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Rose is a rose by any other name

Or is it? How important are the names in our lives?

You observe the names of shops in any road in Bangalore. Sanskrit(normally gods' names) and English names are in the ratio 50:50 or even 40:60.  Like Nanjundeshwara stores, Lucky book stores etc.

 What about our names? Names of humans?  Most of our names are Sanskrit words with beautiful meanings and many a time not at all related to who we are. My name usha means morning and I never get up in morning. We see Shanta (Calm) who shouts at her children and spouse 24 by 7.  We also see Sundar (Beautiful ) who will not be so sundar.

In our district Karwar, many of the names will be those of Lord Ganesha. Like Ganesha, Gajanana, Vinayaka, Ganapathi. Every house will have them. My uncle is Gajanana, my cousin is Vinayaka, two of my husband's nephews are Ganapati's, my husband's niece's husband is Vinayaka, my brother in law is Vinayaka.

Next to him, comes the name Mahabaleshwar. My grandapa's name is Mahabaleshwar. …


Had been to a program called ashtavadhana today. In kannada as far as I have seen only R.Ganesh performs it. See the link here. Can we say it is height of multitasking? By earthly human beings. Good thing was so many people had come. Well, good because it shows we Bangaloreans are interested in other things than TV also.

One toddler was restless. Appa, I can not see. It was complaining. Dad told, there is nothing to see here. Then why are we here. child asks. Many of us are like that child. We need to see everything. We do not exercise any of our other sensory organs.

Dummies guide to Life

I think I am past the stage where I need dummies guide to computers and associated things. But what I badly need is dummy's guide to living a mature, disciplined and planned life without living without any aim facing each day as it comes. At the same time not feeling too down and depressed. Then I remembered, the site "dumb little man" . I feel the articles are good, small enough not to be boring but to some extent useful at least temporarily.

Any better options any one?

The Haj -not so good

This book I brought expecting a lot. But I am getting a feeling this is not an honest work. I had already read that it is biased and meant to condmn muslims. So not reading it. Another book was Somerset Maughm's short story collection. Again not reading.
But what I finished and enjoyed reading was kannada monthly Mayura. Both short stories, poems and articles are good.

Religion ! A faulty protocol

I started the day with an argument. What is new about that. Nothing. Well, let me rephrase it. As usual me and my spouse started the day with an argument - over love jihad. He complained - you were telling that in Mangalore they attack youngsters it they talk to a muslim boy or girl, now see what has been happening!! I answered I doubt its truthfulness and also for me this is not an important issue at all. I do not have any religion. So religion is immaterial to me. Converting a girl to muslim in the name of Religion is better than attacking them, or beating them etc according to me.

Really, whether to believe in god, I am doubtful about. But religion, a big no no. May be religion is a protocol to interact with God . But the amount of violence and hatred which are its side effects are terrible. Come on, discard that protocol. think of some thing new which will bring the best in man.

Nowadays  religion is becoming a way of bringing up and sanctifying all the hatred buried in human min…