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Appination - App + rumination

When I was in the finishing stages of my app - C Questions, I used to worry about the topic for next app - 6th app. But I worry no more. Which does not mean I have got an idea for a fancy app which is easy to develop, but still attracts millions of downloads. It just means that I have been busy.

I am busy making my "Shataka" better, fancier and cooler. Shataka - if any of you have installed it, is an app where you should arrange the numbers so that the row sums and column sums in 3 by 3 grid are all 100.

People often confuse this app when Sudoku. I should keep telling everyone SNS - Shataka is not Sudoku (Remember GNU - GNU is not Unix). The grid has only 9 elements and the game involves mental math.

But not to worry. It is not as tough as it sounds. Because all the numbers you need are there.

Look at this picture. If I were to get 100 in first column, what do I need? I need 54. And 54 is available in the list. Drag and drop 54.

Now first row has 54 and 26. So what do I need to complete the row to get 100? 100 - (54+26) = 20. So add 20 to last cell in first row. See we completed first row and first column.

For second column, we need two numbers whose sum is 100 - 26 = 74 . The possible pair is 50 and 24. If we place 50 in 2nd row 2nd column, will the last element be available? Because if we place 50, the new sum of 2nd row will be 54, so we need 46 to complete 2nd row. And voila, we do have a 46.

Did I not tell you, the game is easy?

But does the color look ugly? See I am an engineer. I do not have artistic side to me - not that much. I promise I will take the help of Google baba and I am changing the ui in the next version.

After some time, 100 gets boring. Every level, we need to add to 100. No, not for us. We need more challenging task. So I am adding 4 more levels where you need to add the sum to other numbers as well.

I had a friend. When I would struggle to solve Mahajong, he would easily solve it. Using hint. Which means until you get used to solving this game, you need a hint. So I will provide hint for you.

So your new year will get very interesting with a brand new version of Shataka. Happy gaming. 


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