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You have seen all those pretty screen shots in google play when you try downloading some apps. For a very long time, I did not realize I can make a pretty screen-shot too. I used to take bare screen shot and put it for display for my apps, without even a frame.

Gradually I realized android studio itself gives me an option to frame my screen shots but without many options. And in the internet there are some sites which frame your screen shots - free of course. Be careful though, most of the good one are for ios - not android.

But you need screen shots to start with. For that you need to run your app either in the device which can get connected to adb.or an emulator  I have two phones with adb. But what about other devices? Emulator is very very very very slow. And gets disconnected after 10 minutes. And will not get connected at all after that. So in an hour you can get maximum two screen shots.

So I tried  to install third party emulators. Googled and read first few words and tried installing blue stacks and genymotion. Blue stacks does not have many options for screen sizes and looked like android tv and I was unable to go to settings screen at all.

And genymotion- the supposedly very good emulator, needs you to have virtual box. The download page has an option of downloading virtual box too. But it took me hours to download one emulator from genymotion and I waited ages to start this emulator and then gave up. So uninstalled both bluestacks and genymotion.

So it is back to studio and its 4 adbs and 27 aapts at a time. Yes, when you try to compile you can see your laptop bulge with so many processes. And the build process which should take within 10 seconds, take minutes. May be one day this studio will explode my laptop.

As this obviously is not so much in my control (like everything else in my life) I tried some other software. little tinkering with python. And I chanced upon a something about - guess what, regex. I am hoping that I will master that too.

So may be I imagine(!) every thing else in my real life. But I know what is happening in my cyber life. To some extent.

If I had not had this thread called computers for a drowning person - what would have happened?

So now I am realizing this - all of us want to have things under our control, a few things at least. And feel completely frustrated if nothing is.

 So we should find out some thing which we are good at. Develop this skill, hone it and try to spend some time - or a lot of time, on this aspect. So that the rest of the uncontrollable things become bearable.

 Is that what positive psychology also tells us?


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Step 1: Head out in my scooty which also looks tired and aged. Come near a Kirana store and stop. But where is the Kirana store, it has changed into a super market. There goes the plan of asking the shop keeper to give me one bottle of Sunsilk straight hair shampoo.

Step 2: Go to a super market and head for the shampoos section and take out a bottle and move it close to your eyes and then far, then again near and again far. Shoppers around me wonder if I am looking at some optical illusion. No I can read only it is sunsilk, but is it straight hair shampoo or ordinary or anti-dandruff or some thing else. Why do I always forget to wear glasses when out shopping?

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Art therapy?

The other day, I was feeling little bit off. That happens most of the time, doesn't it? Well, that day I was feeling more off than usual. And was trying to fill the gigantic void with television shows, dumb mobile games and of course food.

Then I got up and took my color kit and started painting. OK, I am not an artist and am quite bad at it. But still I paint plain colors on empty jam and sauce bottles now and then. And it helps. And mind you, I started this much before these the "art therapy" became hip.

I even try to do some sewing. But that is more time consuming and needs better eyes. I may have patience and attention span of a two year old. So sewing is not for me.

So, the question arises, why don't I use this form of meditation - for the lack of better word, every time? I would have been ten kgs lighter and much much calmer. I don't have an answer. Here is my work from that day.

Again the photo has another story - I took the photo on old dining table clu…