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Hair care and me ??

I delayed writing this post for I was not sure whether I am entitled to write this post. If I put my photo along, I should also add that I do not use Dove shampoo, so that it will serve as a warning to people , if they don't use a proper shampoo, their hair might also look like mine :-( :-( :-(

Things (on my head) were not this bad always. I had long black and reasonably thick hair, nicely plaited, when I was a child. In fact I would be sitting on my plaits - they were so long. And to top it all, one of relatives used to say " you say you will be taller and your hair will say it will be longer" or something like that. (Now I have ended up 5.2 ft  and my hair also short sob....)
Back then, how did I nourish my hair?I did not do much in fact. But mere paas maa thi. She would religiously oil my hair - everyday. But not soak my head in oil. She would just put half a teaspoon of oil to my head. Then brush my hair nicely and put 2 tight plaits before sending me to school. That's it. Half a tea spoon of coconut oil everyday and brushing by maa did all. And of course, there were no junk food those days. I would eat normal healthy vegetarian meals thrice a day. And my hair was healthy as a - as a healthy hair. On sundays she would wash all our hairs (me and my two sisters ) with shikakai.

Now mere paas maa nahi hai. She is 500 kilometers away. I can not go to her to get my hair brushed everyday.
But how do I care for my hair now? I brush it with all the ill will about its graying - no sorry. I don't do that. I brush with my eyes glued to computer screen. I put one plait - there isn't enough hair for 2 plaits. I shampoo my hair once a week with which ever empty shampoo bottle is there in bathroom. Of course, I do not want to waste the shampoo sticking to the bottom of the bottle. I add water to the bottle and do use it for 2 washes. After the hair dries, it will be so knotty, the brush won't move. So I apply oil liberally and brush it. And my hair looks like hay.

Love your hair and it loves you. And hate your hair and sure enough,  it will take its revenge.


  1. Mr. Hegde, although there's no strong take-away but I really liked your honesty while writing this post. It just reflects out. Shampoo once,.. empty bottle and all - so real!

  2. Know what, enjoyed your write-up thoroughly

  3. simple and truthful - very nice post :)

  4. Thanks a lot Swapna, Arif, Bindu, Harsha, GeetS, specs buffy, Chandrashekar and Dashami.
    Thanks for the support

  5. Amazing end: hate your hair and sure enough, it will take its revenge.

    Mothers are so tangled in our life that can't imagine life without them...

    Had a good time reading it

  6. Well written post :) Very nice article..
    all d best wishes. :)

    Hope u like and promote my post "The Girl i loved"
    Check out sure ul like my post.


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