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A reluctant cook and new recipe

She was in an unfamiliar territory and she was tired. Of thinking how much time all these are going to take.

She was supposed to make some karjikayi and modaka. She counted and made 28 small balls of dough, being sure she will make those many sweets. And in the first run, she rolled small circles for karjikayi, 11 of them. And fried them too without much hiccups.

Then the next part was easier modaka. Because they need not be shaped properly. Put stuffing inside the dough circle, wrap and twist the top. Or so she thought. But was the dough becoming softer? She tried stuffing 5, just five of these easy modakas and 6 were torn. A torn modaka is not like a torn dosa or chapati. When you try frying that, all the stuffing - made of sugar and coconut basically will come out in to the oil and oil will be black. And next whatever you fry will have that black burnt thing stuck to them .

With lot of struggle, she did manage to make 5 modakas. But what should be done with the remaining stuffing. Mor…

What can one person do?

We are all compassionate people. We want justice for everyone. We want everyone to be happy and any injustice will anger us and want us to fight the injustice.

But we don't. Because what can one person do in a such a system of goons and corrupts. Or that is what we say.

Now let us hear a story.

He is a regular villain. Vastly rich, uses people and throws them. And owns the entire town almost. And of course everyone hates him. Rightfully.

He decides that people should praise him and love him and respect him. And for that he uses the most influential way. He buys off all the media. Print and TV channels. And all of them will praise this rich man.

There is this little girl. Who has her own small newspaper. And rich guy tries to buy her. In vain. He tries bribing her, bribing her father, removing power supply to her house and finally writing some gossip about her.

Finally she gives up. So now the entire town has to listen to what the rich man says.

But no, suddenly every Tom, Dick a…

Hiring an auto in India has become easier

Ideaphone has developed an app called "Autofare" which will tell people the fare and route between two locations. And more importantly, they also have a SMS service for the same on feature (non-smart) phones. By sending an SMS to 51115 with source and destination, the info will be sent back to you. SMS will be charged 50 ps.

To find the information about the fare and route between Jayanagar and Indiranagar, send

@autofare Bangalore, MG Road, Indiranagarto the number 51115

Find your passion and work

I am slightly busy and have reduced my TV watching to only 3 hours per day. :) What do I do in the spare time? 

I was trying to find some kind of a game in Android. That is create. And there is this concept called model, view and controller there. I took around 5 days just for view - that is what users gets to see in the game. Trying various permutations and combinations.

And now since it is time for controller - that is game logic - it has got really interesting. I was not able to write the solution myself. Great. And after thinking before sleep and in the dream, I finally got the solution.

Why am I blogging about all these? How does it concern my readers? 

My anger, sad feeling and all other assorted negative feelings take a back seat, as long as I am working on that program. And the during the rest of the day, mood is tolerable. 

So all of us need to find our passion and work towards it. Every day. Not for an hour or two as a routine, but as a project with a deadline. 

That makes us fe…


चाहे हम ऊपरवाले को अलग अलग नाम से पुकारते हो
लेकिन हमारा धरम एक है |  हमारा मजहब एक है

This dialogue from Kranitveer (forgive my Hindi, and errors in wordings. My Hindi is a little - or a lot rusted) acted by Nana Patekar, had me thinking. for a change

Do our politicians ever talk in this tone? If not, why not.

The translation

"We may call god in different names. But our religion is same. And it is humanity"

Dear leaders, (it is not a typo for readers), please do not open the Pandora's box in the name of religion, region or language. It may prove fatal to yourself or your kin. You have seen it in our history.

Doordarshan jnan

In foreign films, when a man and a woman or even otherwise get married, they say "I do"

So when they get divorced, do they say "I don't"

Gnan - 2

If a "Hanuman chalisa" mantra is made with a "made in Germany" metal is it better than the one made in our "Bharata varsha". Or the one made in China is the best - as it is highly economical.

Make phone verification compulsory in social networking sites

I heard in Tech show that now, google and yahoo have made it compulsory for users to provide their phone numbers to open mail accounts. And I am very glad about it.

Not only will it reduce the spam mails. But it will also help women. Social networking sites like facebook ask your mail id to open accounts.

And men out of spite, anger or sheer maleficence, create an account in the name of some woman and post vulgar photos and videos in them.

In a country like ours, we can only guess, what effect it may have in the woman's life. I am not telling the story from some "crime story" episode or something. I have seen an account with obscene photos and the person forgot and gave the gender as male.

So at least now, if the mail account can be tracked to a phone number, one can hope that such persons will be slightly scared that they may be caught.

Next step which will help women would be if Facebook which is so common in India, should also make it compulsory for users to provide…

Reading serious books

When I saw the book, I paused. Am I ready at all for Nietzsche? Can I read philosophy not one liner philosophy, not something put in pinterest, but the real hard core stuff? Nearing fifties, I have no illusions about getting any more mature intellectually. But still, can I read non-fictitious, philosophical book. In the 10 minutes at most I read per day when I am eating my dinner? But I did what I always do. Unplanned, impulsive action and brought the book of Nietzsche from the library.

But first day, I felt rejoiced, thinking my bold action was not completely foolish. Introduction is talking about - deicide. No, I will not tell you what deicide is. But thrilled I was and I started reading introduction.

A mad man is holding lantern in broad day light in the market place and is searching for God. So the first essay starts. Then he tells " what are all your churches and temples, but graves of god." This is a serious book.

Well, a book worth reading. Few pages, at least.


I have been wondering the correct word for "jeevanasakti" in English. Jeevana is life and asakti is interest.

The context is, few days earlier I saw the branch of my "Brahma kamala" plant lying on the ground. Cut, not even planted on ground, just lying there. As these plants grow a lot, I cut them often. So this branch was on the garden floor, no way of getting any nutrients as there are no roots, no water also. It was Bangalore rainy season - rains for few minutes, not continuously, not even daily. But still the branch was as green as ever and it had 4 small buds. Yes, buds which had the promise of blooming into beautiful, fragrant flowers.  If this is not jeevanasakti, what else is?

This plant - Epiphyllum oxypetalum - is its scientific name. Has no stem as such. Similar to cactus it grows leaves on leaves etc. And flowers in the night. The flowers are large and have mild fragrance.

So if this plant can live and thrive, when uprooted, thrown away , why can't…