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The sound of mountain

Read this book by Japanese author Yasunari kawabata, hope I spelled it right. Touched me. May be because it is about an old man (similar to my age group, almost.) And he is from upper middle class family. But his children are unhappy. Son is having an extramarital affair and daughter has left her husband and come home. He is not able to do much about both and hence suffering. We become helpless when our children are having problems and we are not able to do much about that. We feel guilty that may be somewhere the problem is caused by our fault in bringing them up.
Was reading bits and pieces of Datu by s.l.Bhairappa. It is one great book. May be better than the above mentioned book. The character depiction is much stronger. When reading about Satya, you tend to feel proud. When about Srinivas, you tend to feel guilty as if he is your personification i.e. a man without will power.