pass it on the your local elected representative.

How china is dealing with its water crisis

Water supply and sanitation in Israel

I am not an environmental expert. Nor do I know much about cost effectiveness of these things. But here are few suggestions on my side.

Make rain water harvesting compulsory for all apartment buildings and all houses with area more that 1000 square feet. Ensure that government gives subsidy for this, for the needy.Implement rain water harvesting for all public buildings within a time frame say 3 months. Implement solar power generations in all large public buildingsAnd increase the subsidy for solar power generation in rural areas and encourage community solar power generation in rural areasJust lik…

Freedom of expression

Students of a university receive a threatening letter from hackers. A planned stand up comedy by "Guptha" should be cancelled. If not all their emails will be made public.

Students being students, do not agree to this. They take it as a challenge. Agreed this Guptha is very racist and his program will be filled with racist comments on blacks and jews. Though these students are against Guptha, they are more for freedom of speech.

They plan to hold the event at any cost. And of course all their mails are made public by the hackers. And the precious comedy event gets only one audience. And of course, Guptha makes fun of this only audience and brings tears to his eyes.

This was one of the episodes of  "Community". So the students there, like the students here felt azadi is very important. But unlike here, there in the TV serial, the students were not arrested on sedition charges.

Again, I am confused here. Guptha whose freedom of expression, the students so righteousl…

Indian Paani League

There were long and heated discussions in one of the popular channels about wasting water in cricket matches when farmers in Maharashtra do not have drinking water. And thanks to our mediacracy,  the matches in Maharashtra will be shifted to other locations.

But the bigger and more important question now is, will the paani so saved reach the farmers in whose name the case was won? I doubt it. The supporters of IPL  were quoting about water in swimming pools in five star hotels or water used for lawns, bath tubs etc. True, true. Water in India, like any other resource reaches the rich and mighty, not the needy.

While writing this, I am forced to ensure that corporation water being flown into my sump tank does not overflow. (A little bit of conscience is good, even for bloggers. )

Me and my fellow Bangalorean middle class, throw away liters of water to wash our aangan every morning, when thousands of people from north karnataka do not have a drop of water to drink. Again we justify our…

Power nap

Victim's fault

When under construction flyover collapses killing 19 people, the first thing they can think of is elections. What effect does this have in elections? Hence the blame game.

Here in Karnataka PUC paper has leaked for the second opinion and "experts" opine that the responsibility is on parents and students as well. If some of them were unwilling to buy the papers, it would not have leaked. It is always the victims' fault. No matter what.

In another such incident 30 children of a Bangalore school were unable to write SSLC exam because school did not give them hall tickets. They will be losing one year.

Our legal system does not punish the perpetrators of crime or it punishes them too late and too little. And everyone will be busy trying to save their own a**** .

The government, the legal system, every thing should protect all the citizens, not only the people who do not need protection.

In the case of SSLC exam, the poor kids and their parents do not have enough resources to…